Deciding where to spend your class emblems - Tourney update 2019-Mar [Math, Analysis]

Peer review

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Completing Class quests with 4*+15

You also want to be able to complete, preferably cheaply, all Class quests to get even more emblems.

I stopped leveling purple 4* Ameonna - a niche Sorcerer - because I am leveling more important 4* purple heroes including Sorcerer Sabina and - if RNGoddess smiles on me - Sorcerer Cheshire Cat.

Often a 4*+15 will help you complete a class quest when a 5* 4.1+ is the wrong class, wrong color, wrong special skill.

Decisions, Decision or Each account is unique

This post is meant to be a starting point, and to explain sufficient information, for you to make your own decisions.


While true, 4*+19 are the most efficient, as I am very fond of saying “It depends on your roster and your situation”.

I would never take Rigard to 4*+01 if I had 2x Ariel 5*+01 and 2x Delilah 5*+01 ( together they fight crime ).

Clones of good 4* Heroes

Ariel is a 5* Rigard in blue. Tarlak is a 5* Wu Kong in green. Athena is a heavily nerfed 5* Grimm in blue. Zeline is a 5* Scarlett crossed with a 5* Caedmon.

As a general rule, if I had a 5* clone of a really good 4*, when I got the 5* clone to 5* 4.80 I would refund all the emblems on the 4* hero and give them to the 5* clone.

Once again, it depends on your roster of 4*/ 5* heroes, their color and their classes.

Talents and special skills that go well together

Fighter- Delilah,
Paladins- Ares, Aegis,
Ranger- Alasie, Athena, Evelyn.

All these heroes have 5*+1 talents that go really, really well with their 8/8 special skill. I would immediately take them to 5*+1 ( if I had them leveled to 5* 4.80, but that is another discussion ).

I would consider taking them to 5*+15, instead of a similar hero to 4*+15, depending - all together now - on how many, what colors, and what gaps, I had in my 5* 4.80 roster.

Different classes

Fighter Boldtusk and Paladin Ares are two different classes.

Fighter Boldtusk and Fighter Delilah

Fighter Boldtusk and Fighter Delilah are two of the best combination of a talent and a 8/8 special skill in the game. I would immediately take Fighter Boldtusk and Fighter Delilah to at least X*+1.

Paladin Ares and Paladin Aegis

Paladin Ares and Paladin Aegis depend a lot on your specific roster, especially gaps.

I said I would never level the released version of Aegis, but I desperately need his shared damage, heal, and HP vamp to complete two of the class quests. The Paladin talent grid only improves him for these tasks and increases his effectiveness in getting me Paladin emblems from class quests. For Justice quest- blue is strong versus red mobs/ neutral versus purple mobs.

Paladin Ares is a healer in a class with few healers. Even at 5*+1 Ares would be much better at defeating the Bosses on the Challenging stage of two class quests ( Richard and Justice ). For Serenity quest- red is strong versus green mobs/ but weak versus blue mobs.