Pirates of Corellia Hero Prep/Strategy

With Pirates coming up here soon, I was wondering if anyone has recommended hero lineups for each of the difficulties. It is looking like Yellow and Blue will be a good starting point, but at 4* and 5* I might need to bring in other heros. Interested to hear some thoughts as we prep for the event.

I currently have the following maxed:
3* Yellow - Melia, Bane, Gan Ju (Dawa at 3-9 and no plans to finish)
3* Blue - Gato, Karil, Gunnar (Valen at 2-21 and should be maxed by start)
4* Yellow - Jackal+20, Danza 3-60, Chao 3-60, Li Xiu 3-60, Hu Tao 3-60
4* Blue - Sonya+20, Grimm+15, Triton+7, Captain of Diamonds
5* Yellow - Leonidas+2, Ranvir 4-60, Justice 3-70
5* Blue - Ariel+8, Isarnia+1

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Depends on the minions on each level, but traditionally Yellow and Blue have been the best colors for this quest. Although I wouldn’t forget about Red either, as there were certain levels with green minions in the past where a red stack is good to have.

I’d max Valen for Rare, fire him followed by Gato to wreak havoc (same color and speed makes this very easy to set up).

I don’t believe any of the new Pirate heroes have minions, so C. of Diamonds is not going to be very useful. If you can max Danzaburo or Chao, one of them would be good to take advantage of Jackal’s defense drop in Epic tier (Wu Kong is very good in this event too, but you didn’t list him).

Ranvir is going to be your best friend for Legendary, particularly in the last levels where the bosses have tremendous amounts of HP. I’d bring Leo, Ariel, Isarnia and G. Jackal too, for most stages.


Awesome feedback as usual Dave. I have quite a few reds maxed also:
3* Red - Bauchan, Namahage, Rudolph, Azar, Hawkmoon
4* Red - BT+20, Wilbur+12, Sumitomo+1, Kelile, Scarlett, Colen(4-28)
5* Red - Zimkitha+7, Grazul(2-31)

I have to imagine Wilbur will be helpful in 4* and maybe even a few times in 5*

I do not have Wu, so I will have to go without him in the 4* and I am currently feeding all yellows to Ranvir so I did not anticipate maxing Danza or Chao before the event. Danza is going to be my next yellow I work on though.


You’re welcome, and those red heroes look great for all tiers.

Wilbur has his place in Legendary events for sure, without him (and Wu) I don’t think I would’ve been able to deal enough damage to finish Avalon Legendary.

For this event, a swap between Wilbur and Grimm is likely what I’ll do for my defense drops. For you it’d be Isarnia and Wilbur in Legendary :slight_smile: Depends on minion colors.


Without Wilbur I wouldn’t be able to finish in the first 100-200 month after month, epic/legendary. He’s the hero who speeds the things every turn by killing all the field quickly and simultaneously. Of course, bringing a dispeller in a team with Wilbur at challenge, would just be the stupidest thing. I don’t share my strategies too easily, but this one is obvious one. Every single turn mana to Wilbur -> field is killed in seconds. The first 7 stages take me at most 45 seconds each.

P.S. When the reflecting colour is red, I spend a lots of items. Tones. Like the devs once said in one AMA session, Wilbur is a legendary in a epic skin.

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Wow, that is not something I have thought of before. I really appreciate you sharing that strategy. I have generally been very selective when firing his special to not waste it late in a turn and to make sure he is charged going in to the final wave.

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I know who I am bringing for epic difficulty on pirates. On my main it is gonna be Grimm, Sonya, Chao, Li Xiu, and Hu Tao. I am just gonna ascend the panda to 4th tier mainly for this event. He has been sitting at 3-60 for two to three months now.

Without a single healer, you will not be able to finish the last stages. Unless you take 3 slots of healing potions. Don’t you have Kiril? He’s great. And you don’t really need Sonya.


@Scarecrow Nope, I do not. Only healers I have on my main are Belith and Hawkmoon. When I first started I played without healers for the first four months. They just did not want to show up for me. I only got Belith and Hawkmoon in the past three. Rigard and Kiril are at the top of my list for most wanted healers but they remain elusive. I am hoping once I get two of my TCs to 20 that they will reveal themselves.

