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Grabbed this from another thread:

It seems like this would help others, so let’s continue the conversation here!

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I’m mostly a Free2Play player (have spent a little cash). When I could not get a 4* from the Summons, I went to the Training Camp to make some (TC13). This wasn’t a short process, but I did get my first free 4* after a month of running two lvl 13 camps. My next two 4* came in the following month. Then a couple from epic tokens (also free).

The game gives quite a bit, but patience is usually required to see it all. :wink:


Thanks for the advice, I have a lil ways to go to get to lvl 13 camps mine are at lvl 9 at the moment, which is my current max, I like to lvl up everything completely before I lvl up my stronghold. Any other advise for a fairly new player? It’s always appreciated… Thanks again!


My advice is dont level eveything, you’ll get higher training camps faster. I have 3 tc 20s and only one house over level 8. Your iron storages never need to exceed 18 to have enougg iron for anything


Have you read Coppersky’s Compendium? It’s written for the beginner but there is a lot of foundational advice in it, plus links to other guides for the more advanced player:

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Ok thanks, right now everything is at lvl 9. What would you recommend for my next few upgrades?


Ok thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll give this a read through and see what I can get out of it.


I guess advice would be to always be building something, and play every aspect of the game to get what you need. Honestly, I do feel like the game is more play to win then pay to win. Playing seems to be your best chance for getting the materials needed to ascend heroes. :smiley: I just typed up something for another player regarding the training camps (shown below). It sounds like it will be helpful to you too. And honestly, the jump to camp 12 shouldn’t be too bad for you. The players in my alliance do like to point out that the game is a marathon, not a sprint though! As a note, as your build times get greater, you’ll have ample time to build iron for the next build. There’s no reason to max out your iron production, as long as you’re able to collect regularly.
Good luck, and hopefully you can get some epic summon tokens from your chests while you’re building!