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No explanation, no apologies, but somehow some players feel that the problem in such situation lies with the players base that complains, not with SG :roll_eyes:

Did you expect anything different?
I’m honestly surprised that they responded at all and didn’t just ignore it :crazy_face:


I actually expected some apologies like in the case of the Aether quest :slight_smile:

But I do hope we will not get to the point they are not responding at all. That might be for me the last drop :slight_smile: But que sera, sera…

Does anyone have the latest POV table of challenges?

Raids being part of POV seems to be increasing the number of times I’m attacked by almost double. I haven’t officially tracked anything, but I’ve wondered why I’ve been losing more cups recently and this is my current guess.

Battle items, Use

Auto farming only

Enter any map stage / quest stage you can auto farm, and immediately use 10x Antidotes before auto playing stage

Carpet Bombing

Most stages requiring Carpet Bombing will use 10+ Battle items ( looking at you Class quests / Limit Breaker Quests / Seasonal Events / Challenge events )

Enemy, Bosses

At 6x WE per hour, it is hard not to get 5x Bosses per day

Enemy, Mobs, Elite

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VF.8-10N / 3.8-10N ( Blue Elite Mobs mana freeze, 11x Elite mobs 1x Boss per 3 / 6 WE, 14,15,16 recruits )


Kits ( missing some 3* ingredients and all farmable 3* ascension items )

1.5-5 = 5,6,7 recruits ( 9x Elite mobs 2x Bosses per 3 WE, Kits/ backpacks +100% effectively )

Map, Food / Iron v2.0 ( see notes )

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3.8-4H, 3.10-7N, 1.9-1

3.36-8H, 3.10-7N, 1.9-1

But with 6x WE per hour, it should be hard not to finish the Iron / Food in a day through normal play

Kits and Grinder Gang v2.1 or Wilbur Wonder Bots

I like 2.1-10H because I can auto play with Grinder Gang v2, or Wilbur Wonder Bots, ( see end of this reply )

Food approximately 4500 / 10 WE
Iron approximately 9000 / 10 WE
Kits/ backpacks = effectively 30x rolls ( maximum 11x kits/ backpacks per run )


Click for notes

(Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more)

Food S3:36-8H (Also S3:36-ALL/H) 1165 S1:9-1 53% S3:10-7N 64% S3:21-ALL/H S3:27-ALL/H S3:32-ALL/H 97%

Iron S3:8-4H (Also S3:8-ALL/H) 1626 S1:9-1 83% S3:10-7N 91% S3:6-ALL/H S3:7-ALL/H S3:15-ALL/H 99%


Map, Loot rolls per WE

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I like 2.7-5N for 6,7,8 ascension item loot rolls and 9,10,11 ingredient loot rolls ( total of 15- 19 loot rolls, average 17 loot rolls ) per 6 WE

50 loot rolls will average 18 WE

Bonus 6,7,8 loot rolls for farmable 3* ascension items ( increased chance of Battle manuals ) for HA08

Auto farm using Wu Kong Grinder Gang v2.1, or Wilbur Wonder Bots ( see end of this reply )


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Loot rolls per WE

Map, Stages, Specific

Map, Stages, Atlantis Underwater stage x3, v2.0

Edit v2.0

Stage 2.10-4N, 7 WE x3= 21 WE is the stage I like best


Click for notes Edit Stage 2.10-6N, 7 WE x3= 21 WE is the stage I like best

Original Stage 2.10-8N, 7 WE x3= 21 WE is the stage I like best


edit: my second pick had a Blue Boss making red double weak, but green is strong, and other 3x colors neutral ( rainbow average 1.05x damage )

Unfortunately my first pick has a green Boss ( weak to red, and red are -50% damage underwater, effectively 4x neutral & 1x weak heroes on a rainbow auto play team, rainbow average 0.9x damage )

while the third Boss in Province 10 has silence ( which can stop my auto play cleanse heroes and slow down the stage )

Edit v2.0
The second Boss I picked has accuracy -19% all enemies which effects special skills and normal damage / tile damage / matching damage

So Stage 2.10-4N is the current leader

Map, Stages, Jotunheim Special Stage x3

VF.11-3N / 3.11-3N autoplay with VF.6-3N team, Wu Kong Grinder Gang v2, or Wilbur Wonder Bots, ( see end of this reply )