Yes, TC 20 is the best source. Except one BT, all my Rigards, Sabinas, Kirils, Bolds and Mels, were obtained from TC20. Over 50 healers for sure (in 8-9 months).

Without a 4* healer, then you should bring as many healing potions as you can. I suppose you don’t have Triton either. He would be much more valuable than Sonya in your case, because every time a healing potion is used on a hero under Triton’s effect, this will heal much more than standard.

@Scarecrow I do have Triton as I pulled him from the most recent Atlantis portal. He is currently not leveled as I am trying to get Sonya to 4th tier. I have enough mats to ascend them both.

Kiril has eluded me, do you think a BT, Wilbur, Grimm, Triton, Jackal squad would be good? or is that too many red?

I think 2 healers would be good, especially if you plan to tackle Legendary event. Otherwise I am planning to use BT and Jackal too. Jackal would like a yellow partner so you can profit from his debuff - maybe Wu Kong if you have him, but then Jackal can miss. I personally will use him with him or Ranvir. You can replace Grimm with Wu Kong, since he is redundant with Wilbur.

Otherwise I am levelling that Kiril right now. He was stuck on 4/41 for quite some time, since Rigard + BT were enough usually, and I have Magni at 4/80 + Miki and Isarnia at 3/70 to handle titans. But since Rigard here is a no-no, Kiril will be useful.

Edit: since you don’t have Wu it seems, maybe Chao, since he controls mana, and Ranvir for Legendary.

I do not know what you have. For example, with Falcon in team, the more reds the better. Actually I just posted few days ago a video to help a player to defeat Ursena hard mode. I used only 4* heroes, 3600+ TP. But reds, with Falcon. This is one of Zero’s favourite strategies.

Anyway, until the event will start and I’ll know the new configuration, I cannot say anything. Last month I loved the event. Being so difficult for many players, was much easier for me to finish in the first 150 epic/legendary. This month the event will be much easier and I will have to think of my strategy very carefully. For the players who just want to finish and are not interested in top, I guess won’t be any problem. I consider the Pirates being the easiest challenge event.

Well I made it through rare with a mixture of lineups. The one I used for the final stage was:
Melia - Gan Ju - Bane - Namahage - Rudolph

I ended up using quite a few different stacks (3-2) of yellow-red, green-red, green-blue, blue-yellow with moderate success. The first 5-6 levels I did on auto while I was responding to emails so I will replay several levels. I came across one chest in all of rare (level 14).

Overall I used each of these heros at least once:
Gan Ju

I did a 10x pull and got nothing but season 1 3* and 4* duplicates. Kind of disappointing, but tis the nature of RNG.

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@Seef824 Melia is really good when paired with Brienne. Had an insane cascade that took whole chunks off of bosses. And thanks to said cascade the boss fight lasted less than 15 seconds. Funny part is the move started off bad then that tile nuke happened.

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So like… lol what’s up with these challenge events? In nearly all levels in them, red is the best color. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am noting from the updated stages that there are a heck of a lot more green minions in this iteration of Pirates, than there used to be before. I’ve been using my red team more than my blue one.

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@Aunty_Krauser that sounds like a pretty sweet cascade. I did not have a lot of green-yellow stacks, but I might look to that on replays.

@DaveCozy Yeah it does seem a bit strange. Lucky for me, red is my strongest color in 3* and 4*. In the 4* battles am through level 10 and have been using BT-Wilbur-Jackal-Sumitomo-Scarlett. It has been pretty smooth sailing so far. Finley is a major pain though!

On the plus, I had one level that produced 2 chests! so far in the 4* levels I have seen 3 chests. Good luck for me so far. Hopefully that luck translates into a good pull!


Well my 4* team came to a crashing stand still during the final level. I had to continue the fight twice in order to beat the bosses. I dont normally continue, but on the initial run-through I managed to get all of the bosses lives down to less than 25% with Wilbur and tile damage. Then on the first continue I just couldnt get tiles and died pretty quickly. Lady Locke does major damage without a dispeller.

So far on 5* I have used Jackal-Ranvir-Leo-Ariel-Isarnia and have had no issues. Only two levels to go.

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