Which building to convert/upgrade after SH21 and SH22?

I haven’t personally confirmed that. The current Beta setup makes it largely impossible to test it, as you’d need too many Gems.

I’ve heard that at least one player used Gems to rush all of the building process to get to Alchemy Lab, and the wait times were intact at least:


I can’t imagine using gems for Alchemy Lab when I could use them to try and get Alberich in a couple weeks…

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Fixed that for you :wink:

One does wonder what budget level is necessary for someone to want to spend that many Gems on rushing the buildings.


Haha! Nice touch :wink:

I’ll admit to using a couple hundred gems here and there to finish up a building… it probably added up to more than I’d care to know. I have everything pre-version 23 maxed, other than advanced mine which is level 7 and I have 2 days 13 hours on the final research of Hunter’s Lodge.

What I’ve found is that, if you wanna maximize resource income, you want to upgrade the advanced storage buildings. The wanted chests give resources based on your maxed storage. I regularly get 200k iron from a raid chest, that never happened before. I’m making advanced storage a priority.


I’ve never used gems for buildings, but your usage is still a very different league than rushing the entire building process from SH22 onward to the end of Alchemy Lab. I imagine very few players have the budget for that.

I totally agree on the importance of Storage for increasing resource drops.

They also make it much easier not to waste resources.


Advanced House

Everyone’s priority is different.

If leveling 5* heroes, and 4* troops, Advanced farm is more useful.

If using lots of battle items, Advanced mine might be more useful.

Like Advanced farm is a better farm, Advanced House appears to be just a better house.


I hoard food.

334 recruits storage makes moving recruits around much easier.

Multiple Legendary training

I am running 3x Legendary training.

If I want to stop one and run other training, 300+ recruit storage helps move them around.

For example, I ran Extra fast ( RT19 ) for 2* hero power leveling.

Hero XP

Due to the speed of molasses Extra low cost ( RT19), and the bottle neck of kits/ backpacks ( RT02 ) there is a maximum amount of Hero XP per year.

But it consumes a lot of World energy and Real world time.

Producing recruits from Advanced House lets you complete more quests ( like the rumored Masquerade quests ), farm stages with higher iron, food and ingredient drops, without sacrificing Hero XP.

Also 1.8-7 is very time consuming if you want to use your mobile device for other uses.


However I understand, and to an extent share, you uneasy about Advanced House.

Until Lodge, it was possible to optimize a base to your play style without max level buildings.

I am slightly worried by the trend of Lodge to require max level, multiple buildings to access parts of the game.


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(Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more)

Iron, Food, Player XP

Loot rolls

Hero XP




Especially since you would also have to refill your resources. I only did it when I was maxed out on resources.

Yeah, the advanced storage buildings don’t cost you anything while they are upgrading, unlike the lost time while farms and mines are being upgraded.


I basically use Farm and Mine upgrades to keep builders busy when I otherwise would have to wait on resources. That’s been my approach with the House so far too.

In the long run the productions upgrades for Farms and Mines make up for the lost production time, but it does take quite a while.

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There is a reason that my only version 22 building that isn’t maxed is a mine :wink: Advanced Farm actually finished this morning :rofl:

I won’t be speeding up any buildings for version 23. Alchemy lab isn’t worth it, and I wanna save all my gems for November. Evelyn should be making her debut in the Atlantis Portal… the hero at the very top of my wish list.

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What is the order to upgrade your buildings after strong hold 22?
Is the alchemy lab available with a strong hold 23 upgrade? ,which building converts to an alchemy lab.
Thank you in advance

@_John_Doe have you done any analysis on this?

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thats my planning too ±, but i might improve food/iron storages before SH 23,

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Basically all of this is why I like advanced house. When my recruits are full or near full, I can farm monsters for the S2 avatar quests (because I get tired of looking at the yetis). I also like to save that WE for the increasing number of things there are to do - and it’s important to me to do them, since I am totally F2P. Also, I run 2 TC 20s constantly. Still missing Chao, Scarlett, and Kashrek (OK, who cares about him?) from classic four-stars and need a green five-star to complete a rainbow there. Also, I’m still north of 1500 backpacks, because I spent way too long assuming TC11 was the best way to train feeders since it was the lowest cost. So I can do long bursts (sometimes overnight) of TC2 when I have the recruits to do so.


If you do those “long bursts” while asleep, you might look at using tc1 vs tc2.

Once I run out of backpacks, I will probably try to burn up my swords with TC 1 and my rugged clothes with TC 19. Leveling four legendaries simultaneously, so I need to get at least a few two-star feeders to keep me sane right now!

Look at math of it. If I did it right, you get 7200 exp using tc1 vs max 6240 from tc2. The max is if every training pops a 2*. The 20% bonus will average out over both.

An eight hour cycle gives 16 heroes from tc2 vs 48 from tc1. Cost on recruits is triple for tc1, but you use less ham which gives bump when paying for those levels you are pushing those legendaries up.

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Good point. I may give this a shot overnight tonight. Thanks.

It works for me as I have banked way much ham. Good luck

1* heroes are fine for leveling 3* / 4* heroes, but 5* heroes need an insane amount of food to level using only 1* heroes.


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I maxed All my 1 and 2 stars at once for these coming tourni’s using tc19, loaded it with 4000 recruits which gave me 2000 feeders, all done and completed in just a couple of days.

As I was using tc13 to store recruits and food in at 75/ 263 I had more food stored than what my storage holds x2 so filling tc19 was quick and easy. I use the 3 stars to feed into themselves and that is how all my 3s have been levelled up, it works out ok with about 7 or 8 maxed so far, I’m not complaining.
As for tc20 I stopped that about 6 months ago, I am only 2 or 3 5
that is provides short so in my thinking tc20 is nothing more than a waste of recruits and food, plus I have more 5* that will take me years at this rate to max out so I don’t even summons the Atlanis anymore unless I have free coins and even then I might skip one or 2.

Would of been nice to have an instant transfer from tc to tc button though,lol.

As for which buildings to upgrade first, when sh21 came out my priority was iron storage and A-mine, mine to increase production time which was a bit slow as working with only 3 mines was really slow but once it was completed it made up for it.

The A-house for me has never been a priority and is still actually only on 2nd level as I have recruits galore even after using that 4000 with still around 5000 in there.

Food storage came in to help with harpoon research inbetween there somewhere.

No on sh23 tomorrow and will only upgrade up the where it cost gems if that’s how it works but otherwise the A-storages will be my main focus on this one and then the A-mine and then the rest.