Show me your rewards


It seems like monster chest & titan rewards & war rewards have dropped and gotten cheap but it could just be me so show me your rewards and let’s see.
Titan today-

Monster Chest last night-

Defeated war but Top Attacker-let me just add only 4 people in my alliance has teams over 3000. 1 is 3700 the other 3 is less than 3,500 and the rest of the alliance is under 2,500. BUT everyone expect 3 teams on the other alliance in the war was 3,000+. Thought it was matched by highest team power hmmmm

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Titan yesterday. Lucky with a B!

A bit older, some days back

Our alliance won also the first AW after the update and i got a winter coat (no screen, sorry)

One of the monsterchests last week:

Edit: Sorry this is a older one too, because i see i have lvl. 34 on it, actually i allready leveled yesterday to 36. But it’s a good example, sometimes monsterchest gives you something nice and sweet, just out of the blue, yay!

Okay i don‘t complain much, but for the raid chests in diamond, i have always a pile of junk. Platin was far better, this is a old one from march, but just to show i got better rewarded wit ascension mats…

Edit: I have to say about Titan loot. I see your side. When i have a A+ / A , most of the time i got just garbage. A friend in our alliance said(he got the most A+ and is the strongest from us), he have exactly the same problem and think, there’s is something messed up. Hmm hard to explain in english for me, but some others of you, know the problem with the “cursed” first place.


On alliance wars: if your alliance gets defeated, don’t count on getting anything regardless of how many points you scored. This shouldn’t be that surprising.

On titans: for some reason, securing A+ on a 6* titan (even though it’s loot tier IX) seems to net you **** every time. I’m not even exaggerating either, literally all the top attackers in my alliance say the same thing (including me). Possibly a bug? At any rate, we find we have better returns getting A scores, so the dreaded top place score has become something of a hot potato.

On chests: they were almost certainly ninja-nerfed back in February, since then the odds of getting a rare item have been astronomically low, and the odd time that you do get a 3* item, it’s probably going to be a scabbard or battle manual. So yeah - I totally agree these are next to useless.


This! what i tried to explain. Thanks @Lurker

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You need to kill stronger titans. 6* is too low and rarely rewards you with mats. You should go for 8-9*!


My alt got on orb in platinum chest today and my main account got a Tonic, cape, gloves, and Orb in the last 3 days. My kids got Poison Darts from MV this morning.


I swear you have all the luck lol mind sharing with the rest of us :blush:.

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Just gotta make your own luck - you can only control the inputs, the outputs are random. But I help get the team to defeat higher level titans, keep on filling chests, and the outputs will come.


Raid chest today

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Best Titan loot I have had. I am pretty pleased


My Raid chest today. Looks like your platinum @maliciousbuthot


Ham and Iron rewards scale with food storage and iron storage level respectively…also they were diamond not gold


Funny thing is people were just talking about how loot rewards have seemed to increase since the last patch.
We all experience a different game at different points. It’s a rollercoaster. I’ve had huge success by tracking my loot to give me a wider perspective.
If you can’t remember that last week you picked up a total of 7 items, then it’s easy to get frustrated that this week you only got 1. Follow Dante’s advice, then track your materials to help from pulling your hair out. It’ll all come in time.


I’ve been screen shooting everything


That’s a start! I personally like to be able to see it all in one glance and track mine on Google sheets. It also saves phone memory that way.
Here’s how I track.


You got 2 Fine Gloves and Damascus Blade in one titan reward? That‘s awesome as f…!!!

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Yeah I haven’t gotten any ascension items at all in chest or titan loot not since I started playing 3 months ago. I have to get all ascension stuff in the challenge events or rare quest. You’re titan escaped and you still got an ascension item??

I have a monster quest in a couple hours I’ll post that results as well but it’s not gonna be much as always


Just remember that this is not a fast paced game. Also, aside from mystic vision, monster chests have the lowest return per chest (for me). But it’s also the easiest to do. Just keep doing what you can and improve on Titan damage so you can keep fighting higher Titans. Sooner or later Titans will be your biggest source of ascension materials.


I like how you do your spreadsheet, with a color difference for 4* ascension items. Nice!

From 2 days ago, I think…

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