Which 4* to level up first, Cyprian or Proteus?

Who should I level up first Cyprian or Proteus?

Proteus and it’s not close!


There is no counter argument to this. Proteus is that useful.


Normally I say “It depends on your roster” but not this time.

If you have Rigard, I would level Rigard and Proteus to 4* 3.60, then Rigard to 4* 4.70 then Proteus to 4* 4.70 ( see notes on Purple 4* heroes ).

Many people have wanted a 5* Rigard for a long time. If you do not get rumored blue 5* Ariel, then 4*+19 Rigard is just as good.

Many people love purple 5* Hel. If you do not have 5* Hel, then 4*+19 Proteus can actually be betters ( that is a long discussion of 5* Hel versus 4*+19 Proteus versus rumored purple 4*+19 Cheshire Cat ).

If you do not have Rigard, I would level Proteus to 4* 3.60 then, if you have them Sabina 4* 3.60 or Tiburtus 4* 3.60 ( see notes ).

Cyprian is a very powerful hero, but a tough hero to learn how to use ( see notes )

I am also a big fan of getting a good rainbow 4* 3.60 team before leveling any hero to 4* 4.1 ( see notes )


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Thx gryphon. I do have Rigard. Just leveled him to 3. Thx for the information. It was very useful.

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I have both and I’d say to go with Proteus, he’s one that you can take to raids (especially on attack), titans, wars, events.

Cyprian is good however I’ve hardly used him except when in raid defense, and that was quite a few months ago.

I’d recommend reading the player guides that Gryphon Knight pointed you to, it helped me a great deal.

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Proteus is a God. I can’t imagine taking him out of my offensive lineup.


Me too, I’d take him up first over Rigard myself. He has single-handedly upped my raid win percentage significantly. I don’t have Hel, but he’s the next best thing!

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Proteus was my first Atlantis pull, and my first 4* purple. AS I’ve said in other threads, he’s great any time you are facing things which generate mana, as long as they don’t reflect purple - and sometimes that wouldn’t deter me.

Proteus then Proteus then Proteus again. in Event Proteus except Purple Reflect is a must if you dont have Hel. 2-3 Proteus in lineup = 100% mana lock


Another vote for Proteus. His special is game-changing. Especially against multiple bosses in challenges and Seasonal Events. Super helpful in raiding too.

Having said that, 3-60 Cyprian was a great tank for me when I was first getting started, and I still use him in wars. Just last night I won a fight because Magni attacked Cyprian and killed himself.


I took the overwhelming advice and have Proteus on the grid +2. Helps me to beat teams 200-300 points higher. Thanks all!


Proteus, wilbur, Wukong are the 3 best 4* in the game.
I got proteus today, now i have all 3.
Got Atomos on the way also, i might do some testing on him aswell once lvled up to rank 3

I have all three :slight_smile: Love them all.

Agree on the first 2, I’d take Hansel over Wu. I find Wu is good for titans and desperation at the end if a war.

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It’s not good for titan, it’s one of the must have for titan

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Proteus all the way no questions asked! He is pretty badass don’t underestimate him. Have him on one of your team’s he will definitely come in handy!

Good choice, Storm. I highly value Rigard, but Proteus is a game-changer; level him up and you’ll never fear bosses or miss AMs again. Even Rigard can’t match that.

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I took the advice here and have Proteus on the grid. Can’t imagine a team without him

Hands down Proteus is better then Cyprian for multiple reasons. He is also probably my least favorite 4* Purple. Your basically gambling with Cyprian going off and then they are targeting your counter attack for him to even be effective. This makes him pretty useless in raids and wars for the most part. Proteus you obviously have more control over and can be overpowering if you got heals ready to go off, or, something you need to stop that can change the game in your favor.

Proteus vs Rigard (my opinion)

I have Proteus and Rigard and I can say hands down I would never choose mana lock over dispel depending on opponent or the titan/event boss. I am not here to shame Proteus because mana lock is powerful, however, dispel is just as powerful if you know who you are facing off against. You can cripple teams with Rigard so they both have different play styles and not comparable in my books.

Proteus vs Tibertus (my opinion)

Proteus is good if your stopping a hungry fast team trying to explode. Simply put he is there to control the super aggressive teams. Usually squishy teams. Far as titans and event bosses go I would say Tibertus is the upper hand purple 4*. 6 Turn Defense killer is hands down my favorite on any 4 star. I play a more aggressive play style and I feel like Proteus likes to prolong the game by just stalling defenses until you can do damage elsewhere.

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