🏴‍☠ [Aug 2020] Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

The Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event!!

NOTE: This thread is being posted 1 WEEK before the start of the event to facilitate early discussions. Table below has full dates & times

Start Time End Time Duration
2020-08-13T07:00:00Z 2020-08-17T07:00:00Z 4.0 days

Note: Start & End times of the Challenge Event have changed. The event now begins 1 hour earlier (0700 UTC not 0800 UTC) & ends 13 hours earlier (0700 UTC not 2000 UTC).
Per Announcement: Event Schedule Changes (Version 30 Onwards)

Reflected Color
:new_moon_with_face: Dark/Purple

:world_map: @Mariamne & @cap’s Fantastic Stage Guide

:tada: @Mariamne’s Great Guide to Rewards

NOTE: Completion Rewards will be given even if the final stage is completed after the event ended, as long as it’s started before the event ends.

:woman_superhero: Heroes & Bosses

Finley – 5* – :snowflake: Ice

Captain Kestrel – 5* – :fire: Fire

Lady Locke – 5* – :leaves: Nature

Marie-Thérèse – 5* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Sargasso – 5* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Boomer – 4* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Peters – 4* – :leaves: Nature

Vodnik – 3* – :snowflake: Ice

:gem: Summons Costs

Like all other Event Summon Portals, the Portal Cost is per below:

Single Summon

  • 10 Challenge Coins
  • 300 Gems

10x Summon

  • 2600 Gems

:game_die: Summoning Appearance Rates

Please note that Challenge Event Heroes are amongst the lowest odds of any Hero in the game. Even with a large number of Summons, you are very likely not to get Challenge Event Heroes, particularly 5*.

I highly recommend setting and sticking to a budget for Summoning to avoid overspending and frustration.

Rare Classic Hero: 63.1%
Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Rare Event Hero: 7.9%
Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero 1.0%

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_with_wings: Analysis of Summon Appearance Rates

This table shows the cumulative probability of different Summon events, based on a total number of Summons (1x, 10x, 30x, 100x, 500x, 1500x). Based on 10,000 gems costing 99.99 USD, I have also added an approximate $ cost too.

Please note that NO occurrence is ever actually 100%; the 100% entries in the table below indicate cumulative probabilities sufficiently close to 100% that they are expressed as such for simplicity. All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 0.1%.

| Get at Least 1 Pirates Hero (3*-5*) | 14.6% | 79.4% | 99.1% | 100% | 100% | 100% |
| Get at Least 1 of Any 5* Pirates Hero | 1.0% | 9.6% | 26.0% | 63.4% | 99.3% | 100% |
| Get at Least 1 Particular 5* Pirates Hero | 0.2% | 2.0% | 5.8% | 18.1% | 63.2% | 95.0% |
| Get at Least 1 of Any 4* Pirates Hero | 5.7% | 44.4% | 82.8% | 99.7% | 100% | 100% |
| Get at Least 1 Particular 4* Pirates Hero | 2.85% | 25.1% | 58.0% | 94.5% | 100% | 100% |
| Get at Least 1 3* Pirates Hero | 7.9% | 56.1% | 91.5% | 99.9% | 100% | 100% |

Putting That In Perspective

  • If 1 million players each spent US$26.00 to do 10 Summons, 206,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Pirates Heroes

  • If 1 million players each spent US$259.97 to do 100 Summons, 366,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Pirates 5* Heroes

  • If 1 million players each spent US$1,299.87 to do 500 Summons, 368,000 of those players would NOT get a particular Pirates 5* Hero

Summary Graphic of Portal Odds

See below amazing summary graphic by @Dorkus showing what odds you can really expect from the various summons portals in the game:

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The rewards photo is Knights of Avalon…

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I’ve been creating text versions of @Mariamne’s stage guides that can be posted in game chat, with this one for Pirates of Corellia.

I’ve tested this post using Bluestacks as well as copying it from my cell phone.

