The Ridiculous Complaints thread

(I feel a strong need to break in our new mods, @JonahTheBard and @Kerridoc … please feel free to join in with your own ridiculous complaints!)

edit 2/3/19 garanwyn is in charge until further notice. He rules with an iron statistic. All hail the trendline and almighty p-value of the immortal garanwyn!

My current issue that I need moderator intervention with is:

Now as you can see here, I have placed rather well so far in this event. Managing to not only crack the top Billion, but even sneaking in inside the top 100,000.

With such a heroic effort, I feel that it’s only fair that I can see a list of all of the users above me. The reason I want this is simple:

Without being able to see every indifivual user, as well as their score, how do I know that they’re real? And how do I know how many points I need to crack the top 50,000?

I know that this will be taken as seriously as it deserves, and I look forward to being able to quickly view all of the scores of all players in challenge events.

Edit 1/21/2019:

Here at RCT we understand that you have an abundance of complaints to make. Some of these complaints are ridiculous in nature, and must be addressed IMMEDIATELY by SG. Other complaints, perhaps, would make excellent use of the #RCT830 form provided so graciously by Garawyn.

When appropriate, please utilize this form responsibly. Imbibement of the mysterious tonic, miscellaneous flasks, or snorting of crushed up dragon bones in conjunction with form #RCT830 is not covered under any E&P insurance carriers. RCT waives all liability in such a circumstance, and we pray that the Dark Lord has mercy on your soul.

Again, please utilize this form responsibility:

Edit 2 - 1/21/2019:

We have done some fantastic work here at #RCT. We have brought some atrocities to light, and made a real, tangible difference in the lives of all E&Pers. I want to take this space to acknowledge and celebrate the fine work we did. And to acknowledge that SG was able to identify the truly horrific nature of the complaint and implement a fix. (Maybe not as fast as one would think given the urgency of issues raised here, but fixed all the same.)

If you notice an issue that was solved here in #RCT that isn’t listed below, please let me know and I will get it added.

  1. The green flag.

In post 12 user @duaneski observed that his green heroes seemed uninspired and didn’t appear to be fighting as hard as his other heroes. Upon closer inspection, realized the green flag on the keep was shorter than the other colored flags.

This issue persisted over the cold winter, but in January 2019 was addressed with version 18.0.0.

The people of the world rejoiced. Green heroes far and near fought valiantly in light of this justice.

And then version 18.0.1 came along and the green flag was again shortened.

#RCT claims this as a victory, though we still clamor for flag equality.

  1. the purple flags.

I swear to Guin we deal with non-flag related issues.

Anyway in post 15 user @JonahTheBard pointed out that the purple heroes don’t even get a flag on the main keep. They’re holed up in a sewer house or something.

This atrocity was rectified in October 2018 when Purple flags were flown over the entire Keep and all other flags were stashed away. Thank you @Ericson for observing this “lightning quick response” by SG and pointing it out for us!

Chalk up another (momentary) win for #RCT!

  1. the scary, bugged pumpkins

In post 56 forum user @Lila_Ann observed that the Halloween event pumpkins were TOO scary. We all agreed and SG was notified of the concern.

Post 285, user @ronzmac noted that in addition to the over-scary-ness of the pumpkins, they were actually bugged as the stems don’t show up when they flip in the air!!

Both of these issues were solved in November 2018 by SG with the prompt(ish) removal of the pumpkins.

  1. Unstable Tesla coil on top of Christmas tree fixed

In post 467 on December 3, user @Kikyo observed that the ornament atop the Christmas tree was in a constant state of agitation. This coil shot electricity all around, and was extremely dangerous.

On Dec 9, post 532, @Tartuca reports that this issue had been fixed - so long as E&P emperors and empresses did not accidentally stumble into the coil at this time, it would not shoot its deadly electricity into their villagers.

Another issue solved.

  1. unfortunately, sometimes #RCT helped to create changes that were not favorable.

Related to 5) below, user @duaneski suggested in post 376 on 26 that a Daredevil themed hero may enter the game to provide litigation against unsafe practices in the kingdom.

In post 421, on Nov 30 it was discovered that Daredevil’s TV show on Netflix had been canceled. SGG flexed it’s muscles here, and we saw both the true power of #RCT, and of SGG… it was a dark time for all. But it was a lesson we had to learn together.

