🔵 [Nov 22, 2020] Trials of Serenity – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

It’s time for Trials of Serenity!

Or, as @princess1 reminds us from Seinfeld:

This is the Fourth of the Trials in the 20th Cycle!

NOTE: The Trials officially start at 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT). This post is scheduled to go live 4.75 hours earlier at 2:15:00 AM (02:15 GMT).

If you do not see the Class Trial in Quests as of 7:00:00 AM (07:00 GMT), force quitting and reopening the app or restarting your device will usually work.

:world_map: Quest Guide

Credit: Mariamne’s Memento Guides

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Reset Token Tracking

=> Reset Emblems Tracking in Trial Quests - Reset Emblem 12.5% chance - Nov - 28 - Yes

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:question: How did you do last time on Trials of Serenity?

  • Last time I beat all 3 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • Last time I beat just the first stage
  • Last time I wasn’t playing yet, or was unable to beat any stages
  • Last time…I’m not sure, they’re all a blur
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:question: How did you do this time on Trials of Serenity?

  • This time I beat all 3 stages
  • This time I beat just the first 2 stages
  • This time I beat just the first stage
  • This time I couldn’t beat any of the stages
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:question: Did you need to use a lot of items this time on Trials of Serenity?

(hat tip to JAWS_3D for this question)

  • Yeah, I nuked the bosses from space. Ripley would approve.
  • I used some items to finish off the bosses, but it wasn’t the full arsenal
  • I used support items like mana, banners, healing, and maybe a battle item or two, but nothing too crazy
  • I just used some minor items, like healing, mana, or antidotes
  • I didn’t use any items
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:question: Overall, how do you feel about Trials of Serenity?

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  • I love all the Trials equally :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • It’s definitely my FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I like it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s about average for me
  • I dislike it more than many of the Trials
  • It’s definitely my LEAST FAVORITE of the Trials
  • I hate all of the Trials, give me my Emblems and let me get back to farming :rage:
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:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Post your team in a comment down below, and how you did!

:dizzy: Special Questions for Trials of Serenity

  • Justice in Stages 1 and 2 blinds your whole team, and Richard in Stages 2 and 3 causes an attack debuff. How did you deal with that?

  • Did having few healer options in the Paladin and Ranger classes impact you? Do you have Costumed Ranger Rigard as an option?

  • Paladin Cyprian can be effective for killing AoE and multi-target hitters like Justice and Richard. Do you have Cyprian, and if so, did you bring him along?

:grey_question: Standard Questions for All Trials

  • Did your team change notably since last time?
  • Have Costumes caused changes to your team?
  • Did changes to your team make the Trials any easier or harder?
  • What items did you use, if any?
  • What are you doing with your shiny new Emblems?
  • If you beat Stage 3, who’s eating the 3* Trainer Hero?
  • Anything else interesting to share?

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Reset Token: YES

No items used but they all fired one special each and they ALL targeted Tiburtus, so he died haha.
But easy otherwise.


Finally we have a reset token!!


Atk up, def down, poison+elemental link, atk down, pure snipe. Crazy amounts of damage output = dead bosses fast.

No items used, definitely one of the easiest trials because I’m fortunate to have the right team for it.

Emblems to bring Lianna+CB to +18, trainer saved.


Same team as the last time.

Trainer going to C-Richard, paladin saved, Rangers to Seshat.


It feels so easy again after the 4* challenge! No items used. Grateful I’ve costume Rigard for this Trial.

Ranger emblems probably to Lianna. Paladdin saved. Been considering finally maxing a Richard (no costume) or Thorne…


So many possibilities, but I stayed with my last team. In the final stage, I pumped up my LP with two Mana-potions for Heimdall, then I had nothing to fear from the bosses. Eagle boy went down first, because he was weakened against green and had a large green nest with a diamond under him. The two others could fire, but not cause enough damage to even see the slightest chance. Emblems will go to Telluria, went to Evelyn, now on +11. Trainer to Mireweave, my intermediate project until I have enough material to ascend Magni.


Team last time
Team this time

Im still liking the tension of the 4*s :rofl:

I nearly blew the start. Got the Big boy first

Then deadly deva had to go next

Not to bad in the end

Starting 2nd Lianna, maybe all for her and not sure to take Aegir to 20.


Used the same team as last time and went through fine. Didn’t need to use any battle items.

Red Hood, C.Tiburtus, Telluria, Clarissa, C.Rigard

And got a reset token from the rewards


Triton out Athena in. Used some healing pots as no healer and one time stop. This was quite a fluke got hit then by Richard, Athena was ready for the second time fired her of had a green diamond, that cascaded into a 14 hit combo which wiped out everyone :slight_smile:

Ranger Athena padalin in storage trainer S3 wolf dude


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Will try Onyx which is great synergy with other… and try new Lianna.
Other Option


Decent board setup, some Mana ready with heavy minions.

