Titan Chests loot project

Hello guys, you may know me or The elemental chest loot project .

This time around I am creating a project to quantify the % drops of titan chests and how valuable they are.

I only need you guys to please fill out the Titan chest loot project survey

I would actually prefer you to not use past data such at as to not bias the results, so only using the titan chests you open from now April 25th


All of us have complained about the titan chests giving “crap loot” but just above the data from 34 chests (people from the google form, my alliance) suggests it is actually not bad with respect to ascencion mats !! There is only one roll, but the chance is at 12% approximately with is good enough to receive one every 8 chests approximately (so forty days for alliances that streak titans).
Actually it kind of makes sense, because if we adjust with respect to time to get one, the overall amount of 4* mats received from titan chests is around 1 every 48 days (5 titan kills per 6 days) and elemental chests it should be one every forty days (for people doing 1 elemental chest every 10 days) so it is kind of similar.

Now, Valhalla coins and keys averages are very small, it is possible to get more via normal chests and the gems received is just a joke, on average what a hero chest in diamond gives.
Emblems is also small, since one can get around 5 at least by opening 2 raid chests and 2 monster chests.

@Petri could you bump a bit the gems and emblems given? From my opinion the amount received should be more or less proportional to the time that it takes to fill the chest, so 4 gems and 7.5 emblems is rather small. 15 gems and 15 emblems would be more fair (suggestion).

Thanks to all the people that have contributed and please continue doing it in the google form!!


Thanks for starting this project too.
I will post my results to this survey too.


Until now I dont write my titan chest but from I will do it because and I am just tired fromethis nothing from the titan chests.

@ierazo Your form does not list crafting mats, or an option for 1* battle items. I am not sure if this was an intentional omission. I received both on the chest I just opened.

It is an intentional omission, as I only care about items higher than 1*. When showing results I will provide the % chance for 2* or above, then the remaining % will represent 1* or nothing.
Thanks for submitting data!

Preliminary results posted!!
You may get surprised lol.

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