🏴‍☠ [Mar 2020] Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

The Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event is coming soon!

Start Time
End Time
4.5 days
Reflected Color
:new_moon_with_face: Dark/Purple

:world_map: @Mariamne’s Fantastic Stage Guide

:tada: @Mariamne’s Great Guide to Rewards

NOTE: Completion Rewards will be given even if the final stage is completed after the event ended, as long as it’s started before the event ends.

:woman_superhero: Heroes & Bosses

Finley – 5* – :snowflake: Ice

Captain Kestrel – 5* – :fire: Fire

Lady Locke – 5* – :leaves: Nature

Marie-Thérèse – 5* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Sargasso – 5* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Boomer – 4* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Peters – 4* – :leaves: Nature

Vodnik – 3* – :snowflake: Ice

:game_die: Summoning Appearance Rates

Please note that Challenge Event Heroes are amongst the lowest odds of any Hero in the game. Even with a large number of Summons, you are very likely not to get Challenge Event Heroes, particularly 5*.

I highly recommend setting and sticking to a budget for Summoning to avoid overspending and frustration.

Rare Classic Hero: 63.1%
Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Rare Event Hero: 7.9%
Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero 1.0%

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_with_wings: Analysis of Summon Appearance Rates

This table shows the cumulative probability of different Summon events, based on a total number of Summons (1x, 10x, 30x, 100x, 500x, 1500x).

Please note that NO occurrence is ever actually 100%; the 100% entries in the table below indicate cumulative probabilities sufficiently close to 100% that they are expressed as such for simplicity. All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 0.1%.

Occurence 1x 10x 30x 100x 500x 1500x
Get at Least 1 Pirates Hero (3*-5*) 14.6% 79.4% 99.1% 100% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 of Any 5* Pirates Hero 1.0% 9.6% 26.0% 63.4% 99.3% 100%
Get at Least 1 Particular 5* Pirates Hero 0.2% 2.0% 5.8% 18.1% 63.2% 95.0%
Get at Least 1 of Any 4* Pirates Hero 5.7% 44.4% 82.8% 99.7% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 Particular 4* Pirates Hero 2.85% 25.1% 58.0% 94.5% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 3* Pirates Hero 7.9% 56.1% 91.5% 99.9% 100% 100%

Putting That In Perspective

  • If 1 million players each did :one::zero: Summons, 206,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Pirates of Corellia Heroes

  • If 1 million players each did :one::zero::zero: Summons, 366,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Pirates of Corellia 5* Heroes

  • If 1 million players each did :five::zero::zero: Summons, 368,000 of those players would NOT get a particular Pirates of Corellia 5* Hero

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I just noticed (well not really, I read in another thread) that the first province of S1 is Plains of Corellia! So these swashbucklers’ home is the same as ours or at least just off the coast of where our base is built.
Maybe it’s all one big misunderstanding and if we just sat and talked it out we could come to some sort of arrangement without all the bloodshed.


I’ll be willing to be more diplomatic, should they to allow Finley to join my ranks as part of the deal :slight_smile:

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Sounds perfectly reasonable. If he doesn’t agree he can walk the plank.

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I can already see the Dickensian plot twist where he turns out to be Commander Grey’s son.

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Heya Scarecrow, looking to this event coming this week. A really need that compass in Legendary and I have never passed a legendary tier before. My team is LJ, Melendor, BT, Kelile and Gormek. I have Chao and Rigard as my other possible options. Do you think i have a good shot with that. I was thinking for items, antidotes, Little mana, axes and bombs. Thoughts?

give us your full roster first and we’ll see. But yes, I think you can complete it, it’s just which heroes are best.

Antidotes are essential for this event. Your team looks good enough to pull it off. I might swap Chao for Kelile for extra mana control. Double healers is strongly recommended with 4* and then having defense down, mana slow, and mana cut should be doable if you setup your final board well.

If you fail once, I’d go back with timestops.

This past pirates event was the first legendary event I was able to complete, so if you like, here’s a video of my strategy without having maxed 4*


Hey @GuanYu79. Just to let you know that @Scarecrow has not posted in the Forum since January 18th, so you probably won’t get a reply from him. I kinda miss him! Hope you are ok @Scarecrow.
Great advice from @Mr.Spock though.


