XP per level requirements


Everybody is very much welcomed to fill in the voids.


I’m at level 55, 6% completed and it requires other 842311xp for next one, so I guess the total xp was 842311/0.94 = ~896k.
Roster capacity 87


I’m level 41 and my hero roster capacity increased from 74 to 76 when I leveled from 40 to 41. When I reached level 40, I got another world energy flag.
I’m very positive that it now always alters between +1 WE and +2 hero capacity.

But the +2 hero capacity increase was a +5 a couple levels lower. So at some point, it changed from +5 to +2.


removed the pics, was old info


Seems I manage to post more than one per, sorry about that


From when is the level up to 41 screenshot?
I leveled up a few days ago and only got a hero capacity increase of +2? How/Why?!


Ah its old info, taken before adjustments - maybe i delete the pics


yes, a little while ago SG redistributed the hero capacity increase more equally. not enough data has been collected for this stat yet.


Hi guys I’m at level 24 an having a big struggling up grading my 2,5 stars an 2,4 stars at the same time the free summons I’m only getting 1 or 2 stars I really get a 3 star… I’m finding it hard it seems you have to buy gems