📯 Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

This thread is for tracking and discussion of the Season 3 Missions.

Log of Missions


Minion/ Mob Avatar Missions

1 - 400x Boars

2 - 600x Phantom / Living Axes

3 - 800x Dark Dwarf Scouts

4 - 1000x Dark Elf Assassins

5 - 1500x Cursed Viking Masks

6 - 1400x Goos of Dread

7 - 1600x Lava Bomblets

8 - 1800x Elf Watchmen

Boss Avatar Missions

1 - 50x Forrest Trolls

2 - 75x Aged Rhinos

3 - 100x Majestic Rams

4 - 125x Serpent Kings

5 - 150x Dusk Sprites

6 - 175x Maurauding Teaks

7 - 200x Firebeetles

8 - 225x Enchanted Moose

Realm Special Stages Missions

1 - 40x Midgard Realm Stages

2 - 30x Vanaheim Realm Stages

3 - 40x Jottunheim Realm Stages

4 - 40x Svartalfheim Realm Stages

5 - 50x NiflheimRealm Stages

6 - 30x Helheim Realm Stages

7 - 40x Muspelheim Realm Stages

8 - 40x Alfheim Realm Stages

9 - 40x Asgard Realm Stages

Guide to Stages for Avatar Missions, courtesy of @cap

tap to view full image, the bottom may appear cropped off in the preview below

Alternate Guide by @Lavan

Update: 05.01.2021
Source: Defeat Season III Missions

Guide to Special Stages, courtesy of @cap

Midgard Vanaheim Jotunheim Svartalfheim Niflheim Helheim Muspelheim Alfheim Asgard

Ideal / Best Stages for Missions, Based on Data

@BarryWuzHere’s project has collected monster counts sufficient to make recommendations on the best Stages for each Mission.

Information can be found here: Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more

And here’s a quickie summary:

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The Troll and the Boar were very poor choices of avatars :frowning:

The Moose, the Frog and those tiny trolls would make for funnier avatars! :slight_smile:


I belive they unlock after finishing this ones… Something like s2 unlock avatars one after another!


Lets hope so! The macaw was fun :slight_smile:


Firstly I don’t like avatars as I stick to the same image from the start, means nothing to me thus a useless reward in my opinion.

Complete 40 stages for only 5 gems, come on really, these new seasons are made harder for the more evolved and seasoned player, thus a player that has been around for quite a while and possibly spent Money along the way, don’t they think that offering like 50 gems would be a more reasonable reward or are they afraid offering more than 5 gems is going to affect their bottom dollar, seriously!

And I don’t even know what to say about the s3 completion reward compared to s1 and s2 completion reward, this one is so far behind the eight ball I am left speechless as to how to Respond. Can’t you tell :grin:

It seems to me in business weather online, in a game or in real life, that rewarding others should also take into account the time spent, the loyalty factor of still being involved in the game by this point, the possible fact dollars where spent by this stage of the game amougst other factors and thus provide something better than 5 gems to by now well seasoned players.

Honestly not impressed one bit.


The mission for the Season 2 completion didn’t state all the rewards you got given - from memory it was just the avatar, coins and troop tokens, none of the ascension mats were listed.


Correct. I finished S2 hard earlier this week. The mission lists an avatar and 2 ETTs. It gave those plus 2 3 star materials (all rare) and 3 4 star ones.

I would hope the season 3 completion is similar.

But the gems are silly. 5 gems is meaningless.


OK so maybe this complition reward is more acceptable. Cheers

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The missions are far too easy with the stones on the board. Those stone’s abilities stack with the heroes we bring, making it super easy just to kill with DoT.

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I’ve added an initial guide to Season 3 Stages that can help complete the Avatar Missions, as well as one for the Midgard Special Stages.

Thanks to @cap for creating them!


Only 3 4* mats? Everyone in my alliance got the set of 5 coloured hero 4* ascension mats…disappointed for you

The 4* mats have always been split across Normal and Hard:


You’re right rechecked and mistook tome of tactics for tonics in hard completion…


Just finished Defeat Season III Bosses
And there are no new mission available at this time so i guess defeat Bosses 2 will be in Vanaheim realm

Update: same goes for the boar mission


I only finished 1st map, both normal and hard. Anyone encountered any special stage later? We have a quest on missions Complete 40 special stages in Midgard

These are the special stages:

There is a small sign next to them.


Where did you get the most boars? I’ve been doing 1.9 as I can auto it, but it is very stingy on boars!

1-9 and 2-6 but the waves are inconsistent the max i got per stage is 7 and the min is 1 on both


EDIT: THE NUMBERS CHANGED WITH V28, so this information is no longer reliable.

If only going for boars, 2-8 is great.
5 waves and up to 4 mobs per wave = plenty of boars (and 2 with the final boss as well, even though not a 100% sure if the mobs flanking the boss can be the other regular mob in the stage. I have certainly seen boars when I paid attention).


EDIT: This was for V27; when SG changes the number of waves in V28, all the stuff for the boars changed. (Same levels still have boars, but the ones with the most changed a lot)

My sheet calculates the best levels for mission, sorted by least WE required to complete and most recruits farmed where WE is the same, and displays the total WE cost to complete and total recruits farmed if the entire mission was done on that level. For monster missions, this is based on my best estimate of the average number of mission monsters per run; Individual runs will vary.

I’m including the top few results here; full results are on my sheet and may change as more data comes in, and as more provinces are released:

Mission (or combination) Best levels for mission
Troll, Boar S3:1-9N: 642WE; 963R S3:1-2N: 690WE; 1150R S3:2-3N: 744WE; 1240R
Forest Troll S3:1-2N: 300WE; 500R S3:1-6N: 300WE; 500R S3:2-3N: 300WE; 500R S3:1-9N: 300WE; 450R S3:3-7N: 300WE; 400R
Boar S3:2-8N: 270WE; 360R S3:3-1N: 420WE; 560R S3:1-3N: 438WE; 730R S3:2-1N: 462WE; 770R S3:1-7N: 462WE; 693R S3:1-9N: 642WE; 963R
Midgard S3:3-2N: 300WE; 500R S3:3-4N: 300WE; 450R S3:3-6N: 300WE; 450R S3:3-10N: 300WE; 450R S3:3-8N: 300WE; 400R

Note: These number looked a little odd to me because 2-8 has so many more boars than the combined troll/boar levels do, and thus runs a lot faster. Prior to this edit I was suspecting something wrong in my spreadsheet.

  1. Run S3:1-9N until you get the forest troll mission done.
  2. Run S3:2-8N to finish the boars; I’m estimating only ~22 runs / 132WE will be required to finish the mission at this point.
  3. The Midgard special stage mission has no overlap with the other two.

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