Help me fix my roster!

For 3 months you’re pretty far lol.

I second starting on your 4 stars. You can feed away those 2 duplicate Melias that you haven’t trained as well. (keep the one you trained already)

Also sounds like you need another alliance… specially if they aren’t even active

Your titan loot won’t be worse. In a better alliance you’re gonna be fighting stronger titans, which will make the loot tier rewards better than the 5* and 6*s you’re fighting.

For example, getting a B tier rank from killing an 8* titan gives you a loot tier of 8+1 = 9. Killing a 6* titan with an A+ rank (#1 spot), gives you the loot tier 6+3 = 9.

I say 8* titan specifically because I think with your heroes levels and trophies, you can realistically join one that is fighting titans at this level. Even if it’s a 7* titan, it’s still gonna balance itself out with the loot you get.

See this topic for more info: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You