The funny thing is that I was constantly confronted with him!It seemed to be absolute but then I realized that he was well known
Anyway, I don’t know him personally, but the first impression wasn’t that good

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Thanks heaps, looking at that team it gives me hope. I love your videos by the way. I watched you take on the strongest team in Empires, man that was brutal. I will have a crack and let you know how I go. I have 5 heroes stuck waiting for compasses and that’s it, have all the other ascension items

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I would like to know your opinion if there is a way how I can compete in Legendary.
My team:

5* 4* 3*
none Kiril +7 Gunnar +4, +3 (both costumed)
Valeria +7 Gato +1
Valen +1
Buddy +8 Belith +14
Little John 3/60 Carver +11
Brienne +5
Gormek +10 Hawkmoon +12 (costumed)
Boldtusk 3/30 (levelling) Namahage
Scarlett 3/60 Bauchan (+4)
Ameonna +8 Tyrum +9
Proteus 2/6 (levelling) Balthazar +1
Cyprian 3/58 Prisca
no holy Bane +5, 2 dupes with no emblems (all costumed)
Gan Ju +3, one dupe
Kailani +1, one dupe

Last Avalon I managed to beat Epic level and proceed in Legendary to 4th round. Since then I managed to get BT, I fully levelled Buddy and Ameonna, I got costumes for Gunnar and Bane. Unfortunately I have no holy 4* so I would need to use tactics a lot even for Epic. For example I am thinking about going double Gunnar (one costumed), Kiril, Valeria + Brienne. Or replace costumed Gunnar with Buddy?

If you can power-level proteus to 3/60, I’d say there’s a chance. Not a good chance, but there’s a chance. otherwise, I’m sorry, but probably should wait til next month or even may.

I believe I could level up BT to 3/60 but I don’t think I can level Proteus.

Besides that Proteus is not very usefull against Boomer, Marie and Sargasso being dark bosses that reflect purple, no?

Would Cyprian’s counterattack work on purple heroes? Or it would be reflected to him (double reflection)?

i dunno, I would think that counterattack would work, but the point isn’t about that. It’s using proteus to stop the bosses from firing. Because your heroes won’t be able to stand the bosses attacks.

But yeah… pirates is not a good one because it reflects purple. I think you might have to wait til next month. Try to get your proteus up as high as possible in the mean time.

This is the only event where Proteus cant carry. Aside from that, it’s pretty doable imho.
Off the things you have, I would go with Kiril/Cyprian/Boldtusk (try maxing him) /Valeria/Belith
I did this event last time with this team, with no diamond retry:


You can use timestops, or go full attack with Dragon/Bombs/Arrows/Antidotes or Dragon/Bombs/Miracle ressurect/Antidotes.

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I have experience that challenge reflect is also reflecting status effects, so Proteus would only stop mana gen for himself.

Thanks for giving me some hope :wink: I will try to max Boldie asap.

For 14 level I would definitely would like to have Buddy on board as 2nd green to counter Finnley. Would you replace Cyprian or Val?

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It’s a doable strategy if you have the time for maxing Buddy. For him I would take out Valeria.

While having a Cypran, on an event that reflects purple (he will get hit with his purple tiles) seems counter productive, it will still profit you an insane amout of dmg if timed well with his ult.

A thing to notice when going against Finley’s ult, is that it can work on your favor when having only reflect active (because you are getting the 3 strongest hits on 3 reflect targets). While if you use Buddy, you will get hit on 3 reflect target nontheless, but you dont know if it will be from the beginning (maximum dmg) or from the middle or the end of Finley’s ult (minimun dmg).

The advantage of getting Buddy, imho, is that you can try to setup a green diamon with multiple green tiles in the middle. And use Buddys -armor + the x2 Green stack to take out Finley as quick as possible.
The only 2 downsides of using him, are the aformentioned maximum dmg reflection problem vs Finley and that Valeria can survive longer thanks to her VF ult (which if you have a 13blue mana troop, can charge in 6 tiles or 3 ghost tiles). Survivality of your heroes, can allow for you to setup 5 items that are not healing.

Thanks Kara0ke for your insights! Very appreciated!

I took a look at bosses once again and I will try to level Proteus as well. There are a lot of levels where there is not a single dark boss.

I have Buddy maxed and emblemed (+8) so I can definetly use him :wink: Val is only good for her durability in this event since her vampire skill is applicable only for Marie Thereses special.

Looking forward to this as Avalon was the first time I completed an Epic level and I was only unable to defeat the final Legendary stage. Since then, I have maxed a few key 4*s and can make Dragons so I think I have every chance this time around. :slight_smile:

My Roster


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