Resume of how Titan loot works – Tiers, Scores, theories

Moderator’s Note: This research was accurate at the time of writing, and @Mai is no longer active to update this post. Please refer to @Revelate’s guide to titan tiers and loot, accurate as of 2018.

These are findings from a bunch of different players, I’m only completing it, organizing it and making it easier to find.

Let me know if there’s any mistake or complement. Help to fill the blanks by taking snapshots of your Titan loot. :slight_smile:

Titan loots take in consideration 2 main things: 1. How many stars the Titan has and 2. Your score inside your alliance. (Source: Game FAQ)

Your score range from A+ to C. A+ adds 3, A adds 2, B adds 1, C adds 0.

  • 1st place gets A+
  • 2nd to 5th place gets A
  • 6th to 15th place gets B
  • 16th to 30th place gets C

*D existed in the past, but was erased in the last big update.

Those two added will define your loot tier. Just add the Titan stars to the number relative to your score.

So a fight against a 7* titan, the A+ (first place) will get 7+3, that is the tier 10. Someone against a 8* that gets A also gets tier 10 (8+3), same goes to 9* and B.

Your loot tier can be found on the top of the loot box, in roman numbers.

Every tier has different amount of loot, odds and “rolls slots”. After gathering some data I came up with the following pattern:

Tier I – 7 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 2 Ingredients, 2 ascension materials, 1 gem)
Tier II –
Tier III – ? Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 2 Ingredients, ? ascension materials, ? battle items, ? gem)
Tier IV – 9 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 2 Ingredients, 2 ascension materials, 1 battle items, 1 gem, 1 hero/token/flask)
Tier V – 8 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 2 Ingredients, 2 ascension materials, 1 battle items, 1 gem)
Tier VI – 8/9 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 2 Ingredients, 2 ascension materials, 1 battle items, 1 gem, 0/1 hero/token/flask)
Tier VII – 8/9 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 2 Ingredients, 2/3 Ascension materials, 1/2 battle items, 1 gem, 0/1 token/hero/flask)
*** EDIT for version 1.7/1.8 - tier 7 yields 2 Ascension materials
Tier VIII – 11 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 Ingredients, 3 Ascension materials, 1/2 battle items, 1 gem)
*** EDIT for version 1.7/1.8 - tier 8 yields 2 Ascension materials
Tier IX – 12/13 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 ingredients, 3 ascension materials, 3/1 battle items, 1 gem, 0/1 token/hero/flask)
Tier X – 12/13/14 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 ingredients, 3 ascension materials, 3 battle items, 1 gem, 2/1/0 hero/token/flask)
Tier XI – 13 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 ingredients, 3 ascension materials, 3/2 battle items, 1 gem, 0/1 token/hero/flask)
Tier XII – 12 Rolls (1 Food, 1 Iron, 3 ingredients, 3 ascension materials, 2 battle items, 1 gem, 0/1 token/hero/flask)

Those are all REAL loots from different players and sources.

Some more infos I managed to prove while gathering this data:

  1. It is possible to get 3 rare (4*) ascension items in one single loot. Which proves that each roll is independent of each other.
  2. There’s no way to prove or figure out if different rolls slots in different tiers or even inside the same tier has the same odds. They can all have the same odds or have better odds as you reach higher loot tiers. One clear example is Iron, it’s always one Iron slot, but the amounts grows as you reach higher tiers.
  3. It is possible to get the same exactly item in the same type of roll. They will then appear as multipliers at the bottom, but count as 2-3 in the list above.
  4. There’s a variation in loot, especially concerning the hero/token/flask one. Not yet clear if it’s random or reserved to higher scores.
  5. The order of the rolls are ALWAYS the same.

In general, higher tiers are better if you consider the whole loot. But concerning ascension items, it is possible that different tiers have the exactly same odds, which could explain how people don’t really see any difference between, for example, the drops rate of tier 8 to 10.

Useful and interesting posts about it:

Beautiful explanation behind the logic of higher tier being better.


I understand the concept but the reality is not the same I have been 1,2,3 on the leader board for our last 6, 5* titans and have nor received a single ascension item
, this is just the last one


@Firedragon. Yes, you did.

You got: 1 Iron slot, 1 Food slot, then a mushroom and a string (ingredients), then a sword, rope and a armor (ascension items), 2 different hp potions and a super antidote (battle items) and a gem slot.

