Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP

// You can see my data here: E&P – Loots and Stats - Google Sheets

// For a list of lvls to farm, check this guide.

This guide is based on my personal experience and data that I myself collected (link below). I am aware that supposedly there’s other people working on that as well, and I don’t mean to overstep, but I’m not the type that waits for things to happen and I decided to do it myself. I’m sharing here my findings. One last thing, English is not my first language, so please ignore my misspellings and bad grammar.

Which levels to farm

Skipping to the list and I’ll explain why these lvls and not any other below:

Best Level to Farm for…
Any color monsters: 8-7
Blue monsters: 8-7
Green monsters: 7-5
Yellow monsters: 10-6 or 12-9
Purple monsters: 7-4 or 8-4
Red monsters: 6-8, 11-6 or 20-4

Best levels to farm XP, Iron and Food, again you’ll find the explanation below. You must farm the highest level below, but that is doable without using items or a possible death:

3 Energy: 1-1 to 7-4, 7-7 to 8-1, 8-4, 8-6 to 9-1
4 Energy: 11-1, 11-2, 11-5 to 12-9
5 Energy: 16-8 to 17-1
6 Energy: 19-9 to 20-4
7 Energy: 22-1 to 22-9, 23-8 to 23-11

*XP levels not yet complete.
*Quests are excluded from this, but there’s quest lvls that are better to farm Red colors, for example. Also working on including them.

Easy link for my current data: E&P – Loots and Stats - Google Sheets

About the monster, items and recruits farming.

The above list was made to be the most efficient lvl, taking in consideration the follow in that order of priority:

  1. Farm Goal
  2. Energy Ratio
  3. XP

So, the blue one must be 8-7 because:

  1. It can spawn anywhere between 9-15 blue monsters. 9 being the higher minimum and 15 the higher maximum in all other levels.
  2. Has a 3-5 monster chance per energy, also higher ratio available.
  3. The highest XP, about 40+ than other possible options.

Same goes for the Green one, but with different amounts.

Yellow and purple have 2 options for two different approaches:

  1. Levels 8-4 and 10-6 have both a solid 11 monsters per lvl*. Levels 7-4 and 12-9 have a range of 9-15 monsters per lvl. In theory, the first 2 are a safer bet, but the last 2, with luck, can be more efficient. [*Still trying to figure out if these levels can spawn waves of 4 mini-bosses, if yes, the numbers would change to 11-14, but even so they are absurdly rare.]
  2. Both options have equal costs, both purple costs 3 energy each, both yellows 4 energies each.
  3. If you accept that both approaches are equal, you may chose between them based on XP. 8-4 and 12-9 are the ones with higher XP.

The red case is a difficult one. There is no low level with a guarantee number of red enemies. The best levels to efficiently farm it is the 20-4, it has the best energy/monster ratio and best XP between the possible options. Even though it costs 6 energies, it guaranties almost 2 enemies per energy.
The low level alternative is the 6-8 (a red-blue level), that has a chance to spawn between 0-15 red enemies. In theory, the results of farming this 3 energy level can be far superior of the 6 energy one, but in reality you can just as easily end up with waves filled with blue enemies.
Another low alternative is 11-6, one energy more expensive (uses 4 energies), but gives you a 2 guarantee boss with the same 9-15 yellow-red waves that can spawn anywhere from 0 to 15 enemies.
If you cannot easily farm 20-4 (or other similar levels, such as 19-4 and 19-6, that have same monster/energy, but gives less XP), your best bet is 6-8. Or if you are lucky, you got quests full of fire enemies.

Any monster case – that’s the highest monster/energy and higher XP available.

About the items and recruits. Contrary to all other resources that increases steadily with the difficulty (such as XP, iron and food), items and recruits are based on total amount of enemies, the difficulty of the level will then reflect on the quality of those items. So in order to farm recruits you will have to play the higher enemy/energy available, which is 8-7.
If you looking for generic low items that can drop in any level (such as practice sword and adventurer’s kit), 8-7 is also the way to go. If you looking for a specific item that drops in a specific province, you’ll have to find levels with 4 waves (that will have a 11-17 monsters per lvl). It’s not clear, although, how the difficulty (inside the Province) may interfere with the chance to get that item, so I suggest farming the highest 4 wave lvl you find (not only because of that, but also for the higher XP and other resources).

I also found that troops and heroes drops are completely random, although it is very clear that the level difficulty will interfere with the number of stars available.

About the XP, food and Iron farming.

In the above, monsters and items (including recruits) have the same average on all levels, so the harder the levels get, more energy they cost and the monsters/energy ratio start to drop considerable. So while 8-7 is 3,6-5,6 monsters per energy, 16-9 is 2,2-3,4. That’s why there’s only one or two specific levels for you to farm, no matter what is you power and progression in the campaign.

XP, food and Iron is a different matter, they steadily increase as you progress and what level you should farm is directly related to your campaign progression and currently capabilities. That’s why there’s not a single level, but a lot of them.

Anyway, because of the abrupt change in energy cost, the XP/energy (same for iron and food) abruptly change as well, dropping a lot. For example, 9-1 will grant you 285,6 XP per energy; the next one, 9-2, only rewards 214,25. If we were to make a graph it would look like a steady increase all the way to a peak, followed by an abrupt decline (caused by the change of energy cost), that would then increase again steadily, surpassing the first peak until it reaches a second one, and so on. In total there are 5 peaks, and 4 abrupt declines. Below a graph I made in my mobile, so give it a break (haha), to represent how it would look like. (I might actually do one for real, after I complete the sheet.)

So the list is basically that graph with the abrupt declines and catching up all cut out:

1-1 to 7-4, 7-7 to 8-1, 8-4, 8-6 to 9-1 – First Peak, cut out declined until it’s a higher XP/energy – 11-1, 11-2, 11-5 to 12-9 – Second Peak, same – 16-8 to 17-1 – Third Peak, same – 19-9 to 20-4 – Forth Peak, same – 22-1 to 22-9, 23-8 to 23-11 – Fifth Peak and end.

It’s important to point out that there’s a few hiccups here and there, for example, 8-1 rewards 747 XP, 8-2 to 8-4 gives 757, 8-5 drops back to 747 and 8-6 increases again to 807. The graph would not look like a clear line, but because I’m yet to complete the sheet, it doesn’t consider all those hiccups (working on that). I do suggest though, if that’s important to you and you really want the best efficient one, check the data and XP of the levels and compare it to the lvl you considering before deciding which one to farm. Also consider items that you have interest in farming.

The food and iron follow the same logic, and have a similar graph, but the reward is not a fix number, so there’s a variation dictated by luck. Taking that into consideration, the best levels to farm them are pretty much the same as the ones for XP above. In other words, the best way to farm food and iron is too farm XP.

Any questions, just ask.

Here is my current data: E&P – Loots and Stats - Google Sheets
Please take in consideration that items, recruits, iron, food and waves composition and formation will vary. XP, energy cost and boss wave are the only fixed values.

Last, I’m very methodical, and I save printscreens of everything so to be sure of my results. Because of that I won’t open the sheet to public edition, nor add any information given in the comments without verifying myself. I mean no disrespect nor to imply anything, I’m just really methodical. That being said, I’ll add any and all data from printscreens.

I hope this can be useful.


Thank you for this i will use it in my training alliance for new players


One thing to considee in farming is ascension items. Namely tall boots and chain shirts. Withbthe difficulty some have in obtaining these items, they may only want to farm levels where they are available


I keep finding Tall Boots today in 12-6. I have previously found them in 12-2. No chainmail shirts in either place today.


My list uses the priority of finishing it as fast as possible is order to restart the clock and get another go as soon as possible, so it’s possible to farm more ascension items that can’t be found in campaign. Farming higher levels for a chance of tall boots is against that idea.

Not that the your ideia itself is bad, it just uses a different priority, you would be farming boots while doing missions. That’s not my list for sure. And very soon you’ll have so much boots it won’t be a priority for you either, trust me, haha.


I’ve been farming 13-6. Gotten both tall boots and chain mail shirts within the last 24 hours.


Even as a new player this is fantastic; thank you incredibly much for putting the spreadsheet and this post together. Was just pushing through, got stuck on 10-6 (2 days in at level 9, really really new haha) and the protip of 8-7 being ideal for generalized farming is nothing short of amazing… even running it a few times has produced some brilliant results in terms of exp and recruits, both of which are awesomesauce at the moment apparently.

Thank you!


For EXP, at your level, 9-1 is ideal exp. You can see that in the sheet, I’m filling it daily, and I will edit the post as soon as I get more data. But as it might be useful for you now… The exp/energy usually goes up as you progress in the campaign, there’s exceptions, but that’s the general ideia. When you hit 9-1 your exp/energy is 285, that the first peak. It then goes all the way back to 214 and start to increase again until it passes the first peak and then it hits the second peak, which is 12-9 with a 346 exp/energy. My intention is to take that data and make a list that will only raise, not considering the levels that have no worth.

