I read a strategy to level all aspects of the base

I want to thank everyone who have answered my questions about which heroes to level, the different deals, etc. You guys have been extremely helpful.
have been looking and have seen several posts about leveling the SH, TCs to certain levels, etc. but there was one that was very methodical, comprehensive and covered every aspect of upgrading and leveling various parts of your base including the watchtower and forges. It was pretty much step by step and clear. First, level SH to **, farms to Lvl ***, then 2 TC to level ***, next concentrate on leveling Watchtower to ***. Something along those lines.
I have racked my brain trying to think of different words to search for it and still haven’t found it. I regret not getting a screenshot of it. Do you guys know what I am talking about?

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Saw this … as per your above description !


Thanks, that’s a good video and is helpful. I was hoping to find the post the person wrote however, I appreciate the video as well

Was it this comment from @NPNKY in the advice for new players thread?

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I myself found repeatedly in this situation until i’ve discovered the bookmark option Capture

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I agree

How to search forum bookmarks

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Not what you are looking for but

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(A basic guide for absolute beginners - #11 by Gryphonknight)