🔵 [Nov 22, 2020] Trials of Serenity – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Nice! I have been fortunate enough to have two good 5* rangers in c-Lianna and Athena. I couldn’t decide so they got split. Lianna is +4 and working on Athena to +4. +7 next, etc. All my good 4* rangers are already maxed.

Not sure if that’s good or not :man_shrugging:, but it is what we’re doing. :laughing:



It isn’t always easy. Both deserve emblems. I had jabberwok as first major monk then later I pulled wilbur. Both emblems worthy I stopped on jabber +9 and took wilbur to +12 as I uses alot, makes sense sure I want jabber to be a killer but am I lacking in other teams or hero’s I use.
You got line dude? Mines. Dudeious.maximus name is jude on it. Anyone else’ fell free to add of yall want.

I managed the first two stages with

Sonya (stuck at 3/60)

…And a few arrows, and health potions. I´m tempted to try the last stage, since I hear news of a reset token!? :scream: But that´s a lot of World Energy to go to waste, when my Team Power is just below 3000 :roll_eyes: Ah, well, in the future :partying_face:

Good luck to all, happy gaming :slight_smile:


This is one of the easier trials for me:

Telluria +14 / Khagan +1 / Finley +19 / cRigard +20 / Lianna

And on the bench were Bai Yeong, Tiburtus (costume being leveled), Sonya +19 (with full costume), Triton +19…

Paladin Emblems to Telluria, Rangers should probably save to finish Finley, though with 250 emblems for a critical node, they might be better used elsewhere. Frank took the blue trainer. I’ve now got 35 reset emblems saved…

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Seshat just had her last ascension today and she came into my team in place of Chao +7.

Rest of the team remained the same Tibs+20, Justice, Richard +10, Red Hood 3/70.

As usual gameplan was have as many minions from hood on everyone as possible as no other healing option.

Ranger emblems save for Seshat,
Paladin to Richard.
Trainer to Sapphire.


Pretty straightforward with this team - the bosses didn’t stand a chance! :sweat_smile:

It’s great to see reset token back too!!


4* challenge team @Muchacho
Wait…:thinking: Have we changed this now?

Regardless, I took the 4* heros that qualified, and they did not disappoint.

MVP… Well it really was a team effort, although Cyprian always shines at tank for this trial.


No change @Sarah2, I just completed a cycle through all of the trials. You may have started after me. It’s still fun to do whenever though!

Congrats on the 4* win! :+1:



From “Danza tank guy” to “Giga-Thorne guy”. That’s an upgrade… I think. :man_shrugging:

So, if you need a tank, I think Richard is your guy. My affinity for Thorne (compared to most people’s) is apparently approaching mythic status, but I don’t think he’s a good hero on defense, despite his tanky stats. Richard has the clear edge for me on defense, especially as a tank.

The Richard vs. Thorne comparison at a more holistic level is one I’m not really qualified to participate in, since Richard is one of just two classic heroes I’m still missing. So my advice is simply this: Don’t discount Thorne just because the forum hates him. He isn’t as bad as they say. Here’s my rundown on using him from another thread:

So, read that, and see if that’s the kind of hero that you’d like to work with and who would improve your team. If so, don’t be afraid to give him the scopes. If not, Richard is a viable tank well into diamond (in my experience facing him), and you can feel good about maxing him for that purpose.