🏗 Stronghold 21, Hunter's Lodge, Titan Battle Items & Advanced Buildings FAQs

There is no right or wrong but having Hunter’s Lodge first and researching the harpoon first is more efficient. Nobody should be using the harpoon anyway until your alliance mates are ready to use it together.

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Housing upgrade. Second level doesn’t give you any more recruits. If you keep leveling up what’s the maximum recruits you can get per hour?


Sorry I’m sure this has already been addressed but couldn’t find it.

For the harpoon loot tiers, is the loot exactly the samewithin a given tier, no matter how many harpoons are used? Meaning that you should stop using harpoons once you hit a new tier unless you’re planning to go for the next tier? Tia

Yes thats right! It just drop more titan pieces if you reach next tier…
You will be wasting harppons if you dont reach the next tier


Titan parts are based to Titan loot tier then Harpoon tier.

Harpoons are awesome battle items ( SIX turn Attack -25% and Defense -30% if used on a stunned titan ). Really helpful against 6* rare titans in my alliance. Rare titans have a better loot table, including emblem drops!

We will often keep using harpoon after Harpoon tier 1, just to kill the titan and get defeated titan loot tiers instead of escaped titan loot tiers.

Occasionally a teammate will use harpoons to get into the top 5, if it will give them Titan Loot tier 9.


(Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You)



Wait. You’re saying if you use a harpoon when the titan is stunned, it lowers the titans defense?

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Yep, and it decreases attack more:

And from the top post of this thread:


Thanks zephyr! Sorry I’ll read more closely next time! Really appreciate it


Perhaps it was already stated somewhere, but do Titan parts substitute other crafting material rolls or ascension item rolls or both? Obviously, new rolls were not added to a loot. So what is sacrificed?

Actually, new rolls were added to Titan loot. The Titan Parts drop as additional items.

The comment you quoted was about dropping down to lower star Titans just to make it easier to get Titan Parts. That’s what I meant by sacrificing other loot.

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Were they? I was under the impression that they were not. That is why I asked this question and used your post as an entry point. :slight_smile:

Yep. Here are some examples.

Super old reference from Mai’s Guide (August 2017), as a baseline:

July 8, with Giant Harpoons

Total: 1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 ingredients, 5 Titan Parts, 3 Ascension Materials, 3 Battle Items, 1 gem, 1 Hero

Upshot: an extra Battle Item and 5 Titan Parts vs. Mai’s Guide

June 17, when SH21 rolled out


Total: 1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 Ingredients, 3 Ascension Materials, 2 Battle Items, 1 Gem

Upshot: matches Mai’s Guide, even after SH21 rolled out; actually one less Battle Item than with the Titan Parts loot

June 15, before SH21, but after V22


Total: 1 Food, 1 Iron, 4 Ingredients, 3 Ascension Materials, 3 Battle Items, 1 Gem, 1 Hero

Upshot: 1 more Ingredient and 1 more Battle Item than Mai’s Guide, even after V22 released

June 10, before V22

Total: 1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 Ingredients, 3 Ascension Materials, 3 Battle Items, 1 Gem, 1 Hero

Upshot: 1 more Battle Item than Mai’s Guide, before V22 released; matches loot with Titan Parts


Mai’s Guide seems to have outdated or incomplete numbers for item drops for Ingredients and Battle Items, which appear to have either always had variability on number of rolls, or have improved since August 2017.

As for pre-V22 vs. post-V22, pre-SH21 vs. post-SH21, and pre-Titan Parts vs. post-Titan Parts, none seems to show any indication that Titan Parts aren’t just additional items in the loot.

Conclusion: Titan Parts are additional loot, and didn’t reduce any existing loot slots.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Self reporting

Mai’s guide suffered from bad self reported data for “crap loot” (which they acknowledged), and an incomplete understanding of loot tiers.

While there are some under reported situations, all data seems to point to loot only being increased with the addition of emblems and Titan parts.

Titan energy

There was a change in lower level titan loot tiers when titan energy went from 6 hours to 4 hours which may have complicated Mai’s data sets.

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What else is coming ? I read something about saving our hero’s instead of using them for food

Saving heroes is in anticipation of the Hero Academy possibly, maybe having a use for duplicate heroes.

But that hasn’t entered Beta yet, so that’s entirely speculative.

Thank you for the info.

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Personally, I’m saving all duplicate 5*. Their food value is pretty low, but their potential value in the Hero Academy is possibly large.


Sorry if this has been previously covered - but I am relatively new ( started in April ) and am in the process of Stronghold 20.

I would like to start making harpoons as soon as I can… I’m under the impression that you need to have 4x Food Storage 20 to even get an advanced storage, to then research the Harpoon in the first place??

If so I’m way far away… as I only have 3 Storages now, all at 14.

Are there any other reasons to go after the Hunters Lodge? I might just scrap the idea for now and chip away at it… I really want to get to TC 19 and 20. Maybe I should just focus on that for now?

Any guidance would be much appreciated. :+1:

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