Titan Rosters

Check out the new rosters! (updated - 20.10.2019)


A single titan can appear with more than a single number of stars… :\ anyway, nice job :3

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I don’t understand, you mean 10+* titans?

Emperor dragon can have 10 or 8 stars ^^

That is why I only list “most evolved” titans, see?


Oh yes! Sorry ^^ my bad!

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Pois1 is typically very precise. :wink:

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I saw it to him every time (:

Also 7* same titan.
It’s from russian community chat

He looks so angry (and Hungry), so evil, so… Wolverine?

Hello @Pois1 , Is there some other rare titan?

14 star rare titan

What’s your alliance? O.O

It’s not my titan. From russian community chat.

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It’s aggressive

20 characters

I am very happy with this post Thank you for sharing this

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Are there any 6* rare titans? We are only on 6* and would hate to be left out due to being part of a still maturing alliance.

Devs said rare titans go as low as 5*.


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