Ameonna, Merlin or Tibs?

Who should i level next? Eventually all three will be leveled to at least 3/60.
This is for my 6th rainbow team for war.
For dark I already have;
Sabina 4/70
Panther 3/70
Rigard 3/60
Cyperian 3/60
Proteus 3/60.

Besides 3* and one Proteus dup, these are the only dark i have. (I have Renfeld and Prisca maxed
Oh, and for the ramming pulverizer’s i already have Gormek at 4/70 and Grimm at 3/60.

Out of those three, Merlin. I would also work on maxing out some of your current ones though as only one is on their last ascension tier.

Merlin definitely. Fun in raids.

Merlin if you already have Gormek or Grimm leveled, Tibs if not - ramming pulvelizer is useful.


Merlin. One of the more unique 4* that I use.


Merlin, always Merlin.

Merlin, a lot of fun in raids and very useful for events :wink:

You already have Proteus as mana controller.



I’m with @Elpis on this one…


Tiburtus. Merlin is great, but I’d max Tiburtus first. Whatever you choose can’t be wrong, though.


Tiburtus with Panther will destroy titans. Merlin is also great, but I’d prioritize ramming pulverized first.


Merlin is best choice here

Thanks guys! Looks like I’ll do Merlin first! I’m hoarding ascension mats right now. I guess taking that no regrets method to leveling!
His mana control will probably be fun!
Then I’ll work on Tibs before i do Ameonna. I am interested how Ameonna would do in a purple stack with Panther against a titan though?

If you haven’t yet, I’d encourage you to use Kamikaze Assassin’s spreadsheet to match your heroes to the Trial quests. You may well find that informs the Tibs/Merlin question better than just considering raid/titan utility


Currently I am leveling to 4* 4.70, so I can unlock 4*+1

Cleric Rigard
Ranger Tiburtus
Sorcerer Sabina
Wizard Proteus
( see Notes for explanation)

All Defense/ HP grids

And if I had Cyprian I would add him to the end of the list as all attack grid Paladin Cyprian. But all defense grid Paladin Guardian Falcon would go first for emblems if I ever get either hero.

And if I ever get through all the above 4* purples- Sorcerer Cheshire Cat is rumored to be a 4* purple so Cat would be after Sabina for emblems but I would immediately take him to 4* 3.60 because OMG :open_mouth:

So the above is my personal recommendation of purple hero order.


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Not sure the classes are of too much help into the Merlin/Tibs question. Both are totally worth getting the mats some day to max and use emblems on.
Kiril is currently getting my wizard emblems, as is Chao for ranger. I thought about holding off on and saving the ranger emblems for a different hero, but my Chao still gets daily use.
Sabina is getting my sorcerer and it’s been pretty cool during raids. That delay is a huge help.
Tibs would definitely be the better fit for Ranger emblems and will probably see them someday!

Leveling up to 3/60 goes pretty quickly! I think the mana special skill of Merlin’s is probably still the most valuable right now. I can do Tibs right after. I may do my second Proteus before Ameonna though. I was hoping to get a 3rd of him actually. His skill has definitely won me many war battles when I’m way under powered going up against another team. I threw Proteus snd Wilbur into a blue stack (Grimm, and maxed karil and Ulmer) against a Santa tank just now and even though i was under powered by 500 TP, i still was victorious!

Thank you everyone for your input!!!


Chao is better use for you. Later you can use reset emblems on him and use those emblems on Tiburtus. Or you might have 1010 Ranger emblems and not have to choose.

Kiril is a good choice for Wizard, he is my second after Proteus.

Personally I would do a second Proteus, and a third Proteus, before a first Merlin and all before a first Ameonna ( I abandoned leveling my Ameonna when I got Proteus and also when realized Tiburtus was the only Ramming Pulverizer in Ranger class).

Proteus is group mana control ( huge ), pure DOT bypasses reflect damage AND bypasses high defense stat. Anti-Guinevere hero, purple 4* Cheshire Cat is rumored to have pure DOT which will bypass Guinevere’s high defense stat.

Merlin is only single target and like Hansel ( fast mana speed) and Gretel ( average mana speed like Proteus & Merlin) trying to fill a Titan’s mana bar three times in 3 turns is impossible without luck. Proteus does not require refilling the enemy mana bar for maximum effect. In fact Proteus is effective even if you cannot fill the enemy mana bar while Merlin’s is less effective if the enemy mana bar is at zero and if you cannot fill the mana bar before the special expires.

Both Proteus & Merlin are purple, average mana speed and special lasts 3 turns.

Hansel ( fast mana speed with bonus special skill defense buff ) I might level before a second Proteus, but they are separate colors and I always level heroes with same color 1*-3* heroes.