Because of chat limitations, this is meant to be sent as 4 messages as indicated.

Expand to copy into game chat

Pirates of Corellia
Reflected: :elementdark:
[#4396ff]F = Finley
[#ff2508]CK = Captain Kestrel
[#10ff18]LL = Lady Locke
[#a569bd]MT = Marie-Thérèse
S = Sargasso
B = Boomer
[#10ff18]P = Peters
[#4396ff]V = Vodnik

Element(s) for waves 1 & 2 / Boss stage in order
1: :elementdark::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#4396ff]V :elementnature:
[#ffffff]2: :elementdark::elementfire: / :elementdark: [#10ff18]P :elementdark:
[#ffffff]3: :elementfire: / :elementfire: [#a569bd]B :elementfire:
[#ffffff]4: :elementdark::elementnature: / :elementdark: [#10ff18]LL :elementdark:
[#ffffff]5: :elementdark::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#ff2508]CK :elementnature:

6: :elementdark::elementnature: / :elementdark: [#4396ff]F :elementdark:
[#ffffff]7: :elementfire::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#a569bd]MT :elementnature:
[#ffffff]8: :elementfire::elementnature: / :elementfire: [#a569bd]S :elementfire:
[#ffffff]9: :elementdark::elementfire: / [#10ff18]P [#4396ff]V [#a569bd]B
[#ffffff]10: :elementdark::elementnature: / [#a569bd]MT B

11: :elementdark::elementfire: / [#10ff18]P [#4396ff]F
[#ffffff]12: :elementdark::elementfire: / [#10ff18]LL [#ff2508]CK
[#ffffff]13: :elementfire::elementnature: / [#4396ff]V [#a569bd]S B
[#ffffff]14: :elementdark::elementfire: / [#10ff18]P [#4396ff]F [#ff2508]CK
[#ffffff]15: :elementnature: / [#a569bd]MT S [#10ff18]LL

Also for @CaptainjaKCsparrow -

About Avalon

Sorry I missed getting the one for Avalon out. I had been very busy, and also was frustrated with the game after seeing the final HA.

I am still frustrated because I think that

Instead, we would like to, at some point down the line find a better way to solve the problem (referring to retiring duplicate heroes) so that it would be accessible to a wider range of players.

is simply kicking the can down the road about finding a solution to a problem they have no intention of actually ever solving. But they wouldn’t want to say so because then people would then eat heroes they would never level instead of buying more hero space. Maybe I’m wrong. But in the meantime I’ve been spending a lot less time on the forums as well as playing less. Anyways /rantover - but I thought I’d give you an expanation of why I didn’t get the requested Avalon one done.

In case I take another break from the forums here is a list for the other 4 challenge events so they are all here in one place.

Links to all the other challenge events

Wonderland - 🍵 [Apr 2020] Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results - #29 by FighterJack

Teltoc - 🗿 [June 2020] Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results - #4 by FighterJack

Grimforest - 📘 [May 2020] Fables of Grimforest Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results - #20 by FighterJack

Avalon (finally) - 👑 [Jul 2020] Knights of Avalon Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results - #274 by FighterJack


Thank you so much for taking time out and doing this, @FighterJack! Much appreciated!!

I know HA has been a major disappointment. Many in my Alliance including me feel so too. Take care, man. Hopefully, you’ll stick around in the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers!! :beers:


Good Luck everyone! feel free to use this thread for discussion/ preparation of your teams!

And remember the #forumchallengeevent which is premiering this Challenge Event - Link


Played since May 2018, the only heroes I got from the Pirates are Boomer (still at 1/1) and Vodnik (maxed 2). I don’t have enough challenge coins and I dont score well in the challenges since the regular top-notch moneyed players are mostly the same ones hogging the leaderboards as in any special event. Can’t expect to get Finley but I will be happy to get Peters, the only epic hero not in my roster.


My only Pirates hero is Vodnik, and I’m okay with that. I haven’t tried for Peters since I’ve a Hansel.

If you can bear it, why not try farming for some challenge coins? My favourite spot to farm is Rare 3. It is 975 exp for 1 flag, best experience in the game!!

After trying many times, I finally got Guardian Falcon from challenge coins in January. :heart_eyes:
Even if you don’t get Peters, you will still gain experience.


How long will we have to see the same names in the Top 100 of all events? It already got boring.


I’ve got 2 Hansels and they are vital on my fast monogreens against GTV defenses. I haven’t experienced playing heroes with silence as a skill, save Miki but his silence is not really that important when I battle titans.

Believe me, I do it all the time.

Yep. I tend to level up every month. Currently on level 70 and halfway leveling to 71. The addition of WE flags in some levels is awesome. No wonder players get to over level 100 as the payout is the additional max WE flags.

As I have said, Peters is the only hero I lack among the epics (errrr… I just realized that this is not entirely true since I have yet to summon in the last few months for S3 heroes :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:). Until the new Morlovia and Santa’s Challenge heroes come in November and December.

As long as the game devs see money coming in from WE refills of the same players vying to the top spot. The best we can do is to improve our challenge overall score by hoping that the best boards come in our way in every attempt we go to the stages. It gets boring when you don’t challenge yourself to improve yourself.


D’oh! Yes I do believe that you already farm for challenge coins. Hopefully you can get Peters this time.

My most wanted 4* event heroes were Guardians Falcon and Jackal. I am an occasional spender, and it literally took 4 separate Guardians to occur before I finally got both of them. The struggle to get specific epic heroes is real. :joy:


You can say that again. Teltoc has blessed me most of the Guardians there, save Guardian Kong. I have 2 Gazelles (one maxed, while the other one will follow after maxing my 2nd Joon with costume; sitting on 17 darts), 1 Panther (maxed and decently emblemed; the latest Guardian obtained using a single x10 pull last Teltoc), 1 Chameleon (untouched but may get to 3/70 after some green projects are done), 1 Owl (untouched and no plans to do anything for the bird), 5 Jackals (3 maxed and will do a 4th one after I finish maxing costume Li Xiu) and 4 Falcons (2 maxed, 3rd one at 3/60 and will ascend soon after finishing costume BT).

This Corellia, Peters is the only hero who caught my fancy. But if Finley drops on my lap, he may take a while to ascend since I only have one scope.

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Wow! So many Guardians.
I just have Falcon, Jackal, and Bat.

Hopefully RNG will shine on you with a Finley (otherwise Peters). It would be the right thing to do, since you have one scope atm. :sweat_smile:

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Oh, I forgot about the Bat. Got 2 of him maxed and emblemed and serving me excellently well in raid tourney defense.

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I was going to say that all three, Guardian Falcon, Jackel and Bat, are all great heros at the 4* and 3* space. Be happy having them on your roster! :wink:

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I have 2 Bats. Only maxed 1.
I don’t use him much. :scream:

Back to Pirates, I don’t intend to push beyond the flasks tiers in Epic and Rare. However, I could push anyway, if I can get a nice board during my completion runs. :sweat_smile:

The recent PoC was the first time I completed Epic + Legendary, and looking at my results it was pretty damn good:

I should have a better roster as well now, so we will see. As always i won’t be trying hard to get scores but I will try replay out of boredom or for ones i know I took forever on and could do much better.


My favorite event. The only one I still enjoy doing. I just love the aesthetics of Pirates. Krestel is my favorite, his animation is funny. Sargasso is also bad a** and Marie is beautiful.

Sadly the gameplay mechanics and rewards are such a river of boredom. Good luck everyone though. :heart:



Got my teams ready, legendary and epic might be the same, maybe roc or musashi for gretel, since time stop will do her job. :thinking:
image image


Last time I somehow managed to get a legendary event hero from free coin pulls. Let’s see how my luck will be this time.

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