Looking for Mid tier TC advice

Mid Tier F2P player here, SH is at 13 and im gearing up for the push to 19. I currently have the following set up going with my TC.

TC 1 - rank 13 cooking
TC 2 - rank 12 cooking
TC 3 - rank 11 cooking

A couple questions.

Since I’m stockpiling swords and backpacks, should I back off the TC11 and go back to TC2 for the quicker cook time on infusion fuel?

Is TC13 with using over 12? I don’t have a hard time dumping recruits into 13, should I be doing 2 13’s or just 1 of each?

I’m still working on getting the 30 3* or better heroes for wars and stuff so I save most of the new 3* I get.

And advice will be greatly appreciated

I’m running the next setup on an alt account:

TC1 - Training 13 - non stop
TC2 - Training 11 - non stop
TC3 - Training 1/2 - non stop overnight, but active periods during the day.

This allows me to level up five heroes at a time, one of each color. I do not have all the necessary 3* heroes yet, but I can continue to level up the ones I think are useful. It also provided me with four 4* heroes in two months.

My SH is at level 17 atm. I’m slowely working towards level 20, but considering the fact I’m always short on ham I decided to upgrade my farms a bit first. I am in no rush and have not spend any money.

TC 2 is expensive in resources. Run your TC 11s at full speed.

Some tips for beginners:

  1. Summon heroes when you do not have the items is useless and, how sad to leave them in the closet … :pensive:

  2. your priority is your side You will score when you are stronger and to become strong, you will need a maximum of resources

  • Let the big lvl big titans scores, we are here for that, for you bring better loot.

  • attach to up your stronghold quickly

  • your camps at lvl 13

  • 1 forge at lvl 5 to make 1 barracks

  • 1 forge at lvl 18 for max mana pops and stops of time

  1. Make and keep in reserve these maxi mana and stops of the time ONLY for rare quests or Events because it is there that you will be able to certainly pick up the objects of evolution for your 4 and 5 *
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I think your tips would be better off if they are addressed to the OP @Ba3rman, but I’m glad you are trying to help out. As I already have 90% of my camp at level 20 on my main account, those are irrelevant for me by now.

I agree that TC 2 is expensive, but I like the fact I have my feeder heroes sooner than later when I spend time on my alt account. I also decided to have this setup in order to have ‘one of each’ while leveling my SH up to 20. It’s a personal preference, as I do not mind growing slow on this second account.

For the OP I think this is very important:

Once you start the game, I would advise you to spend gems on summoning heroes until you atleast have a rainbow 3* team. Elemental summons will help you out to achieve a rainbow team faster. After that save the gems for x10 summons during Events or Atlantis portals or spend them on extra hero capacity or ascension material offers (if you need them).

This is also true. Find an alliance, which can help you obtain resources more easily. This means the alliance should be active and not be half-empty. Work your way towards SH20 asap, as training camp level 20 will give you guaranteed 3* with a chance on 4* and 5* heroes.

I do not agree with getting your forge to level 18 ASAP. Mine has been on level 13 for ages after I reached SH20. Being able to produce Dragon Banners and everything from lower leveled production stages was sufficient enough to tackle every quest and event. Instead, work towards having multiple 3* and 4* heroes of each color. You will be able to finish special quests and events much easier with a variety of heroes, thanks to having opportunities to adjust your team to the weakness of these events and quests.

I do agree with this. It’s pretty much a waste to use them on something else (titan’s later on).

In my opinion you have 2 possible cases:

  1. Urgent need of 2* to urgently lvl a 4/5*
    In this case…
    Tc11 for banking recruits
    Tc13 for banking food
    Tc1/2 for feeding 4/5*

  2. Relaxed, non urgent. Ascension mats are way too low
    In this case play relaxed
    2xTc11 for recruits and some heroes
    Tc13 for banking food / very low probability of 4*

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