Titan Rewards Question

Does the whole alliance reap the awards of a Titan kill (or defeat I suppose) or only those who participated?

I’ve never not hit a Titan so I’m not sure what happens.

Just those who hit the titan and are there for the rewards, collect the loot. FYI


Better more complete thread for OP reference & yours:


I have a further question. With more stars titan, will the loot be better too? I have experience up to 5* titan only.

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Yes! If you look at the thread posted above, you will see that chance of receiving more 4* ascension material increases as the level of the titan you face increases.

When you face a 5* titan, your have a chance of receive a max of two 3*/4* ascension items. If you defeat a 10* titan, you have the chance of getting three 3*/4* ascension items. When you defeat a 14* titan or higher, you get the chance of receiving four 3*/4* ascension items.


To add to that, the actual % chance for each roll increases with each tier.

At an average of A-C grade for 14* titans I receive roughly 1 4* mat per week (tracked over 2 months)

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