Map Loot (increased chance of finding) and Craft List



In progress …

French version : Carte Butin (Map Loots) en français

Craft List

Wiki link :

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Master List of E&P Links

Thats some nice work


It looks lot like Heroes now :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing that! Only need to add 4* ingredients… :\


Items 4* have no special zone just start zone


I need desperatly dragon bones for tomorrow…


Absolutely lovely @Mariamne! I refer to this a lot!


So who wants to do season 2? :smile:

Province 1 in season 2 has an increased chance for Adventure kits. Looks like dragon bones, nuggets and fragments have increased chances too in later provinces.


Map Saison 2 have 4* items.
I will do the second and update the first.


Sorry I don’t have enough data to do better for the moment (Saison 2 map)


Awesome! 20 characters.


Thank you for these lovely graphics! They can now bee seen on the wiki at:


I add a craft list. I hope it will help.


Update saison 2 : 7 to 9


Parabéns! :crossed_swords: !!!


Update saison 2 : 10 to 12


Update saison 2 : 13 to 15


These maps are amazing - I am astounded by your skill and artistry in each of the graphics that you’ve provided us with. Thank you for sharing (and for updating)!

They have now been incorporated into the Map and Forge pages of the Fandom wiki. :slight_smile: