New Challenge Event Offers Discussion

There’s a new Challenge Event offer format, with new offers revealed over the course of the Event (prices in USD):


As Challenge Events have had the same offer format of 5x 200 Gems for a long, long time, this is an interesting shift to add additional offers.



I liked the idea, but we need to wait to know if the first day offer will expire on the second day or no

also i believe in the last months they added challenge coins in them as well? (i might be wrong)

Are you possibly thinking of one of the Winter Offers or the recently added additional Atlantis Offer that spawns after the first day?

As i recall since they introduced challenge coin they added some coins with the 5x 200 Gems offer and before that it was only 200 gems only
it would be sad to remove the coins if it was introduced before but i cant really remember if it was added or no, i might have confused them with Atlantis offers as its similar one and it got some Atlantis coins in their offer

I think it will not. The 4 days+ are in the field of the gem offer, I think, that will stay. So hopefully we won’t have so many offer pop ups then :smiley:


Yeah, I think you’re confusing Atlantis.

This was last month’s Challenge Event offer:


Well the devs need to fix the timer on the tabs. 23 hr and 1 day times are shown for Offers 2 and 3 respectively. Those offers are technically 23 hours (i.e. a day) and 1 day + 23 hours (i.e. 2 days) away from now. The time shown on the tabs make the offers appear like they will appear 1 hour apart.


The Devs know Falcon, Jackal, Panther are highly sought after.

Just like the new Atlantis offer takes advantage of the huge popularity of Atlantis Rising, the new Challenge offer will probably take advantage of the popularity of Challenge events heros like Bauchan, Shrubbear, Falcon, Hansel, Finley, etc.

The first offer says days 4 days in the lower right corner.

Er, yes, definitely … ( walking out of range for impending hope burst ).

The Empires timers always round down.

1 day 0 hours 1 minute shows as 1 day and
1 day 23 hours 59 minutes shows as 1 day.


So I got the Challenge Offer Pop up offer today. Nothing crazy, but I do not really get the “challenge” part of it. Clearly there are going to be 5 offers over the next 3 days, but is there some reward if we get them all? Help me out guys, what am I missing, or is this just odd marketing. For the record, i would have got the offer anyway.

Thanks for any insight.

It’s called challenge because they are active during the challenge event, nothing else I believe.


Ok, thanks @LogBomb. I thought with the format it may have been something more interesting.

Thanks again.

Here it is New Challenge Event Offers Discussion

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So last offer will be available for only 8 hours? Interesting. Not so fair timezone-wise.

No, it will likely be available for the full day. It’s just a floor/rounding thing that makes it seem short I believe… Will have to wait & see

Personally I’m excited!

Everyone is continually requesting more ways to get Ascension materials and YES it will be a paying way if they’re on offer but… It’s still better than nothing but it could be better

I’m betting that the next offers will be:

  1. Gems + WE Flasks
  2. Gems + Challenge Coins
  3. Gems + 3* Mats
  4. Gems + 4* Mat & 3* Mats
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Wifey and I each partook of the offer. My alt is likely to be a no. This event comes around again, and I have too many projects to finish (Richard, Neith, Quintus, Vivica, Elkanan…) and I haven’t got enough ascension items… so yeah. No more projects on alt is best.

Chances are, we will be getting the next deal, but it’ll depend on a couple variables.

I actually misread it at first. I thought it was the same old 5x offers but spread out over 5 days. Then I saw that we still had the 5x on day one. Will be interesting to see what they do.

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