  1. the icy, unsafe roads. The snowman heads defying physics. The villagers wandering around in giant piles of snow wearing less than a t-shirt.

These issues were reported at the end of November by valliant individuals: Witch , Averagejoe , PM229 , LSLordy …

Due to this ridiculous complaining that you all performed as a team, these issues were finally resolved by SG in January 2019, with a patch that removed just about ALL of the snow. It was truly a team effort here.

  1. fixing the fixes.

User Niniel complained on post 1010 on January 13 that SG had inadvertently made a perfect product, leaving nothing for him to complain about. Niniel went on to explain that this was truly a health hazard for himself.

SG immediately sprang into action. To rectify this, releasing some new buggy patches in the coming days. Thankfully Garawyn was lurking to point this fix out. The world spins around, and another problem solved by #RCT


I am 46,573rd place (438,369 points) and am a real person…:slight_smile:

That’s what I’m afraid of… :rofl:


gee zus chrisp, do ya wanna see all fifty thousand players?


Man Drake Fong is really high tech…:slight_smile:


just watched yesterday, a stream by anchor 7DD.

trust me, he’s a real person.

and put the max to reach the top on events. i’ve never seen that, tons of crafts, energy spent.

untill he success to get a good board, flee and flee and flee…

intersting to see, but i said one thing in my head to myself " man, you’ll never be be in the top for good rewards, you don"t have enough money "

those who can, do it, i think each of us look for fun, and with our possibilies


Dear @Duaneski

The only logical explanation is that there is no list of 50,000 players.

A secret syndicate comprised of OPEC, Anonymous and the Lawn Tennis Association selects their favourite 1000 players and gives them 50 free accounts fully loaded with HOTM and more gems than the Tower of London.

This is a deliberate strategy to keep honest players, and you specifically, from any meaningful achievement.


That cracks me up! You have always been very whitty with your comment!

Congrats on you virtual promotion!


what virtual promotion?!
Awch, sheite, just saw the shield in front of his name.
A lot of the things are clear to me now… So you telling me he IS the 50 thousand players?


A moderator now…

I am not a moderator and still need 20 characters…


And of course OPEC is behind it! I should have known!

BUT WAIT, the plot thickens!

IF it was indeed OPEC, and OPEC were in kahoots with SG to load up the top 50,000 slots to keep ME personally from placing higher than 58,000, THEN that would mean that SG was complicit in the conspiracy. IF SG is complicit, AND if SG chose you as a moderator, AND if you knew about said conspiracy, then you would not be willing to tell me about this conspiracy in a public forum!

The only possible explanation is that OPEC is actually not involved at all, and that you and the SG consortium is in fact attempting to imperil OPEC.

This makes you an agent of an entity which is clearly opposed to OPEC. The only possible answer is that you are employed, secondhand, by none other than:



I should have known.

Anyway. With this mystery solved, I feel it is time to register another ridiculous complaint.

Thank you to all who have posted here taking my initial complaint seriously. You all added something truly meaningful to this thread, that I could not have hoped to have achieved on my own


I have a new problem that needs addressed:

needs addressed immediately, ideally.

The flags on the top of my Keep were purposefully chosen to represent the Elemental nature of the heroes who fight for my prestigious kingdom.

However, the Green flag is notably shorter.


It is almost 50% shorter.

This, obviously, angers my Green heroes and Troops.

To the point where, I went into battle recently and there were barely any green tiles to fight with.

This needs fixed immediately. I can’t expect my heroes to go to war for me when they’re being underrrepresented in my very own kingdom.

Thank you in advance for fixing my extremely valid concerns.


Don’t you bring the Lawn Tennis people into this! They are a mean and vindictive crowd that doesn’t take kindly to false accusations. Or true ones.


I guess just the ones at each “prize-bottleneck” would be good…


This makes a lot of sense.

This is an absolute trifle, Duaneski.

The REAL injustice is why DARK isn’t even allowed on the stronghold???

What could anyone possibly have against the element of zombies, skeletons, mad scientists and grand-mother devouring wolves??





That is all.



And did you notice the stronghold looks like Bran Castle?
Who in their proper mind would not allow dark on the Bran Castle?


I want sounds effects when i defeat a female hero in raid.

Something like “Mmmmmmhhh…!” or “AAAAAAAH!” or “No way!!!” or even “Oh! You are so cool! :two_hearts:

I’m all for the last :face_with_monocle: