Speed Leveling Heroes for Veterans

I DID search before doing this and was unsatisfied by the beginner guides.
Because I like playing with my brain off, I’d like some suggestions on how to upgrade my heroes the fastest.

Here is my current strategy:

I run TC11 while I build up my swords, packs and rugged clothes.
Then I use up all my rugged clothes on TC19
I use up all of my swords on TC1
I use up all of my packs on TC 2
When I cycle through everything, I recharge all 4 TC11.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Is there a better, faster way?

I run 3 TC11 always …
And just farm for 1 2 and 19

Wish they had a very fast TC 21 for uncommon. TC19 is great but omg the 1* route is soooo expensive for how slow it raises your heroes…

Well … its slow progress but its economic.
For me.


Oh I agree. I don’t want to waste food and I can (I think) put the game down for awhile while TC generate feeders.

just have tons of hungry hungry heroes.

I personally run tc2 before tc1, because tc1 eat the recruit for less xp

1x 2* give 2.6x the xp of a 1*
For 10 recruit those tc give equivalent of xp (count in equivalent of 1*) :

  • tc1 : 2x 1*
  • tc2 : 3.6x 1*
  • tc19 : 5x 1*
  • Tc11 = 9x 1*
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Thanks @Puruska

At this point I am constantly out of packs, clothes and swords. So just let them all charge up to 40-60 and then run through them all at once.

I think you have it covered.

I guess you run province 7 for the rugged cloth as much as you can …?

Most of the time I have it set up like this. When I get a hero I want to lvl I pour everything from the tc 2 into it and collect food from tc 13 and then dump the recruits in either tc 2 or 1 :slight_smile:

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So veterans, at some TC20 has run its course and no longer useful? And everything goes TC11 until you are ready to convert swords, packs and clothes?

@Puruska, thanks for the link! :slight_smile: While I’m still using the method outlined in my “Speed Levelling” guide, I don’t know if it fully addresses @DJQuixo’s original post.

For someone later in the game, there are methods that are arguably more efficient, and likely faster.

@Kerridoc touches on some of the methodology briefly in his post:

Additionally, @WinkWink has done some phenomenal work in detailing the concept of “Banking” recruits, food, Practice Swords, Adventure Kits and Rugged Clothing, and is currently working on a spreadsheet that will help determine the most efficient method given the resources available.

You can read up on his approach to banking in the “Speed Guide” thread. :slight_smile:

Personally, I am very enthusiastic about preparing a Late Game guide to “Power Levelling” a hero, as opposed to the Mid-Game approach I outlined in my “Guide” :slight_smile:

I haven’t personally reached that stage of the game, however, and recently have been rather busy otherwise, so I am waiting until I have more experience with implementing the “Bank and Power Level” method (for instance, I am currently trying my hand at “banking” all trainer-hero’s) before attempting to answer the question:

But it’s a terrific question! :slight_smile:

I think @Puruska and @Rigs have provided some unique insights here as well, and I look forward to their continued contributions!

Thanks all,
:slight_smile: Tima


yup! Some folks who have been playing for awhile get a little more tired of the grind and want to be the most efficient.

Ive done the tc20 and tc11 banking thing frequently, and was a fly on the wall to someone who “saved up” a bunch of recruits in preparation for a hero he wanted.

He saved all trainers, 3* and purple 2*, ran 3 instances of tc17 to get as many 3* dark as he could 10 days before, and ran about 6 days worth of tc2 which he just let sit. He didn’t get the hero he wanted but did ascend a 5* from 3/70 to 4/80 in less than a day, in addition to 3t another 4*

His use of tc17 made me rethink my strategy, if only a little. It takes only 1 rugged clothes, but seemed to put more 3* than 2*. The killer was that it took a full day and 100k food. Feels like the recruits are better used in a steady stream from lower tc, but what do i know?

I just know that tc11 is absolutely the best deal, but i just cant handle only 32 heroes a day. I neeeed moooaaar

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that’s all i have. btw dont run specific color training. pretty solid waste of resources. also save your daily summons tokens, u have to claim the 2x u get from vip but u dont have to use the tokens u get from other sources. i also save all trainers and 3* and 4* i get, and also use the ones i get from pulling the hero i want. and i dont color feed unless necessary to save food costs. when leveling ur hero from 1/1 to 4/80 in a day, eat all the other colored 1* first, save 2* for later levels in tier 3, then start by eatinf all non same color 2* first then eat same color 2* if needed. fast and food efficient in my opinion. for example:

if you have alberich you want to take from 1/1 to 4/80 in a single day and have done the proper prep work to do.

eat all your non green 1* first, collect more from camps as u run out, that will get you through 1st and 2nd tiers the majority of the time

3rd tier start out the same way eating all non green 1*, then once out, eat all your green 1* until you hit about level 30 to 35 then start eating all non green 2*

should finish you out on 3rd tier. 4th tier start out the same, eat all 1* you have left and get as far as you can. should get you to level 25 or 30ish. then start eating all the 2* you can till you hit about level 50 to 60. then eat all the 3 and 4 u have saved up, then use trainers to finish out if needed. trainers are the hardest to come by so those are the ones i try to be conservative with if i can.


Okay. Many have argued various storage methods, and it seems no one size fits all. So, I will not argue with any of the “how to” posts here; however, why?

Why speed level? Currently, I am moving Victor above 4^25, Leonidas above 3^18 and Aegir is almost at first ascension. Victor was the closest to a “speed level” as I fed him whenever I was in game. That was done, though, at the same time I was farming or raiding or otherwise doing something that shared focus with his leveling.

I admit I focused on a single hero in Victor because he would push my team to a higher level, but I slowed his progress for the same reason. When a 5* hits the last ascension, it is 80% done. If the team would gain more by replacing a weak link by leveling up another hero at the same time, you share the food.

because many players like myself get to a point where they’ve leveled up the majority of the "useful"heros in their roster. and there’s only 1 or 2 heros here and there that would add anything to our current selections, and we’re lucky if we even get 1. so with that bein said, we like to target that 1 hero and get him/her maxed and in our lineup rotation asap so that we can get back to farming, crafting, raiding, and either waitin on more mats to max another hero we could use or waitin to get a hero we can use.

I mainly do it for heroes i think will be game changing for me. Hel, alasie, drake for examples

Drake, Alasie and Hel? I guess that was a heck of a day for summonsing.

Or, were you waiting on a couple for when a cornerstone appeared? I understand waiting for a hero who will move you to the next level, but my argument is against those who make it seem necessary.

Storage strategy must be seen as a means rather than an end. Newer players rushing first to tc20, then building up storage waiting for that first 5 will not be in as good a position as they might have thought.

Even veterans can go astray. I read one post here of one waiting on a dark hero who blew it all on a different color hero when the hoped for hero did not fall. Planning is good, sticking to a plan is often better.

Just think more needs to be said about team strategy/building when theories on logistics are floated. Forst, plan yhe team, then build.

If you were a newer player seeing a post directed at “veterans”, how fast did you hit that up?

My purpose has been served by @Rigs second post. We all hit those walls. What to do when that happens, what we did when that happened and what we did is knowledge to be shared and used.

Thanks for the response.

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If a player wants to be competitive, they need to find an alliance that offers steady growth

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I read the forum front to back. Joined an alliance later. But, joining an alliance in which interacting is as important as titan fighting is best.

Good luck

After you get tc20 up and running and barracks etc Best is to research the tc that give specific color heroes and level your specific hero color…
Instead of spamming tc19…
Slower, maybe 4xtime slower but more efficient…
Thats what im gonna do. Especially as a f2p player and also i like more to strategise first :slight_smile:

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