Map, Stages, Magic Night x3

AR.5-7N / 2.5-7N lets me use my AR.6-9N auto play team

Map, Stages, Midgard Special Stages x3

VF.3-2N / 3.3-2N

Map, Stages, Poison Mist x3


Map, Stages, Vanaheim x3

For Wilbur Wonder Bots ( 2x Red )

3.7-6 ( Green Boss, weak to Red )

Quest, Stages x3

During Challenge events, Rare Stage 1 x3 is good for very teeny tiny accounts completing this Valor Daily ( looking at you 1* / 2* heroes^ )

Rare Stage 1 is 4.5 monsters per 1 WE which is less than 1.7-4 ( 5.166 per 1 WE but does not count for Valor Daily ) and more than 1.8-7 ( 4.166 per 1 WE also does not count for Valor Daily )


Harpoon iron sink, Solo player versus Titan 1*, Amused

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I use harpoons as an iron sink ( see notes )

I am a solo player

PoV wanted 3x titan hits

this amused me

I wish I could trade 3* / 4* titan parts for 1* / 2* parts


Click for notes

Iron sink


Grinder Gang v1 and v2

(Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers - #29 by Gryphonknight)

Wilbur Wonder Bots

([Guide, Auto play team ] Wilbur Wonder Bots or Wilbur + Boril / Falcon + 3x Healer = Team that even the AI cannot screw up or Current favorite auto play team ( especially for VF.6-3N & VF.1-3N ))


To answer my own request.

POV tasks should be based on your level, a newbie is not expected to be part of an alliance and be able to defeat titans, attack in alliance war and win raids from gold onwards, so the only options left to get valor points are complete dailies, defeat enemies and summon. Plus the daily tasks sometimes are only meant for high level players.

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Would you also have lower rewards for new players too?

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You’re not supposed to be able to do everything in the game from the moment you start.

This is a long term game and you invest time and grow and eventually you can compete in all areas. POV is just one example of this.


This is a good idea.

I agree with you sir, not to be unfair with long time players who have invested so much time and effort in the game.

This is a just a suggestion that hopefully the developers can consider.

As a newbie, I personally would not purchase valor pass if I will not be able to maximize it.

It might have been a struggle for long time players like you to get to the point where you are able to finsih all POV levels but the reason why we have this forum is for players to provide feedback and suggestions to make the game more fun and enjoyable even for beginners.

I agree that you’re not supposed to be able to do everything in the game from the start but POV items and rewards help players get better in the game so I feel should be provided to support even newbies.

Having different POV levels and level dependent rewards would help us beginners and at the same time be fair to long time players.

I purchased valor before I could complete and now you can buy the elite version with extra points for someone who can’t complete naturally so there IS an option for people who want to grow before that point.

If for you it’s not worth it to pay until you can finish than don’t pay. But if you’re new and want to catch up in a 5 year old game then you’re going to have to be ok with spending a good amount of money to do so.

Edit, see mega reply

(🧭 Path of Valor (PoV) [50 day long version] -- General Information & Discussion [MASTER THREAD] - #156 by Gryphonknight)

I don’t know if any of this would change your farming decisions, but the following provinces now have more ingredient rolls per WE:

S4-P10, normal mode (10/11/12 rolls for 6 WE)
S4-P8, hard mode (16/17/18 rolls for 10 WE)

Also, there are a BUNCH of S4 provinces that give more ascension mats rolls per WE than the previous best options in your Click for Notes:

Normal mode, provinces 9, 10, 18, 24, and 25
Hard mode, provinces 8, 14, and 15

There could be more. I’ve been piecing together the data myself a bit since the fine folks behind the Barry Farmz Here project stopped collecting info, but still have a good number of gaps to fill before it will make sense to publicize.

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I can help, we should start a forum topic to collect our data

Might be able to get some help from friends in Beta program

Meh. I’m not really interested in making a whole big thing of it. Just trying to get the (N-1) / N / (N+1) figures for mats in each province, which I can do easily enough with my single runs through each level.

(I’ve decided I don’t care a whole heck of a lot about the other kinds of loot drops from map farming. I’m going to collect info on ham and XP because it’s easy, and both are still useful, but ingredients and backpacks dominate my map farming priorities these days.)


UD Loot rolls

Click for quote

I agree 100%

My current data ( minus XP, food and iron ):

Loot, loot, loot

Especially more rolls for 3* ascension items for HA08 ( chasing Falcon )

Kits/ backpacks


Mostly focusing on 6 WE / 7 WE provinci


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do we have consolidated data for the highest monster count for the s2 and s3 special stages?

@BarryWuzHere has his project’s raw data here:

(Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more)


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