Trials of serenity

Sooooo, my first trial without a healer, but I got incredibly lucky and managed to complete the hardest stage only using 20 small life pots and 3 axes!


Didn’t check all the final heroes’ life (guess they were all at 3907 like Lianna), but lower than the previous trials I would say if I recall correctly.

BTW, the heroes weren’t fully updated at all. Only Gunnar was maxed. Athena is 3/70, Sonya and Triton are 3/60 and King Arthur is 2/47!


I used Alasie, Lianna, Arthur, Cyprian and Eve. Cyrian was 3/60 and Eve 3/70. It took 8 minor heals to get to the end of the hard stage, and I needed to use a mana pot to get Alasie to fire - an unexpected cascade on the previous level level finished it before I could ghost and recharge. I tossed in bombs and a dragon, then kept on grinding what was left after my other specials had fired. Lianna was last, and killed herself on Cyprian. Seems he’s finally made it to my ‘worth some unfarmable materials’ list.


I am severely lacking heroes for this trial, last ones I’ve been able to get by but no way I can do last stage on this one.


I used greg- buddy (3-60) - tibby (3-60)- cyprian - gunnar. I think next time I’ll bring sonya (3-60) instead of gunnar, he’s too squishy on the final round.

MVP to buddy for the army of minions in lieu of healing, but watching a boss wreck themselves on riposte is also good value :slight_smile:


I hadn’t thought of Buddy for the minions. I’ll have to keep him in mind for next time.

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Sonya, Lianna, Aegir, Tiburtus, Richard.
The only time I can actually heal all 5 with Aegir. Still wasn’t enough and I had to commit some items (small HP, axes and dragon atk) for the last stage.


Second pic is awesome.
Seems that you killed Lianna just before your terminal breath :sunglasses:

I did the trials with the team below :

Cyprian is at 4x24, others are maxed.

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Used 20 minor healing pots and 5 healing pots. This was the first trial without healer for me as well, unless you count Evelyn as such. Arthur and Greg are at 3.70, others maxed.

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Today I had the worst team ever: buddy x2 (1 unleveled), triton, chao, tyrum.
Stages 1 and 2 were easy. I don’t know about the 3rd (still lvl29) but I guess some massive bombing would be necessary.


I leveled Gunnar the last few days to have him leveled for this trial… And doing the same with a couple of heroes for the next one!

First trial where I have a full team:

I’m… not exactly proud of it. I also have Isshtak, but he (she?) was low-leveled, so I redundantly put Olaf alongside Gunnar. :sweat_smile:


I would stick buddy between your two most important (to keep alive) heroes so they both get minions. When you have buddy in the corner, only one friend gets a minion :slight_smile:


Oh, :poop:. I forgot this too.
20 Liannas instructing non-archers to use bows.


Plus while attacking it’s a good idea to place the weaker heroes in the wings, just in case there are any oponents who attack target + near heroes (in the wings, they will be statistically hit less times)


Healing potions some bomb attacks and 3 dragons on last level

I could not finish Challenging ( 4000 TP ).

Not upset or surprised.

I got to wave 4/5 with ( hero, power ):

Perseus 573
Tiburtus 563
Sonya 538
Tyrum 441 x2
Team power 2789

Bringing up Ranger Tiburtus to 4* 4.70. But my best Paladin appears to be Perseus, so I am bringing him up to 5* 3.70 ( which will help against Boss Leggylass - Lianna- and also help versus Field Aid (WR)).

Probably bring up Sonya and Gunnar when I have finished getting Kiril 4* 4.70 and Perseus 5* 3.70 .

I had to stop leveling Valeria because Trials more important than anti Field Aid (WR) heroes and Perseus does not gain HP, but his anti healing is non-dispellable, lasts longer, green defense buff helps against bosses in both trials Perseus can fight - Justice & Serenity. Similar to Ameonna being paused because of Ranger Tiburtus, Sorcerer Sabina and Wizard Proteus.

Well done Devs in getting me to level heroes I never expected to spend 3* ascension items leveling.


Evelyn, Tiburtus, Falcon, 2xTriton

All maxed except for Falcon at 3/55

Built up diamonds and focused on Lianna in the final stage. Used 2 Time Stops when things got a bit too hairy…

This is thefirst trial I’m excited to feel even close being able to finish. Eve, Justice, and Athena are all from my main defense, so 3/5 strong heroes finally instead of 1/5


Easies trial yet for me. 12 minor heals, 5 banners, and 2 time stops. Could have possibly used fewer items but why risk it?