Gems . Keep them? Atlantis vs Guardians


Proteus is nice but chews through mana items.

Proteus seldom kills bosses himself, just lets the team do it. And there is lots of competition in purple 4* heroes.


Wilbur needs Boldtusk + Falcon or 5* heroes to absorb the shared damage. Otherwise it is better to have a sniper, or titan, kill a single hero and waste the rest of the damage.

Classic 4* heroes

I was consistency beating quests and challenges long before then.

Wu Kong and Rigard are the two most powerful 4* heroes in the game if you learn to use them and have teams ( see below) to support them.

Both are available from Guardian and Atlantis if you need them.

(Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong)