Cyprian or Proteus for defense team?

Hi, all. I was just wondering which dark hero I should put on my defense team, Proteus or Cyprian? Both are maxed with 5 talents.

To give you a bit more context, here are the rest of my defense heroes:
Melendor - maxed with 7 talents
Boldtusk - maxed with 7 talents
Li Xiu - maxed with 2 talents
Grimm - maxed with 8 talents

Thank you!

Probably Proteus.

Cyprian is a bit too easy to kill and anyone who has a Caedmon, Sonya, Melendor, Evelyn, etc can take him out of the equation completely.

Proteus along with Li Xiu could actually be pretty annoying

I would go with Proteus, he is frail but quite annoying to fight if his mana block fires.

Personally I prefer Boril for the riposte heroes, but Cyprian is good too. I just find riposte more useful for map levels though.

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Thanks for the advice!

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I used a 3/60 Cyprian tank, with Kashkrek as flank and it helped me get in low platinum a few months back
I tried using a +6 Proteus on defense, but for me, it just doesn’t work… Whenever he is on my team, i wake up in the morning with a winless streak and a ton of revenge possible. I am currently at 2000 cups
So for me, Cyprian would be the best choice, with a BT flank to provide him with some healing

For defence: Cyprian no doubt.

But as Proteus is literally much better for all the rest… screw defence.

Proteus is one of the best 4*.


Your defense is lacking fast mana hitters for the outsides.

I agree. I have a fully maxed Triton. Should I give him some emblems and use him instead of Grimm?

the difference between Cipriano and Proteus is where you fight and what you use it for. My B account, in low and medium Gold and up to 4 round of rare quest, shows that it is more useful at that level Cipriano, wins only many times. My A, high diamond, events and complete quests shows that Proteus is the best of the game and Cipriano has none.

Pair both and calm down attacks as well as mana charge. This pair supported by 3 healers took me through S2. If the bosses got charged at all, they committed suicide…

Boldie Mel Cyp Li Proto
Mel Cyp Boldie Li Proto

Second one will probably be better.

Riposte is dispellable, but lasts long and hits well. I remember several rsids with even two dispellers and none was ready at the right time.


They are both offensive heroes. Proteus is unique among 4*, and his skill is amazingly useful. I use him against every yellow tank. Cyprian rocks when it comes to killing 5* AOE. He was a game changer for me For defense Cyprian makes a decent tank up to mid platinum, but no further. Proteus on defense, not a good idea. He dies before casting, 90% of the time.

I would use Proteus on flank or wing position. Flank more likely.
You can use BT as a tank and definitely when he is emblemed so he can revive. Cyprian is just a pure tank. Proteus has more use

Did you ever see it? :wink:
Danza also casts 90% freezes.

My well talented Proteus now survives 2 normal attacks followed by a non buffed hit of a maxed Lianna and keeps me well above 2400 cups for almost 2 month now.

He’s my lil Hel and even better, since riposte won’t hurt him. Just met such a suicidal real Hel and slaughtered her with my ProtoCypDuo… :rofl:

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