Trials of serenity - nervous team prep

I’ve been thinking about this trial with a nervous sweat.

All healers is better than no healers because you can use items to kill the bosses. I’ll have no healers for serenity and that makes me scared :joy::rofl:

I’ve spent these last days power levelling Cyprian, aiming to max third tier of Justice 3-70 and spare Chao 3-60.

I have a maxed Chao and Sonya ready to go. In hindsight I should have perhaps done a 3-60 Sonya as I have too many yellows but it’s too late now.

Has anyone else been frantically scrambling to power level before the next trial?

(nervously checks Quest tab to see if Trial is out yet… Gulp)

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Yup. I am frantically levelling Tibertus and Buddy. I am totally *****ed for Shadow Trial, lets hope its 17 Feb as predicted.

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Man I wish I had Tib, he along with Boril have eluded me

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Fortunately, Paladin and Ranger are two of my strongest classes:

The Trial of Shadows is the one I’m most worried about now. :grimacing:


@lexinen and @Niniel I’m worried about shadows too but one disaster at a time…

Skittles might be promoted for that one who knows

Or I need to pull Marjana xD

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Triton, mana troops and healing potions will do the job for my team.


@FrenziedEye my team for Shadows is exactly the same but Quintus and Kellie are 1.1…

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I’m sure I read it somewhere before but can anyone tell me what is the individual health of the bosses Lianna, Chao and Richard on the final stage of serenity?

Thanks in advance just need to calculate and ration items I should bring

I don’t know if every trial is the same hp stats, but they were 4051 last time:

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Thanks my friend.

So it sounds like 5 dragon attacks and 5 bombs should do the trick plus wait about 6 turns for the DOT of 1 dragon attack.

That’s good because that means I can bring health pots

Dragon Attacks and Bombs can definitely do the bulk of the damage, or even all of it, if needed, if you can stand to space out at least two of the dragon attacks to let the full DoT from each apply instead of just firing them all at once. So if you can go in with specials charged you should be good, since a good special hit or two plus items will be plenty.

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Me too! The rest will be Greg 4-50 something, Buddy 3-60, Sonya 3-60, Tibby 3-60. Sadly I did not get a cape in time for Sonya (and I’m not buying today’s offer ;)). No healing is going to be interesting.

Shadows should be ok. Sabina, Skittles, Inari, Jackal, scarlett 3-60 or second Sabina, probably the latter if I can get some decent leveling done.

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I can have a maxed team of Athena, Lianna, 2 Tibs and a sonya for that, but i can probably switch two tibs for a 3-70 Perseus and Gunnar.
It is more safe and color stack four.

I will see at the moment.

P.s.: little trick: Crystal palace alliance board tell you in advance what bosses are on the final round :kissing_heart:


Woo completed, thanks for all the tips and help

Didn’t need all my dragon attacks

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finished the trials as before again used no items to complete. evelyn put her link on her and buddy, triton boosted heals, ares heals Richard and triton. with buddies defense down, these matches were over in minutes

That’s me for The task :wink:

as an FYI, my alt had none of the serenity healers (red hood, ares, aegir) and so went in with this:

sonya richard(3/70) Gregor (max 80) Chao Tibertus

first 2 stages were simple. the final stage was easier than expected. The battle items I brought were dragon attack, bomb, axe, healing potions. I only used 7-8 healing potions and 3 dragon attacks. No bombs or axes were used. just made sure all my guys were charged up and healed with potions going into boss stage and all red tiles had been cleared out. Tibs and chao at lianna in center, then the other 3 focused on chao. Did a bunch of tile damage (I’d left 2 diamonds on board). Used 3 dragon attacks, which killed chao and wounded the others. then normal play took out the other 2. Totally doable with mostly 70s and no healer and just a few battle items.

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