Gems . Keep them? Atlantis vs Guardians

If I got Falcon, I wouldn’t just be improving green titan results. I’d be placing better in both epic and legendary in some events. And I’d be rerolling less in raids. Wouldn’t hurt my war roster either, even against blue tankers.


It was a different game. Yes, you can beat season 1 without Proteus. Season 2 hard without a mana controller? Have fun…

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For season two hard you can use Little John and time stop.


@solipsism, the thing with Proteus is he’s less necessary if you have Hel, but you still WANT him for events and war.
You are right it is a matter of perspective. If your looking for your best chance of getting “something” good (better than a Renfeld or Prisca) then without a doubt you want to go with Atlantis.
If you have a relatively deep roster and are looking to fill out some spots then you’d want to hit Guardians if you are missing them. Although that could also depend on the current HotM, and what past HotM are available. Sometimes they are priority. Say Onatel or Alberich showed up again, well then Atlantis is going to likely get more than my budget of money :joy:


I’m torn because I’ll probably finish season 2 this month (I assume you don’t have to finish it on hard to get the 300 coin reward). Grimble sucks but Onatel is rumoured to be returning. On the other hand I hear people talk up Kunchen who’s due to come up next month plus Vela sounds ok - not great but definitely better than Grimble. I like the sound of Jean-Francois (February HOTM) but returning heroes will be Frida & Delilah who people don’t seem to rave about.


Proteus is nice but chews through mana items.

Proteus seldom kills bosses himself, just lets the team do it. And there is lots of competition in purple 4* heroes.


Wilbur needs Boldtusk + Falcon or 5* heroes to absorb the shared damage. Otherwise it is better to have a sniper, or titan, kill a single hero and waste the rest of the damage.

Classic 4* heroes

I was consistency beating quests and challenges long before then.

Wu Kong and Rigard are the two most powerful 4* heroes in the game if you learn to use them and have teams ( see below) to support them.

Both are available from Guardian and Atlantis if you need them.

(Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong)



According to Beta rumors the chance to get Panther is less because of Gazelle and Chameleon.

Jackal, and Falcon, are rumored to stay the same.


The odds I used in mj math are from the latest Grimforest summons portal.

Let me put here a question without opening a new thread.

Green is my weak color, having just Kingston as 5* (lucky me).
The other colors are acceptable and I don’t have any elemental debuffer except for Frida.
I was planning to skip january teltoc and try my luck in february for Lady of tha Lake (more for events than raids and wars).

Should I stick looking for LotL (to strenghten green) or going for as much debuffers as possible?

(I also plan to spend like 12 EHT this january looking for mother north)

Thanks in advance

I’m f2p without Proteus. Or Hel. My only mana controllers are the tc20 ones and Mitsuko. I beat season 2 and all hard quests and events easily without Proteus or Wilbur. I didn’t use mana control at all to beat s2. I used carefully timed time stops, revive scrolls, a resurrection scroll, and mana. Rigard heal, blind from joon, and then Wu at the right time worked just fine first try.

Don’t get me wrong I really want Proteus but not as much as Jackal and/or Falcon, so that’s where I’m focusing and that’s what I suggest to most others. Elemental defense down is insanely impactful on titans, events, quests, raids, wars. Everywhere. In my opinion it’s the most impactful skill in the game, the way the damage formula works with the fact that lowering defense has the biggest effect on dealing damage. Gets you high titan and event scores, quickly dispatches enemies anywhere, and lets you bypass needing to color stack tanks in war and certain tournaments rules, or heroes that put up elemental defenses (Guin, Kunch) etc, and probably stuff I left out. It has so much power


The question boils down to: Do you want to try for Natalya or do you want the Guardians? Wilbur and Proteus (who the meat of this particular thread have been about) are there every month during Atlantis summoning time but when was the last time we could get Natalya? Thinking this way, Natalya seems to be the way to go, unless you don’t want her and in that case go all out for guardians. That’s my thought process at least. (But I have falcon and panther and that may be skewing my perspective)

Piece of advice: you can beat any level of Atlantis (hard too) if you stack 3x or 4x (better of the opposite color of the boss) + Wu kong.

Prepare the board before entering the last stage (most important), take with you one or two time stops (as safe net), one or two healers.

To “prepare the board” kill all the minions of the last wave (except one) without using specials, set some gems or wait many strong tiles on the board, kill the last mob with specials (or items)

You don’t need mana stoppers if the opponent is already dead before it’s his turn.

Btw, guardians all the way.


Good news. You get even better rewards (and more coins) for finishing all of hard. Once you finish normal, you’ll unlock a new mission for hard.

Frida is solid and an elemental defense down hero (which is the main debate going on in this thread). Delilah is at least average for a HOTM. If you consider the minions as part of her heal, she heals for 46%, and then gives a small attack boost, as well. And since minions stack, it’s kind of like temporarily raising a hero’s max health, which is something we’ll see in S3.

Panther and Frida ( together they fight crime)

Panther is a very good debuffers since can pair with Tiburtus 4*+18 . purple 4*+18 heroes are a very strong class. Classic Purple 5* heroes Sartana, and Domitia, work well with Panther.

Panther is strong yellow, weak purple and Frida is strong red, weak green, so they can cover each other’s weak color.

Frida+ Grimm 4*+18 ( or Athena or Isarnia) + Valeria 4*+1 ( or Triton or Magni) is already very good. So you got very lucky with Frida.

Evelyn and Falcon ( together they fight crime )

Evelyn works well with Lianna, but Buddy 's debuff is short compared to Ramming Pulverizer.

Falcon is a pseudo 5* hero, but vulnerable to counterattack and DOT which bypass Falcon’s high defense. Paired with Wilbur, 4*+18 powerful but hard to time. Paired with Gormek 4* 4.70 easy to time but no defense buff. Pairs well with fighter / monk Boldtusk 4*+18.

Season 3

Heimdall is a strong green 5* in season 3 according to Beta Beat. Possibly the best healer in the game.

2x Heimdall on the same team might be worth it.

Minions are … not great, for titans.

But Delilah is the only 5* healer that is also a fighter


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How come?
Atlantis summon is the fattest deck of cards.
Event summons have a slightly thinner deck.

Based on the percentages — you have a very tiny percent chance for the 5* event heroes on Guardians, that divided by 5 heroes available. The total percentage for 5*s is higher in Atlantis.

The only thing that pushes me back to summon in the event is the very low rate of epic and even more low for legendaries.

I have been playing since august and i had more luck summoning in Atlantis than in events which gave me only 3* stars

But how good are those 3* event heroes… Because of them I finished on leaderboard last two rare tournaments. Bauchan and Shrubbear are like Batman and Superman of rare tier :slight_smile: Pixie is also extremely offensive and useful. And Wednesday we shall have the chance to pull for the best 3* defensive wing in the game. That purple may practically wipe out 3 enemy heroes at once if the rest of allies are dead. Is like a miniature G. Owl :joy:


Forget chances for 5*, Guardians have two unique and basically must have 4s great for (but not only) for titans, and as Rigs said, if you happen to pull 5, even better. Atlantis you can try next month.
On my alt vip only account I’m gonna make an exception and buy gems to try x10.
Also good point on the 3*, you don’t know that yet, but you want him :wink:

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