The Ridiculous Complaints thread

I have a complaint! I got certified in Group Fitness Training, and yet, my recruits are not improving coming out of the training camp. I’m a trained professional who should be able to make heroes out of EACH and EVERY recruit that enters my camps. It’s like SG doesn’t even care that I spent my hard earned money and days of studying to be able to effectively train groups (so yeah when 4 or 5 recruits go in, they are a group). I expect 2 heroes or heroes twice as good to come out of these training camps from now on.


And today’s winner of the internet is…
Well done, funniest reply of the day.
I salute you.


Dear SGG.
I must complain in the strongest possible terms about this obvious injustice.
In a previous challenge event, i received Guinivere from a gold token.
After researching on the forums about Guin, it became apparent that i could use her in the tank position, however it would be a risk because of her poor defence stats…
This i did, support by some other rag tag heroes.
I wish to complain about the defence boost provided by the other heroes…
As you can see from this picture, Guin is protected from damage from, red,green,yellow and purple tiles… as well as special attacks and gaining health every turn.
My complaint is that even with all these specials activated, poor fragile Guin goes unprotected against blue tiles…
This is an outrage, how can i be expected to win any raids or map levels whilst my poor Guinivere tank is so cruelly and openly exposed to the risk of receiving normal damage from blue tiles?
I demand you nerf Guinivere’s special skill from it’s current position of, dropping enemies mana, providing heal over time and defence against purple tiles… to all these plus extra defence against blue tiles.
A not unreasonable request i believe.


Another example of my earlier complaint about why Classic heroes are worse than HotM and event heroes.

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Now, now, you just need to swap out your Kadilen with a proper hero, namely Guardian Kong!


The Trials of Serenity will have me constantly repeating that famous Seinfeld line … serenity NOW!!!


I know not of this Guardian Kong. I did not get that hero from any summons.

Can i just ask, is Guardian Kong the court appointed Guardian of Wu Kong, or is it a less formal arrangement?


Good question, but no idea myself. I found him wandering around a temple deep in a jungle. He followed me home, but won’t take the hint that he’s not getting any dinner at my place.


oooohhh jinx bait!!!

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Perhaps you should stop using banana/coconut scented shampoo…


I’ve got to add my complaint about the AW matching system. It’s obviously broken - just check out all the threads that say exactly that. In every war my alliance is matched against a much weaker alliance. We never get a fair fight. As soon as we put our heroes on the field of battle, the other teams die from shame. How can we grow if we never get to fight against a strong team? Please fix this problem as soon as possible.



That’s just the system trying to keep you up.

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I would but I can’t…:sob:



There’s an old saying: Justice delayed is Justice denied.


Thanks @Garanwyn that you remind me of that…herewith I complain that we had no Cowboy Event so far! I urgently need a Sheriff for my Castle!!!

I dunno about that. Aegir carries his arrows in his back. HIS BACK. What is he too cheap to buy a quiver?


Yours must be the alliance all these other posters keep facing every war. How do you manage to fight so many opponents at once?


In 2017 I got Thoth-Amun. But not Sartana. Months go by, no Sartana. Finally I realized that the only way to get Sartana was to give Thoth six Royal Tabards.

So I did, and sure enough, next week I get Sartana. But that’s not my complaint.

My concern is over the arrogance of my Thoth-Amun of leaving this beautiful, unsullied tabards and contuing to wear the moth-eaten rags I found him in:


I simply can’t see Thoth-Amun and don’t think about this:



This absolutely needs corrected! I’ve been complaining about this to hubby for months.

I give Panther 6 pristine Royal tabards. I’m assuming she’ll wear a new set 6 of the 7 days of the week and the last she can slum it in whatever she wants. Nope! Every day she’s running around my castle in that old leather outfit. Well, she’s still got that teenage attitude. Maybe she’ll outgrow it one day and come to her senses…

So, I give Sartana 6 identical robes - beautiful… fresh from the tailors. She’s so happy she got her new clothes… tried them on… struts around for a millisecond…then wads them up and throws them in the corner of my castle dungeon. Ungrateful wench! Sadly, Panthers attitude seems to have influenced my pretty Sartana :unamused:

Can someone PLEASE get these heroes under control!?!


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