Titan Score - Data Project!


I’m Wick.

I have a data about titans in our alliance. I want to know the secret of generating titans.

Help me analyze the data.


Hi Wick,

This is very nicely organized!

I did notice one thing that is different than what I thought was the case. Doesn’t Titan Grade D always get Loot Tier 1 regardless of how many stars the titan is? That was my understanding.

Thanks for sharing your work with us!

Nope :slight_smile:

More info/ full thread on Titan LOOT: Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?"


Ooops, I had misremembered the information from the thread you referenced. Then I shared my bad info with my alliance!

I’ll share the correct information with my alliance.

Thanks for the quick response to avoid my accidentally spreading my confusion!

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Loot tier 18 => 4 ascension rolls

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Hi, this project does not deal with loots. The second sheet (TITAN: HP) and the third sheet (TITAN: LOOT TIERS) was created by another player “symal”: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You - #170 by symal). I only edited and supplemented. I deal mainly with what affects the titan score (time of killing, number of players, defeat vs escape, hp, daily decrease, minimizing escapes, how the score is calculated etc.).

After streaking 14 stars since they have been released I can tell you it’s 100% certain that after killing a 14 star you’ll get another 14 star.

It’s completely random if you get a big or small 14 star. I have seen it switch from 5.72 Mill to 5.5 Mill Hp and back after extremely fast kills (1 tot 4 hours) and extremely late kills (21st hour).

I got 678 datapoints with kill time hp and stars if you want. Full alliance for all datapoints.

Wick, I’m on it. Our alliance is going to track it too so we can better predict when to kill and when to pass.