Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You



Are you unable to beat the last two levels of Rare Quests? That’s two guaranteed ascension items right there… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


In addition to what Rook asked, what titans are you killing?


That’s the only place I get them from but I have 6 red hero’s that need ascending and I just don’t seem to be able to get hidden blades.
I only have 2 5 star hero’s but I don’t use one of them because I don’t think she is much good and I also need hidden blades for her. I need ascention items for my other 5 star just to get her to her 3rd ascention but her special skill is maxed already.
I have 2 4 star hero’s fully ascended and working on levelling up fully.


Are you already at TC20? I got many 4* on mine, even one 5*…


Hey @Revelate, I use this constantly to help my alliance and I understand loot tiers and I’m very appreciative of the work you did with this. One big question I keep coming up with is “Why do I want to be above loot tier 9?”

Most of us have a main goal to acquire rare ascension items and they max out at tier 9. Have you or anyone you know have broken out what extras are included per loot tier aside from the ascension slots?


Loot Tier IX (9) is the first tier to gain 3 ascension rolls per titan.

As a result it’s easily 1.5x over Loot Tier VIII and that’s not including the additional loot chance (slight) from the higher tier.

The rest of the loot slots, Mai did a pretty good job outlining those in her original work linked in the top post; I don’t know if they are still accurate as there has been changes to titan loot tiers, but ultimately that’s the best source but really since all of that can be farmed with map, I only made the recommendation on rare ascension items.


Ah, thank you! I haven’t looked at her original thread in a long time and forgot it covered the “extras”. I was just hoping we get better chances at the trainers or flasks but it seems essentially the same all through tier 9 and above.


Here’s a new one for you guys. Loot tier 11 with only 8 rolls total, including ham and iron as one each. This is since the maintenance break this morning which set everyone to Version 1.11, by the way. There is nothing not shown in the 2 pics, either. Everyone in my alliance has the issue right now…


I would submit a ticket and make a bugs thread. That isn’t normal.
This morning I received the same loot tier on same Titan. but you’ll notice it still had that visual error on loot tier. So maybe I got it before the maintenance break? I don’t know. Sorry I don’t have the rest of the loot, but you can see I got 3 ascension rolls like what is expected.


Yeah you did! Nice scope, by the way :grin:


Only reason I have the example. Didn’t really intend to gloat. :flushed:


Yeah bug report that I think; the disappearing loot tier has existed since 1.11 dropped but I’ve been getting consistent loot rolls out of loot tier X and we haven’t noticed oddities in Departed or Hunting anyway. Asking for people to submit their stuff will see if anything weird comes about or if yours was a one-off @D.D

Actually, that loot looks suspiciously around loot tier 6 which would be on an escape, wrong number of everything.


Nah, I didn’t take it that way at all, and was serious about the Congrats! Thanks for your input on it, too. :wink:


In light of the recent issue(s) with strange loot from mercs, D.D.'s apparent halfsie loot tier, and the missing loot tier names, going to do a small data collection project to fill in the rest of the rolls one gets rather than just the ascension items that I’d done previously.

I know Mai’s data is out of date, so might as well try to redo it. Anyone that wants to post loot pics, would appreciate it. Thanks!

What format I’m using, little unsure on Other as a bunch of random things can go there and might not be a fixed roll number.


Would you like it collected here or sent elsewhere? I’d be more than happy to provide from two accounts.


Here’s fine, I’ll update the main post with a results screenshot like the one I posted above.

Greatly appreciate it!


Is this of all tiers? And is it if both success and failure? Asking because my alliance is a consistent source of 5* success and 6* defeats, and am willing to help.


I actually would LOVE to get a consistent source for 5/6*'s.

I’m getting some loot screens from mercs and some of them look really off… this may turn into a side project determining what SG did or loot tiers have really changed which may be the case. I can get the low loot tiers I think and I have way too much access to 10-13, but the middle ones are a source of frustration from non-mercs.

Also to that end, anyone posting screen shots, please state whether it was from mercing or not.

Many thanks to everyone that helps!


Here’s a few, all that I have gotten after the patch. Not mercing. Sry if they are in random order, first time uploading pics and I’m not that good on merging them so just threw everything here…


Well it appears things have changed, and not for the better.

I wasn’t hardcore tracking this data as this wasn’t really a serious project but now looks like it’s going to need to be more complete.

Have two entries from 7DH on a 9* that was just killed: C rank, loot tier IX, 2 ascension items only.

That is a change, and calling it what it is, a nerf. Also may be a lot fewer consumables dropping across the board, not sure on that one have to go look at Mai’s old data again.

Couldn’t begin to tell you when it changed as Loot Tier X and above still have 3 ascension rolls (and I’m not exactly the best for seeing these changes myself as 95% or so of the titans I fight on both accounts now are 10*) So I get to redo all of this again.