You have to keep in mind that all those 3 class of items has rarity. When you say you don’t get ascension items you usually mean the rare 4* and 3* ones. But you forget that there’s low ascension items, such as the ones you got, that can be farmed. The roll slot can roll any rarity, most of the time you get the lesser ones.

Thank you for your help, I added your loot into the list. :slight_smile:


No problem forgot to factor in the ascension items you can farm for as most of the lower tear alliance members received a higher ascension item than all 3 or the top hitters. If you need more data I think I have more screen shots.


Those are just odds. Just like if I give you and your mates an epic token each, the weaker ones with less trophies can get better 5* heros while the top players get 3*. Does it mean less trophies = better heroes? No. It’s just luck.

Every roll there works exactly as an exclusive token. It will roll and get you something. Like I said we cannot know if the odds change, but we do know that you get more rolls at higher tiers.

I would also argue that it makes no sense for the devs to make it getting worse as tiers get better. Also, only 6 people get really higher tier, against the 24 that gets normal tier. By opportunity the chance of the 24 people get a better loot is higher than the chance of the 6 first. It doesn’t mean their get more items, they just have a higher pool of results.

And I would love any and every screenshot you can get. More data = better theories heh


Ok I will see what we can dig up for as w have 2 alliances 1 high level and one trading level


And btw, I noticed you said all 3 of the top hitters, but you realize the second and third get the SAME tier loot of the 4th and 5th? Whatever is true to 2nd and 3rd has to be true to 4th and 5th. All same number tier are equal, it’s absurd to think that there’s 4 different tier VII, for example, for those 4. There’s a bit of variation on rolls, but it is really small and random. That variation I noticed was from different places. :slight_smile:

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Someone just sent me another four screenshots of A+ NOT getting (rare) ascension materials.

I’m sorry, I do NOT consider something that is map-farmable “ascension”, though I understand why you do.


Rook, I don’t mean to be rude, but what you consider has no affect on the game reality. Just go to your inventory and you’ll see that all the items that drop in what I called ascension materials are in the ascension materials tab. Those are all material used to ascend different heros of different number of starts. And you only get the ascension items you want and value from those rolls.

Find me a single printscreen where it isn’t that way. I’ve spend one month writing it all down and getting every screenshot available on the forum and google, that’s a constant on every single one of it.

And seriously, you have a lot of A+ without good rewards? Are you implying there’s not a lot of B and C? It’s odds people. Stop making things up based on a limited poll. If you roll the dice 6 times you don’t get all 6 possibilities. You can roll it 100 times and not get all 6. That doesn’t mean your dice has only 5 sides. It’s the nature of probability. And you cannot prove probability without a HUGE amount of data in the same condition. This is getting old, it’s basic math and probability. Please stop.


A+ Ranking from yesterday, complete with rare ascension material.


Well, I like math and probabilities so I’ll contribute my findings as well. I went back thru my screenshots and here are my results from 2 titan battles plus a chest. I thought I had more but most of the screenshots I took were from wanted chests.

7* Titan/B Performance - Loot Tier VIII
45320 Food
23972 Iron
1 Fine Steel
1 Sunspire Feathers
1 Midnight Roots
1 Dagger
1 Wooden Shield
1 Mana Potion
1 Minor Healing Potion
5 Gems
1 Alliance Energy Flask
1* Fire Trainer Hero

7* Titan/C Performance - Loot Tier IV
Food/Iron - unknown
1 Sunspire Feathers
1 Crypt Mushroom
1 Arcane Scripts
1 Rugged Clothes
3 Gems
1 Raid Energy Flask

5 Titan Wanted mission
43260 Food
40033 Iron
1 Metal Ores
1 Fine Gloves
1 Super Antidote
3 Gems
1 Summon Token

I have the screenshots on my tablet if needed for proof but I’m typing this on my PC so not that easy to transfer them, but if Mai has a line account I can easily post them there.

I am curious though why a C grade vs. a B grade dropped me 4 loot tiers.


I got loot tier IV because the titan escaped.

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Hmmm, good point Jorma. I just double-checked my screenshots and both of those were defeats, not escapes.

Here’s another titan lootbag from today’s titan.

