đź“‘ Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

All status effects in the game so far.

Last Update: 2019-06-02T20:45:00Z (Ranvir’s mystic virtue added)

Primer on Dispelling, Removing, and Ovewriting Status Effects (2nd post in this thread)


Tip: All the status effects in this section will grant a stackable attack boost in “Buff Booster” raid tournaments.

Note: casting the same buff acts as a form of resetting the turn count of the buff

Name Status_Icon Description Overwritten
Attack Up AtkUp Increased attack AtkDown AtkDown_HealReset AtkUp Berserk
Defense Up DefUp Increased defense DefDown DefDown_Continous DefUp
Protect DefUp_Paladin Paladin talent activated, increased defense DefUp_Paladin
Special Skill Defense DefUp_Special Increased defense against special skill damage DefUp_Special
Normal Attack Up AtkUp_Normal Increases damage of normal attacks, stacks with other attack buffs (up to +160% attack max) AtkUp_Normal
Critical Up CritUp Increased critical attack chance (x2 damage) CritUp
Berserk Berserk Increased offense, further increased with each hit taken AtkDown AtkDown_HealReset AtkUp Berserk
Gamble Gamble Offense greatly increased with reduced accuracy Gamble gamble_HPcondition
Mystic Virtue gamble_HPcondition Offense greatly increased with reduced accuracy, if enemy HP is higher than attacker Gamble gamble_HPcondition
Attack Heal Atk_Normal_Heal Heal x% of damage dealt each normal attack Atk_Normal_Heal
Recover Up RecoverUp Increases recovery of healing skills and status effects RecoverUp
HP Regenaration HPRecovery Recovers HP over set amount of turns HPRecovery
Mana Gain ManaGenUp Mana gained increased ManaGenUp ManaGenDown
Mana Regeneration ManaRecovery Recover mana per turn ManaRecovery
Mana Shield ManaShield Resists new negative mana ailments and skill effects that reduce mana ManaShield
Special Skill Shield SilenceShield Resists new status effects that block special skill activation SilenceShield
Ailment Shield AilmentShield Resists new status ailments AilmentShield
Spirit Link SpiritLink Damage is shared between allies SpiritLink
Riposte Riposte Returns a counterattack per each direct hit Riposte
Reflect Holy Reflect_Holly Reflect all status effects, skill effects (except dispels) and damage from Holy special skills Reflect_Holly Reflect_Ice
Reflect Ice Reflect_Ice Reflect all status effects, skill effects (except dispels) and damage from Ice special skills Reflect_Holly Reflect_Ice
Riposte Mana Gain Riposte_ManaGain Recover mana for each counterattack, decreasing amount of mana recovered for each successive counterattack in the same turn Riposte_ManaGain
Dark defense up DefUp_Dark Increased defense against dark element attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Dark DefUp_Dark
Holy defense up DefUp_Holy Increased defense against holy element attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Holy DefUp_Holy
Ice defense up DefUp_Ice Increased defense against ice element attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Ice DefUp_Ice
Nature defense up DefUp_Nature Increased defense against nature element attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Nature DefUp_Nature
Fire defense up DefUp_Fire Increased defense against fire element attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Fire DefUp_Fire
Lucky Nine Dodge_Fox Moderate chance to dodge special skills. If dodge is successful, user generates an attacking fox minion that recovers small amount of mana each turn (Minions do not count as status effects) Dodge_Fox
Hide in Shadows Dodge_Mana Chance to dodge damaging special skill and gain moderate amount of mana. Chance is higher the more damage the special skill deals Dodge_Mana
Immortal Immortal If the caster is defeated, they are resurrected the next turn with all status effects removed Immortal
Bruise Bro BruiseBro_1 If the hero is defeated while this status effect is active, they are revived in Chameleon mode BruiseBro_1
Chameleon Mode BruiseBro_2 Increased attack, decreased defense, special skill replaced by Fierce Slash *cannot be removed until owner is defeated
Ghost form Ghost Removes all buffs and ailments; moderate increase to normal attack; can’t gain mana; immune to all attacks, special skills, and status effects *cannot stack with anything
Elemental Link 1 ElementalLink Gives a small attack and defense boost to all heroes of the same colored element ElementalLink
Elemental Link 2 ElementalLink_HP Recovers a small amount of HP per turn to all heroes of the same colored element ElementalLink_HP
Elemental Link 3 ElementalLink_WeakDef Gives a moderate defense boost against elemental attacks that the colored hero is weak to (indicated), to all heroes of the same colored element ElementalLink_WeakDef


Note: Status ailments that currently only exist as undispellable can only be overwritten by casting the ailment again (which resets the turn count on the ailment)

Status Ailment_Icon Description Overwritten
Attack Down AtkDown Decreased offense AtkDown AtkDown_HealReset AtkUp Berserk
Heal Reset Attack Down AtkDown_HealReset Attack decreased, turn duration reset if healed AtkDown_HealReset
Defense Down DefDown Decreased defense DefDown DefDown_Continous DefUp
Decreasing Defense Down DefDown_Continous Decreased defense, further decreased with each hit taken DefDown DefDown_Continous DefUp
Health Drain HPSteal Steals health over a number of turns HPSteal
Recover Steal RecoverSteal Health recovered is stolen by caster RecoverSteal
Deep Wound RecoverDown Reduces healing received RecoverDown
Sargasso’s Curse Curse_Sargasso Reduces healing received Curse_Sargasso
Mana down ManaGenDown Mana gained decreased ManaGenUp ManaGenDown
Mana block ManaBlock Blocks mana gain ManaBlock
Mana Steal ManaSteal Mana gained is stolen by caster ManaSteal
Silence Silence Blocks special skill use Silence
Mindless Attack MindlessAttack Skill replaced by mindless attack; targets an ally when mana is full, with chance to miss MindlessAttack
Spell Slayer SpellSlayer Receives damage when mana is full, mana is halved when full SpellSlayer
Blind Blindness Reduced accuracy on offensive attacks and skills Blindness
Dark defense down DefDown_Dark Decreased defense against dark attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Dark DefUp_Dark
Holy defense down DefDown_Holy Decreased defense against holy attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Holy DefUp_Holy
Ice defense down DefDown_Ice Decreased defense against ice attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Ice DefUp_Ice
Nature defense down DefDown_Nature Decreased defense against nature attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Nature DefUp_Nature
Fire defense down DefDown_Fire Decreased defense against fire attacks and offensive skills DefDown_Fire DefUp_Fire
Burn Burn Receives damage over a number of turns Burn
Poison Poison Receives damage over a number of turns Poison
Sand Twister SandTrap Receives damage over a number of turns SandTrap
Moonlight Serenade Curse_Serenade Receives damage over a number of turns, starting low and increasing with each turn Curse_Serenade
Bitten Bitten Receives damage over a number of turns, damage increases if afflicted with this ailment again Bitten
*damage over turns increased
Wound Wound Activated by normal attacks from Barbarians; receives damage over a number of turns Wound

Please correct me if I’m wrong with anything that overwrites a buff or ailment :slight_smile:

Old thread: Status Effects


Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments

If you want to help me complete this guide :slight_smile:

  • Sheshat’s elemental link (released in July) will be needed in the future :slight_smile:

! Warning !
Screenshots taken from Beta of status effects will not be accepted.

Instructions to take screenshots
  1. Take a screenshot of the full screen excluding your Operating System’s status bar (have it hidden through your game launcher app or settings)
  2. Screenshot must be minimum 1920x1080p in order to maintain consistency with image sizes.
  3. Open the hero window who has the status effect (hold hero portrait) and then take the screenshot. This is to keep the blue background consistent.

Primer: “Dispels” vs “Removes”

There are two kinds of dispels: Offensive dispels, and Defensive dispels.

For distinguishability, an offensive dispel is simply referred to as a dispel. A defensive dispel is referred to as a cleanse.

Dispelling is the act of getting rid of any buffs the enemy has active. A buff is only dispelled if it is not listed as “undispellable” in the status screen.

Melendor and Sabina have the “Fog of the Fallen” skill, which dispels buffs from all enemies. But element links active on enemies will not be dispelled.

Dispels can miss! They are affected by status effects that decrease accuracy.

Note that Reflect skills DO NOT reflect dispels from same colored skills.

Frida can dispel Mitsuko’s Ice Reflect with her “Polar Bash” skill; however, Mitsuko and allies will still reflect damage and the Ice defense down ailment before the reflect is dispelled.

Cleansing is the act of dispelling any ailments that an ally or allies have active. Ailments listed as undispellable will not be cleansed.

Rigard has the “Purification” skill, which dispels any ailments from his allies. But it will not dispel Jack O’ Hare’s undispellable defense drop if he used his “Reckless Slash” skill first.

Cleanses can’t miss; they are not affected by any accuracy drops from status effects.

Removing will completely wipe any buffs or ailments (whatever the skill says), including undispellable buffs or ailments.

If the hero Ameonna has a burn ailment, an attack buff, and a dark element link, her skill “Ghost” will remove all of them, including the undispellable element link.

Primer: Overwriting Buffs or Ailments

Some buffs and ailments can be overwritten by other buffs or ailments. The skill that casts the buff or ailment will not say that this is possible.

Typically, the same status effect will overwrite itself if it’s casted again. For e.g.: Attack up, casted on an ally who already has Attack up. This also acts as a way to reset the turn duration. Note that the last casted buff or ailment will persist:

Using Kiril’s “Blessed Brew” and Boldtusk’s “War Cry” in that order, will grant a 48% attack boost to all allies. Using them in reverse order will grant a 30% attack boost to all allies.

However, there are some exceptions to buffs and ailments that get overwritten. Typically these are opposites to each other:

Brienne’s “Berserker Fury” skill grants the berserk buff which increases attack. But Gill-Ra’s “Lament of Regression” skill lowers attack, and will overwrite the buff with her ailment. The opposite is true if it occurs in reverse order: the atk- will be overwritten by the berserk buff.

Note that status effects listed as “undispellable” cannot be overwritten by their opposites or by the same ailment, unless it is undispellable.

Squire Wabbit casts a -20% defense ailment on himself after his “Reckless Stab” skill. Gill-Ra can not overwrite his ailment with her -34% defense ailment, because Squire Wabbit’s ailment is undispellable and hers is not. But Squire Wabbit using his skill again will overwrite his ailment (resetting the turn count).

Finally, there are some 5* heroes that have native resistances to certain ailments. This will prevent overwriting a buff with that ailment if they resist it.

Anzogh has a resistance to ailments that decrease mana generation. That means if he has a mana generation up buff, Alasie cannot overwrite it with her “Spirit Arrow” skill. However, the buff can still be dispelled by skills that do so.

In the table on the first post, I have included a column with the icons that will overwrite said status effect. Everything else stacks with that status effect.


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Reflect element should replaced/overwrited by any other reflect element, right?

Just want to make sure here. I though non-element reflect is also everwrite, but not, I have try Boril with Ursena, and it does not overwrite. So your tables desc is correct :+1:

Margaret status:
Margaret_status_02a Margaret_status_01a

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I’ll be working on an image or a pair of images to make this mobile friendly in the near future :slight_smile: For now you can bookmark the first post.

@jinbatsu thanks a ton for providing that answer and Margaret’s dodge, and thanks @Slingbow for sharing that! I only have Mitsuko so I didn’t realize that they wouldn’t stack together. Makes sense why though!

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Added Margaret’s dodge.

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Ranvir’s Mystic Virtue status effect has been added :slight_smile:



The other day i was looking for the holy heroes that defense debuff the dark ones other than gjackal. So i came here.

What do you say if we create clickable links near the buffs/debuffs skills which redirects to post of this/other topic where heroes with those ability are enumerated? :slight_smile: