No healer for Trials of Serenity? No problem!

She can be maxed quickly. Consider it a challenge! :grin:


Exactly what I did :heart_eyes:

We have a Ridiculous Complaints thread, and a Ridiculous Bragging thread. But I believe you have just founded a new genre: the Ridiculous Recommendations. Well played! :laughing:


How long did she survive?


:rofl: lol

Joking aside, bringing triton we 3 types of healing potions wasn’t too bad for me. Finished with 3 heroes alive, 2 dead


I saved my maxed Sharan for sentimental reasons and actually considered using her. But I was able to complete the quest without a healer.

I used Chao (maxed), Tibertus (maxed), Isshtak (maxed), Cyprian (3-60) and Sonya (3-20).

For battle items I took Healing Potions (the 225-HP variety), Revive Scrolls, Dragon Attacks and Time Stops.

I used all the healing potions before the boss fight, but I was able to start the final stage with full mana on all heroes. Unloaded the Dragon Attacks immediately and cut the bosses down to half their health. Then I fired all the specials on one boss and used Time Stops as necessary to keep them from hitting back hard.

Passed the level with all heroes intact and didn’t need to use any Revive Scrolls.


She did it to the end, but I’m not able to start hard stage due to player level beneath 30.

She needed about 6 small health drinks to stand second stage.


darnit… i fed my maxed sharan away a long time ago

Never had one. Just maxed her for the event by feeding 2 minute 1*s.

I did it with no healer. I used 2 or 3 large healing pots, that’s it.

3\70 Eve, 4\40 Buddy, Guardian Falcon, Lianna, Triton.

Honestly I think max level of the trials can be done with a 3* team. There really isn’t that much damage going out.

Passed it with Triton buddy aegir Chao and Thorne in that same order who needs healer’s I took axes arrows and bombs and the 20 low level healing potions just to make sure all hero’s make it to final stage went it to 4000 stage with just 3200 worked just fine a little close but as expected !!

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