Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP

This is fantastic!

In my experience though, I found 7-4 to be the level that offers the fastest reset of the Wanted:Monsters mission. Compared to 8-7 that only offers 11-13 monsters, 7-4 offer 14-15 monsters.

7-4 also offer the most Purple in my experience. The boss level always have 2 green monsters so take it away from the total of 14-15, 7-4 offers a 12-13 purple monsters.

7.4 can have from 12 to 15 purple monsters plus 2 green bosses.

I don’t think I ever noticed 15 purple monsters. I use “Auto” most of the time so I can do other things too while farming :slight_smile: But what I notice a lot, what I’m sure of, when I play that stage is that there are at the very least 12 purple monsters. And most of the time only one level have 5 monsters that leads to 13 monsters before the boss.

Please start on Season Two!

Excellent work but it´s wrong loot in the quests. Frostmarch last level, telescope missing. Mount Umber last level, rings missing.

@Niteowl and @Megalodon.

You may have noticed that this thread is from July 2017, and that the original author, @Mai, no longer plays E&P.

For Season 2, a number of projects and threads have been collecting data, including:

For Rare Quests, see this guide: Memento Quests


Wow! Not enough can b said for the time and effort u put into that. Just flat out awesome! Thank u too because it’s always somethingnse need to do to progress. :star::star::star::star::star: review.


Do you have the same or similar analysis for Season 2 just as we know by now (no 22-24)? There are quests for monster color.

I’ve used this sheet a ton and love it thank you. Are you aware of something similar for the season 2 levels?
Thanks again

Search the forums for Hotdamness (sp?) or BarryFarmz (sp?). Both those projects use season 2 data. I think Barry Farmz has a better summary personally but the hotdamness one may have a larger data set?

Feel free to correct me or point some links anyone.

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You have it right (except for the names… that’s Hotdamnmess and BarryWuzHere) :slightly_smiling_face:

Barry’s datasets incorporates Hotdamnmess’ data. They’re part of the same loot project.


A quick question about that statement
What About using unlevelled double?

I was successful in 14/6. Took about 4 attempts, i.e. 20 flags. I’d say those were good odds!

Just a small correction. 12-9 only spawns 3 waves. 3-4 monsters per wave for the first two waves and 3 monsters in the boss wave. So that is 9-11 monsters for 4 energy, and not a good one to farm. 10-6 is the only choice really.

Will you be making a spreadsheet for season 2?? I’d love to see that info.

@Krazykenny06 Welcome to the Forum!

The player who made this, @Mai, stopped playing and updating this a very long time ago.

But there’s a new project that’s doing the same sort of thing for Season 2, and has all the existing data on Season 1 as well:


Please update the top post with this info.

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Updated, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Thanks for all this info!!

I think I’ve looked at all the links, and still can’t find a list, like Mai did for Season 1, of how much exp you get for each Season 2 level. Anybody? I’m about to level, and want to do the math, quick! (Figures it’s during Atlantis Rises…) :laughing:

There should be a column for Xp/WE. Just multiply it out to get your total. :wink:


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