Challenge events too challenging? (Pirates of Corellia)

Those Pirates are just too much. I have a good roster, but I can’t find any strategy that work against the trio at lvl 15 epic and legendary. Has anyone seen the light? I’ve tried mono red, mono yellow, and 3+2 combos. Tried to target either of the two ladies first, tried to target Cpt Sargasso first. Getting really frustrated!


I guess SGs plan is to make us so frustrated that we waste gems on continuation. Not fun!


I think its too hard. I had to continue to win. Just nuking doesn’t win it anymore. Here’s the team I used. I had dragon attacks in the open slot. Time to make some more.

I’m sure there are lineups that can do better.

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Haven’t gotten that far in legendary yet (just beat stage 8 and am waiting for WE), but I’m planning to use timestops, tornadoes, bombs and high level mana potions.

I’m gonna try a red stack + Wu Kong (stack against minions + Locke), or I’ll try Wilbur + yellow stack (stack against two purple bosses).

We’ll see how it goes :stuck_out_tongue: But tbh if you ask me, you really need Wu Kong+Wilbur (or any def-) to deal a lot of damage, and those timestops + tornadoes will help a lot.


Wilbur and Wu, both emblemed, have been on most of my teams. Time stop is a good idea. Thank’s


I tried a bunch and I had to nuke and contiue and wasted 300 gems. I managed to save them for a pull that I guess I can’t do now. This was WAYYYYYY to hard. I tried red, blue, yellow, healers, attackers, snipers. I thought avalon was bad. I beat that with no continue. They are pushing 7000 HP now. Tone it back SG please. I enjoy the events but do like to win. I have no chance to place in top but ■■■■ I want to finish. I am not sure if I will beat epic or rare with how hard legendary was.

I have Magni, Joon, Lianna, Kiril, BT, Vivica, Melendor, you either can’t attack enough or you are all healers.

I finally beat it with my last continue of 125 (after a 75 and 100 as well) and Joon, Magni, Lianna, Vivica and Melendor. I nuked them all first. Took out Lady Locke. Maybe should have been Marie. All I know is these combos like the Guin LOTL and Locke/Marie are too strong at the levels you set.

I don’t have unlimited gems. I only continued because it makes sense. I tell people that if you MUST continue (you should try to beat it without doing it though) but you can use up to 300 gems and it is ok. Well it used to be OK when you got the EHT. Reasoning was that 300 gems is cost of a pull. So if you continue you still get the pull but you also get the mats. Again only as a last resort. But now you only get 7 coins and I got 2 along the way. I had a few left from last event too. But I will NOT continue on rare or epic. Honestly, I can’t I spent all my gems.

I used to only get this upset at console games where I controlled the avatar, etc and if I messed up it was on me. Like beating the old Call of duty on legendary setting was hard when the enemy had infinite respawns but I could do it. This is lots of board luck.

SG I really hope you tone down the others. Many don’t have Vivica(even I only have her at 3.70 which I don’t think would have mattered if she was maxed). But this game is clearly getting up in power creep where I can’t beat it with classic heroes. That shouldn’t be the case.

League of Legends runs a new ad that even stresses how games are becoming P2W. They are skill to win, and EP used to involve a lot of luck and some skill. I mean I watched a video today where it took a few singles and 4 10x to get the 2 4* and Kestrel. Still they didn’t get the new heroes.

Also I have a question about Finley. He attacks then if hero is buffed, he attacks another and on and on. If no buff he hits a random. Question is if he attacks a hero that has no buff does it just end?
Does he attack only buffed heroes to start? I guess this is more for the Finley thread. My head is still spinning.

And yes this is meant in caps…
WHY WAS AR CUT FOR SCHEDULING WHEN WE CAN RUN AN EVENT PLUS A TRIAL SIDE BY SIDE? Clearly servers can stand it. Oh and toss a war into the mix too. But we can’t have one day of AR? Can someone from SG give me a serious reason. Nobody asked for the cut. Just please come out and admit you cut it for money. Or give us a real reason. Don’t get me wrong I love all the stuff to do but the AR cut makes NO SENSE. NOR DOES THE LEVEL OF HEROES GETTING HARDER AFTER AVALON WAS ALREADY ON THE UPPER LIMIT. What’s next? We pay gems just to start a level then 50 gems per round to play and maybe get beat by super hard heroes?


Small Giant people - please listen. You’ve set the bar for completing challenge events far too high now.


I have done my first passes on rare and epic and I haven’t used any continues.

They are harder. 100%. But the rewards are much much much better as well. Finishing all three gives 160 emblems, 6 unfarmable mats, coins, +more. It should be harder and these at least take a touch of strategy if you don’t plan on just carpet bombing the final bosses.

FWIW, I hope a year from now they add 5 more levels and make it harder again.


Maybe instead of bragging you could leave some advice on how you managed. Strategy, heros, battle items :wink:


This is vague…who are you using?

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Not at all bragging and sorry if it came off that way. I am just personally happy with the challenge and rewards.

I would be happy to share my strategy. let me go grab some screen shots


Here is my rare team + where I ended up after my first run just for proof.

I run 3/2 on most of these since I’m not crazy deep and I don’t want to rely on getting stacked mono boards

  • I don’t touch items till I am at the boss
  • create gems for your off colors and stack the board full before you get the to boss stage if possible
  • Enter the boss stage with all specials maxed and lots of your strong colors on the board.
  • Unleash hell with Specials, tiles, items (in that order). If the bosses are still alive… play the board to finish them up

I play rare to place high and epic/legendary for the completion bonus. Strategy changes at the higher tiers, but not dramatically.

Normal rules apply… def down first, stack against what you have trouble killing, etc etc


I have completed epic and my team for stage 15 was Boldtusk +15, Wilbur, Wu +18, Lixiu and level 65 Agwe. Yes I took Agwe to this fight :joy: and Antidotes and mana pots. Also axes and bombs

I appreciate the new improved rewards and think the level of difficulty is fair.


On epic I had some success with Wilbur, G Falcon, BT, Scarlett, Colen, G Jackal, Gretel, Li Xiu, Chao, Wu Kong in various constellarions all maxed and emblemed (except Colen and Li Xiu), until lvl 15. Still not been able to complete that one. I have 5-7 4* of each color maxed out and at least 2 of each color emblemed

No shame in using axes, bombs, etc to soften the battle field


Do you have 5 classic heroes 4*? And the forge upgraded?


That worked a treat for me, thank you. I used exactly the same items. I don’t have Squire Wabbit so swapped in Azar, and Valen subbed for the second Gato. None had emblems. Had 2 zombies to deal with at the end, but nobody died. Except the bosses, obviously.

My scores are a lot lower than yours though!

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Very happy to hear that! It is a solid strategy that is more or less stolen from @PeachyKeen and others that regularly place in the top 100 of these events, I certainly didn’t come up with it myself.

Don’t worry about that part. I am specifically playing rare to place high so I am RACING through the levels and trying to complete in sub 45 seconds for most levels (over 1 minute is an auto replay). The normal completion rewards are fantastic! FWIW I have replayed enough levels at this point to work into the mid 250s. I don’t think I can make it much lower but I will give it a shot and update this thread with my final score


Completion is the main goal for me as well. I shall probably replay a few levels in hopes of staying in the top 100k and, of course, of finding chests. I’m currently one token short of a pull. Is that the new “one sandwich short of a picnic”? :wink:

Onward to see what Scarecrow’s epic strategy can do. I’m so used to relying on Rigard and Proteus it’s going to feel quite weird.


I managed epic now with mono red team, axes and arrows (only items I used). BT, Wilbur, G Falcon, Scarlett and Colen. 7th trial or so


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