What happened to Elemental chest loot?

I thought maybe I had just been unlucky when in my last 2 elemental chests, I got no unfarmable rare items. One came up last night (fire, which takes 84 flasks to fill in level 20-4) and this is what I got…

Gloves. That’s all that really counts here. The 30 gems are nothing special any more with the VIP pass. When I started playing in November (before I had spent any money), I always got at least one and often 2 rare items (Shield, Trap Tools, ect) and at least one and often more gold tokens. This is seriously disappointing considering the 84 flags it takes to fill a fire chest. One more step in the wrong direction here SG.

EDIT - does EVERYTHING have to be random? I’m so incredibly sick of random with this game. Elemental chests should look like this:

1 Gold Token (hero or troop, whatever)
1 Trap Tools/Cloak/Cape/Shield/Orb/Blade (corresponding color, or…random if they just can’t get over it)
Whatever else…I don’t care. The time and flags needed to fill an elemental chest are substantial, and you can’t even just ignore them and move on, which I would have never considered wanting to do several months ago. Now they are becoming a chore to fill with no appropriate rewards.


I am totally sure they have nerfed chest. Normal and elemental.


These were ninja nerfed a while back. There’s a thread on it somewhere.


I filled a holy chest today and got a telescope and a warm cape. Was very different to my last 2 where I got noting worth mentioning at allz


Congrats on that. If this was just one chest without any rare items, I would not be too upset, but this is the 3rd one in a row. Here’s the one previous…



I think one of my previous Dark Chests ended up being something really similar to your most recent one, except not as many gems, farmable ingredients, and it was the same 3 summon tokens, a world energy flask, plus a purple 1* trainer hero. Something that was really lackluster.


On my last elemental chest (~10 days ago) I got a compass and nothing more noteworthy. And on the second last (~22 days ago) I got nothing. Not one non-farmable item, no epic hero/troop token. Nothing.
That means: the last month gave me only a compass out of >140 chests (including 2 elemental chests).
I am really considering to quit the game, because I am sick and tired of waiting to level my heroes. But on the other hand I love this game and I am totally addicted to it and I am trying to keep faith that this is only a streak of bad luck.
But I have the bad feeling that it is a calculated method to keep the players spending, by nerfing loot further and further :frowning:


“But I have the bad feeling that it is a calculated method to keep the players spending, by nerfing loot further and further :frowning:

Bingo! I feel the same.


Nerfed…I don’t even get them…I spend my diamonds on speeding chest counters…haven’t got one since Zeline was hotm and I play daily.
Usually spend 10 to 15 gems daily resetting chest timers.
Maybe that that many gems…but maybe every 2 days…but even still…I haven’t seen one in a loooong time.

And the last 2 netted me crap…daily summon gems and nothin much in mats


For me, it’s a current test of patience, to see how far I can get by being a F2P. Sure there are frustrating moments where I thought about giving into the price tag. But you get what you paid for (or for my case, don’t pay for).


Yeah, that’s another thing. I also have the feeling that they don’t come that often any more. I won’t spend too much gems for speeding up any more, I get nothing in return lately…


Just finished a Holy/Yellow chest this morning:

Pretty new to the game still but pretty sure this is good. Maybe it’s just the nature of RNG?


I have completely stopped speeding up any chests with gems. When we had the visual that the next chest would be elemental, I would always speed those up, but with that gone and the total crap loot they have decided on, I’m not spending one more gem on speeding up chests.


That’s pretty good, but you got lucky unlike everyone that’s here complaining. :slight_smile:

My point is that the Trap Tools (or similar) and Gold Token should be a guarantee for every elemental chest considering the time and flag required to fill them.


Yeah, that’s really awesome loot! Two non-farmable ascension items and a epic hero token. I heard in the past it always were this good, but nowadays you can really be happy to get such good loot!


My Boldtusk definitely wanted gloves for his ascension so it was definitely a perfect gift at the right time. Yeah it would be pretty cool if there were some guarantees for elemental chests!! I guess the reverse argument would be that people would spend a lot more gems to fill them and it might be kind of pay2win

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I’d like to see Gold Troop/Hero Tokens too as staple rewards for these Elemental Chests, given how rare they are. I haven’t gotten one since 3/15.

They’d probably end up giving me 3* Heroes or 3* troops any way. Just don’t want an odd ball chance I might get a HoTM.


@DMP - but it never takes gems to fill the chests, just to speed up filling them, so anyone not paying would still get the rewards, just later, which is consistent with the rest of how the game operates.


I’m talking about speeding up to get to the elemental chest faster and maybe even getting world energy refills. Previously people would speed up the chests to get to the elemental chest faster but since it was still a gamble on the rewards of the chest it would technically still be fair. However, if there are set rewards, people with deep pockets would theoretically be able to obtain those set rewards by paying more money. It would not be random anymore is what I was trying to say. Don’t get me wrong though I would LOVE getting some epic hero token and ascension items I’m just trying to bring some counter argument to the discussion.

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DMP - last year, the chests always included 2 non-farmables, with a probably 25-50% rate of a 4* item, and 1-2 gold tokens. Now the tokens are usually silver and they added all the 3* farmable items into the mix (scabbards chainmail tall boots battle manual). That’s been happening since roughly the beginning of the year…