Coppersky's Compendium - an unofficial game guide

As many of you in Global know, Coppersky is the go-to for the new player guide for E&P.

The guide is always under construction as more and more data is added, but it’s available right now. “Find what you seek!”

EDIT 12/11/2023
:smiley: The Guide is now Updated!!
Google ate the original copy. The new links are below

The Original link is:


There have been extensive additions and edits to this guide. There are some small additions and clean-up to the format to come. There’s now a Changelog at the bottom of the document so that you can easily see what’s been added to the document since you viewed it last.


This should be required reading for any new player. :relaxed:


Thanks guys! :heart:


Thanks Olotila!

I know that TechBlue also has something like this in progress, but I haven’t seen it yet. From what I understand they do have at least the XP filled in for all the levels. I will see if they are putting the other other stats as well. I do like how you’ve broken down the resources and XP as a value per energy point! I will message you when I find out more so we can coordinate. :relaxed:



The Compendium has been updated to reflect the changes from version 1.4! Enjoy, and please pass the word!


Thank you for putting this together, and I’m glad that your guide covers several issues regarding Titans:
“You will get a little extra loot from battling them even if they get away. More if you defeat it!”
“The alliance flask can also be obtained from opening chests of wanted missions, mystic vision, and as titan loot.”

This is wrong in the tooltip for Mystic Visions, there are a lot of possible loot items not shown in the three items there, and many items are listed as only mission and titan loot, but show up in other places.

I would to have the following clarified: Is titan loot based on damage score or titan level or both? I have several of the best players in the world in my alliance, and I’m in the top 200 myself, but I get better damage scores in some unheard of alliance where I blow everyone out of the water on a 3* AND I get better loot from them seemingly. We down 7* titans I get province trash loot.

Any word on what drives this? I’m never going to rank up since my team hasn’t changed since I swapped a 2^ Sartanna out for a 2^ Hel. But I have tons of 5* stars just sitting unused because ascension items just don’t show up in the game. Not even when I want to buy them.


I understand that many places in the game show POSSIBLE loot at that location. Mightn’t it simplify things if the items shown are what you actually receive? I know if I see Tall Boots, I actually want to get them! :grin:


I would settle for “If it shows a three star item I get a three star item”. Lots of times it shows three star items and I get one star items. :unamused:


Yeah…I guess I’m a stickler for What I See Is What I Get… :grin:


I’ll be back on a bit later, but I wanted to make sure I posted a great big Thank You to Rook! She tirelessly edited the full Compendium after the recent edits were done. She also caught mistakes and formatting issues from the previous version! Thank you for your time and your good eye!


Aww! I love the Compendium! Thanks for making something to help ALL players out!! :smile:


Hello! Thanks for the great job!

I have just one thing to say. In the Compendium I read that:

If you have decided to take two or more of the same colour heroes when attacking, then the gem energy gets applied to each hero in full. It is not split between them.

I think that this is not correct right now. I try to attack with two Ice heroes, and the Troop attacking were separated between the troops selected for each hero (if attack with 3 Ice shields, two of them change to one type of troop and the other one to the other troop type). I think that it also implies that the mana is split in two, depending of the troop that finally attack.

That’s why I think that heroes of same colour for defence may be ok, but a real drawback if you are attacking with them.

Thank you for your hard work, and sorry if my information is not 100% correct.


@Earnil That sounds like you have a Fast and Slow or Fast and Average hero. I’ve confirmed that while attacking it takes the same number of tiles to fill a hero, even if there are more than one of that color. That being said, you do little to no damage with the color of tile that you’re missing a hero for.


That is kinda cool that there’s 2 troop types in the attack animation! I hadn’t noticed that!

(I have nothing else to say, because Penari gave an excellent answer. :smile:)


Hi, where can I download it with the updates ?, thanks!

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The link at the top includes the updated content. :blush:

This one also works:


Finally got back to this post!

The tooltips are definitely outdated. Items have been added since they were initially created (eg. flasks), and most of the item tooltips predate the mystic vision videos! There’s so many other things to do for this game, I haven’t worried too much about it. I’ll try to keep it updated in the Compendium and the Wiki would be a good resource as well. :slight_smile:

As far as titan loot being based on the ranking of your hit, and the level of the titan… It’s supposed to matter. In reality, I’m wondering if we don’t see a marked difference in winning on low ranked, titans vs high ones, is because the %difference isn’t big enough to create a noticeable difference.


@Coppersky I got a reply from Petri this morning on this! (and I made it to 8TH yesterday… holy crap!) I’ll be making a separate post on the matter, but please add it your compendium, here is his response:


We see that slightly improved chance for the next five players (often player #8 as I’ve said), but the top players seem to keep being given short shrift.

Help us game gods, you’re our only hope! :grin:

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With such a small sample size: Vocal disappointed players, yourself, and some of your Alliance, it’s difficult to make any judgments. But at least the REASONING is there.

The sad part is, it confirms my worst fear, and I’m now feeling a push to leave my alliance and steam roll some lower level titans, since they currently hit me so hard, I’m forced to play extremely defensively.