Anyway, what you should know at your current progression is that you want to farm 8-7 until you can start farming 11-1 all the way to the next cap that is 12-9. If you can’t progress, back up and farm the best lvl for exp or items, depending on your needs. Get better and try again, and so on. There’s no gain to force progression when you waste energy failing, and the only actual reward is finishing the lvl and getting a new tower, if you not strong to do the whole level there’s no point, just chill, go back and get better. The amount of recruits, adventurer’s kit and practice sword you get form 8-7 is no joke, you will improve in a matter of days.

I hope that helped. :slight_smile:


I’ll be shopping there this week! :grin:


Best of luck rook!

Watch, you’re not gonna get any and I’m gonna look like a d*ckhead. Calling it now. Lmao.

Well the first hit on 13-6 got me a chainmail shirt! THANK YOU!!!

EDIT: I only got the one shirt in a full expenditure of world energy, but hey, that’s one more shirt than I had! :wink:

EDIT 2: On the next run, I got another shirt. We have a winner!! :heart_eyes:


Updated with best levels to farm EXP, food and iron.


To find Accention items

Russet clothes provance 7 stage 6
9 1

Wood shield 6 8
8 3.5
9 1

Training manual 6 2.3
7 3.5 6.7

Leathers armour 6
7 5

Strong rope 7 1.2.5

Meteir fragments 7 3.7
8 5

Dagger 8 1
9 1

Sharping stone 8.9 1.3.4

Arcane scripts 8.9 3.4

Chainmail Shirts 12.13 2.5

Boots 13 4.9 9 is my favorite

Scabbard 12.13 2.3

Battle manules 12 8
14 1
The following can only be found by Titan battles and wanted mission

Fine gloves
Magic orb
Trap tools
Hidden bladea
Sturdy sheild

also to find most material for crafting matetial is usly on provances 6 to 10 i like farming provance 8 stages 4 and 7

Please feel free to edit this if you find better thank you


Took me a sec to understand the numbering system (I’m slow!); thanks for this! :blush:

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If you look at the items they tell you which province they are first located in and then they are available in all subsequent provinces.


Yes, but now they also have special chance to drop in selected provinces inside the original range. :slight_smile:


I can’t figure out his numbering system. Help me please! Lol.


Well, if you accept that every level has equal chance to drop the items and you want to also get as many exp per energy, the ones to farm would be:

NameProvinces with special dropIdeal level
Battle Manual 15/19 15-9
Chainmail Shirt 16/20/23 16-9
Scabbard 17/21 17-1
Tall Boots 14/18/22 14-9
Arcane Scripts 12/17 12-9
Dagger 11/18 11-9
Leather Armor 9/19 9-1
Sharpening Stone 10/13/20 13-6
Strong Hope 12/21 12-9
Wooden Shield 8/22 8-7
Adventurer’s Kit 5 5-8
Practice Sword 4 4-6
Rugged Clothes 7 7-7
Training Manual 6 6-8
Dragon Bone 6 6-8
Meteor Fragments 7 7-7
Orichalcum Nugget 5 5-8
Fine Steel 19 19-9
Grimoire Dust 20/23 20-4
Hardwood Lumber 21 21-9
Midnight Roots 22 22-9
Crypt Mushroom 11 11-9
Crystal Shard 13 13-6
Firestone 14/23 14-9
Potent Leaves 16 16-9
Sunspire Feathers 18 18-9
Clean Cloth 5/13 5-8
Comom Herbs 1/8 8-7
Crude Ore 6/14 6-8
Large Bone 2/9 9-1
Leather Strips 3/10 3-6
Oil 4/12 4-6
String 7/15 7-7

Some of it are 11 monster and 9-13 monster levels, not 11-17 ones. But that because I have no proof that more monster will drop more, so I preferred focusing on energy and EXP as secundary priorities.

It’s really hard to figure out how the game rolls for items because I don’t know if repeated items were rolled at same time as one or two separated ones. It’s also hard to figure it out because the average for all of them is around 11-12 monsters, getting 17 is an almost impossible event, that would mean 3 consecutive waves of 5 enemies, plus two bosses.

Also, I kinda assumed a few lvls, so this is more an hypothesis kinda of thing.



My understanding is thus:

Wooden shield can be found in:

  • province 6 stage 8
  • province 8 stages 3 and 5
  • province 9 stage 1

Please correct me if I’m wrong!


Thats correct thats what i was saying

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