Help with 4* Purple Roster

Hello All,

I am looking for some advice on who to work on next for my purple heros. My main objective is just to fill out my bench for wars. At this point I do not see a compelling case for any of my 4* to supplant my top 3 purple heros for raids or titans.

I have 5* maxed+emblemed Kage(1) + Sartana (6)
5* 3-70 Thoth
4* maxed: Proteus(3) and Sabina(10)
4* 3-60: Tibs + Rigard
Untouched 4*: 2nd (Sabina, Proteus, Tibs, Rigard), Ameonna, Cheshire Cat (2-7), Cyprian

I am currently filling out 3* since I kind of skipped them early on (Balthazar will be maxed tomorrow), then maybe untouched Gill or Choch for use in events/tournaments. Tyrum and Prisca are already maxed

Any recommendations on who I should work with next or a case for any of my unleveled to be used more heavily? (have Ranvir and Wilbur for all titan lineups)

Surely finish Rigard and Tiburtus. Then I would raise another Proteus and Cheshire Cat, Cyprian, Ameonna

would you ascend Rigard and Tibs before bringing any of the others to 3-60?

And second Proteus over Cheshire, Cyprian or Ameonna?

ja, of course depends on the rest of the team, but Rigard is an essential 4 star hero, i would ascend him directly. I am currently thinking to max a dupe for AW…

In my opinion, it’s always better to finish levelling a hero. Because what usually happens is that if you leave a hero partially levelled, then it will take a long time before finishing him/her. Also, a fully leveled hero is always useful. So as you have both Rigard and Tibs at 3/60, why not take them to the end?

Also, Rigard is one of the best healers of the game, you surely won’t regret fully levelling him.

Question: how many mats do you have? Because of course depends also on that. If you have enough for two heroes, then I would say Rigard and second Proteus, he’s way too useful.

I got Rigard so much later than Sabina that I never really had a need to bring him to max. I have Zim and Ariel for cleansing. I always knew he was an essential 4*, he just filled a need that I didnt really have.

I didnt bring Rigard or Tibs to max right away because at the time I was trying to fill out as many 4* 3-60 as I could to get a decent bench. Then Sartana, Thoth and Kage got every purple feeder after. So now it is time to circle back and finish them off. As it stands, I currently leave a couple 3-60 4* behind in wars due to overall depth.

I have 16 compass and 10 gloves (or vice versa) and 17 trap tools along with 99 Scabbards.

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Definitely finish your first Tibs and Rigard. After that, do Cyprian and Cheshire Cat. Rigard will definitely come in handy in 4 star tourneys and epic difficulty of the seasonal/monthly events. He is definitely one of the few 4 star healers I see 90% of the time in higher end gameplay. The riposte special really comes in handy against titans and if you know you are facing a lot of AoE heroes. And since Cyprian doesn’t have a huge difference gap between his defense and attack like Boril, you can get more counter attack damage with him.

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If your aiming for wars, definitely Rigard first and then a 2nd proteus. Yes you have Zim and Ariel for cleansing, but that’s only 2 of your flags. 2 of my flags in war are dedicated to a proteus-rigard pairing along with an anti-tank stack (unless its purple tank).

That is a good point. In our wars I have been less worried about cleanse and Rigard at 3-60 has been decent enough if needed. I went ahead and ascended Rigard this morning. I think I might push up Tiburtus next. As much as I love Proteus, I kind of want to have a little variety so I am thinking cheshire cat or Ameonna after Tibs. I hear a lot of praise for Ameonna for her tile damage, so that could come in handy.

I see I’m late to the party, but I can’t fault the Rigard decision. He’s really good, and cleanse is a rare skill. I also like Tiburtus, as defense down is also a useful skill, and Tiburtus is a ranger, which is a rarity on my roster. So I think your short-term plan makes sense.

Longer term, you mentioned maxing three-stars and the possibility of finishing Gill-Ra. I did that, and I don’t regret it. She levels fast, and again, has the rare cleanse ability. Slow mana is no fun, but she is relatively sturdy for a three-star. I also have Ameonna at 3^60. I’m leveling Domitia right now, but I will definitely consider maxing Ameonna in the future. Her tile damage is high (insane with her special), but what I really find nice is how she can ghost during war and make it impossible for you to lose for four turns. That’s come in handy on more than one occasion for me. You have enough mats to consider this.

I don’t have Proteus, but I know lots of folks talk about maxing 2 if they have them. You might want to get some of their perspectives as you prioritize your long-term plans.

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