Great fast nice and clean without using items :muscle:


Emblems Paladin for Falcon (plan to+19 for mana lvl17), Ranger for Buddy+8 (same reason, mana lvl17).
Trainer goes to Snow White.
Reset Emblem keep in stock :sunglasses:


I changed Richard for Neith so as to have just a ranger team. Very easy and no need to use any object.

Emblems will be kept and trainer for Raffaele.


My team this time:

  • Thorne +16
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Noble Rigard +20
  • Buddy +19
  • Lianna +6

Compared to last time, Lianna is maxed with 6 talents, and I reset Cyprian to give his emblems to Thorne, so he is up 10 talents. With the emblems from stage 2, I took Thorne’s final attack node, so his finisher is now about as scary as it’s going to get unless I get his costume, which I hope to, incidentally.

As usual, the trick to the mob waves is just to make sure you don’t use a special you can’t recharge before the bosses, which I was able to do. Also entered the boss wave with green and purple diamonds on the board, so I knew this was going to be easy as usual. That series of hit-3 attacks with Rigard’s attack up and Buddy and Tiburtus’s defense down is just overwhelming. A cascade caused by the second diamond made sure Rigard was able to reverse Richard as soon as he fired. After that, Lianna fell without firing, then Richard, and Chao made a desperate last special before also dying.

Just short of ranger emblems for Lianna’s next node; I want to reset my Chao, but I still use him for late wars, so I’m waiting. Not sure about paladin emblems. Could continue building Giga-Thorne, which is fun, or could wait for Guardian Falcon to be maxed and emblem him out. Might depend on whether I get Thorne’s costume. Trainer hero to Isarnia.


Reset token yay…


No items used.
Rewards stocked.


I heard about the reset token so I resolved to finish this trail at any cost…

This was the team I used for last stage ( I used Costume Bane +14 for previous, but I thought that Evelyn special would be very important for dealing with the mobs.

The lack of healer and the squishyness of my members forced me to spend a lot of small potions and didn´t allow me to prepare a board, but managed to get full charged.

I unleash all the specials and a round of barrage items, combined 3 tiles to weaken Richard dropped another round of nuke.

When only Chao was alive I just played normal:

Evelyn is brutal. Sadly I haven´t mats to take her over 2.60 and have Almur and Kadilen stuck…

Emblems stored, trainer for 2nd boril.


A reset token :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :exploding_head: I’m shocked.

Thorne - Cyprian +3 - Telluria +14- C.Tiburtus +20 - C.Domitia +10

No items used, every boss fired against Cyprian’s reposte. They were suicidal :joy: The purple stack with defdown made the rest. Thorne almost abandoned the party after Lianna’s hit, but the battle was already almost over.
Paladin emblems are going to Telluria. Ranger emblems don’t know, maybe Triton, maybe equally divided between 3*. Until i decide, i’m saving them. Trainer to Grimm.
Reset token still unbelievable :rofl:


There’s a reset token!! It’s a Lazarus miracle! Welcome back from the dead!

Trial was easy.
CRigs - Tibs - Telly - Seshat - Clarissa

Was monotonously checking off the quests except at the end … OMG is that a reset :scream: :scream: :scream:


They heard the complaints i guess. Reset token!


I beat it with this team:

For a moment I thought this could be a challenge where I had a team of all 5*’s … I was wrong :laughing:. I brought all 4 regardless of synergy and called a go. No healer so I brought Buddy. He is my only minion maker so I sandwiched him between my weaker heroes as a pseudo heal.

Mobs went fine. I got to the bosses with all specials charged. I ended up using a few healing pots. Each boss fired at least twice. Athena died at the end by a special followed by slashes. It was well in hand at that point though. I think Richard died first, Lianna second, and Chao last.

This went much faster than the 4* version :rofl:

Ranger emblems saved for Athena’s next node. Paladin for Richard’s next node. Reset emblem going to Kadilen most likely as Guillinbursti is almost done and I am loving him. Trainer went to the pig too.


Awesome win @Peazomanco!

Cool team. :+1:

Did you go attack path on Athena @Dudeious.Maximus?

Right on @Robkirky1 regarding the 4* challenge! :+1:

They certainly go faster too! :laughing:

I have normal Richard as my tank, he is pretty good. He does come along on offense sometimes too, but is by no means a staple on offense. He can take some hits and an A drop isn’t a bad thing to have.

As for Thorne, let me introduce you to @Noble_Weasel and his soon to be famous once costumes are out Giga-Thorne. :laughing:


Yeah attack so far and will continue

I took the mana bit as will be using with areil and miki with her always, they give mana bonus every bit helps also a blue mana troop would be cool too.