Which 4* to level up first, Cyprian or Proteus?

Normally I say “It depends on your roster” but not this time.

If you have Rigard, I would level Rigard and Proteus to 4* 3.60, then Rigard to 4* 4.70 then Proteus to 4* 4.70 ( see notes on Purple 4* heroes ).

Many people have wanted a 5* Rigard for a long time. If you do not get rumored blue 5* Ariel, then 4*+19 Rigard is just as good.

Many people love purple 5* Hel. If you do not have 5* Hel, then 4*+19 Proteus can actually be betters ( that is a long discussion of 5* Hel versus 4*+19 Proteus versus rumored purple 4*+19 Cheshire Cat ).

If you do not have Rigard, I would level Proteus to 4* 3.60 then, if you have them Sabina 4* 3.60 or Tiburtus 4* 3.60 ( see notes ).

Cyprian is a very powerful hero, but a tough hero to learn how to use ( see notes )

I am also a big fan of getting a good rainbow 4* 3.60 team before leveling any hero to 4* 4.1 ( see notes )


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