Titan attack stats are

What are the titan attack stats in 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 star titans are, guess them!

I am only taking a stab in the dark here, based on what I may have seen (yes, a total guess) and I would figure about the range of (damage inflicted) 600 to 800+ health points per individual hit possibly? Those 14 star things are monsters.

I’m not sure what titan information you are trying to find out?
10* - 14* Titan HP

are you asking people their biggest titan hits?


Hint: The search tool is a handy one to use on the forum.

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He’s a Forum Quizmaster, asks weird questions and wants the community to guess the answers :rofl:

10* is 1152

I’m searching but can’t find link. There a list on titan stats per each tier? Have a good decent fight vs 6* but 7* seem op

Did you look here? Was linked above - Not sure on what you’re asking :thinking:

Nope… didn’t seem relevant. Hard to explain… say 6* titan hits Sonya for 300dmg and Sonya does 40 a tile… then 7* pops up and hits for 500dmg and sonya does 20 a tile. These not exact number of course. Were the stats behind each titan.

While I’m on it, any stats on why a boss would have 6000hp on a tp level of lets say 3500. Our heroes only have like 1200ish hp…