4* Titan/A Performance - Loot Tier VI
36125 Food
49120 Iron
2 Clean Cloth
1 Arcane Scripts
1 Dagger
1 Minor Mana Potion
3 Gems

@Pyper, @Traevon.
I think you misunderstood my intentions. I have no intention of making a statistic of odds for each roll and tier. That’s futile. We talking about maybe 1% or less chances to something to drop. That means for a result that would in anyway resemble the truth, I would need thousands of results for every single tier.

So that’s not something I’m pursuing. I’ll just accept that either they have the same exactly odds per roll slot or slightly better.

What I am pursuing is the knowledge of the types and possible amounts you get from each one of the tier, regardless of their rarity.

Before I compiled this list I didn’t know how many rare ascension items can be won in a single loot. I do now. Of all my loots and the ones I gathered that pattern is the same, an amount of food, and amount of iron, a couple ingredients, a couple ascension materials, a couple battle items, gem and maybe an extra roll that can give token, hero or flask.

It’s not just random rolls with random amounts, they are SPECIFICS rolls for specifics classes of items. The 2 Ingredients will NEVER roll a battle item or ascension material. It’s like the tokens, every token will roll a different poll of results.

So regardless of odds, it’s clear now that making an effort and get tier VIII and above will get you not 2 but 3 shots of ascension items. In fact a alliance member got all 3, a glove, an Orb and a Tabbard, that was 1 in a million type of luck, but that’s something that can never happen to tier loots with only 2 rolls of that kind.

Even if the odds are the same to everyone or if it’s really a slight chance, higher loot tiers will get you more items in general thanks to that. And if the odds are the same, it means there’s not difference between the CHANCES to get rare ascension items for all the tiers with the same amount of rolls for that class of item. To be honest, even if there is, it’s very clear by know that this are slight improvements that change very little the outcome. I would expect things like:

1* 4 different items each with a 10% chance
2* 6 each with a 7% chance
3* 11 each with 1.x% chance
4* 6 each with 0.x% chance

I’m not claiming those are the actual numbers, but I’m using the current odds of another game that is transparent about it. Even if you give a little increase every tier, it doesn’t change the fact that more than 80% of the time you will get 1* and 2*.

While that little theorical chance won’t do much, adding a new roll, from 2 to 3 is a REALLY BIG DEAL. It’s one more opportunity to roll you dice.

So my next objective is too see if the higher tiers can drop 4 ascension items, instead of 3. For that I need loot tier XI and beyond to fill my list.

I could also use the full loot of that tier per Titan to complete the early tiers and see if there’s some more variations somewhere. But I’m really looking for the magical tier that will have 4 ascension rolls.


Very nice write up! I’ll see if I can get my hands on some tier XI screenshots!

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Great post Mai. Ill see if i can find screenshots of higher tier. I should be able to get A on next 9s titan we kill. Oops just saw @Fledoble writing the exact same thing. :slight_smile:


From top hitters in my alliance

A+ on 8* Glacial Mammoth = 3x ascension
1xPotent Healing Potuon
1xPotent Antidote
2xStrong rope
1xMidnight root
1xPotent leaves
1xIron roll
1xHam roll

A+ on 8* Dread Dragon = 3x ascension
1xBear banner
1xTurtle banner
2xStrong rope
1xMidnight root
1xPotent leaves
1xIron roll
1xHam roll

A+ on 8* Onyx Dragon = 3x ascension
1xPotent Healing Potion
1xTurtle Banner
1xStrong rope
1xSharpening Stone
1xFine gloves
1xMetal ore
1xCryatal shard
1xIron roll
1xHam roll

A+ on 8* Blaze Dragon = 3x ascension
1xNormal summon Token
1xMinor Healing Potion
1xTurtle Banner
1xArcane Scrips
1xSharpening Stone
1xStrong rope
1xHardwoodd lumber
1xCryatal shard
1xIron roll
1xHam roll


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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A on 9s. Tier XI
Food, iron, grimoire dust, metal ore, crystal shard, strong rope, leather armor, wooden shield, healing pot, antidote, gems, trainer

Mai, no offense, I was merely looking at rare ascension items (cloaks, orbs, hidden blades, etc), and I remarked that i and my alliance (a mere 30 people) have regularly noticed that these items do NOT frequently drop for A+, but DO drop for say B. This is compounded by other players sending me their screen shots of A+ getting skunked for rare items.

This is my observation. Not sure what I said that caused your ire. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: