Proteus or Domitia first?

So I’ve read some topics on Proteus and knew before acquiring him he was good… Now just have started trying him out in raids at 30/2 and he’s insane! Got Kunchen too and they go really well together.

However, also have Domitia and started working on her before Proteus. Got the mats to either max Proteus or take Domitia to 70/3 - had decided on Proteus but then Domitia got buffed and I’m lacking a decent sniper. She also plays well with Kunchen (whom I’ve become addicted to).

Who would you go with?

Proteus, because for difficult quests he is amazing.


Do you have the four-star mats to max Domitia? If not, how close are you? If you still need several tabbards, you might be able to max Proteus and still collect enough trap tools for the last to Domitia ascensions before you get the tabbards you need. Four-star mats are so rare.

The general feeling is that a 5-star hero stuck at 3/70 is approximately equal to a 4-star hero at 4/70, but it’s more expensive - food and XP-wise - to level the 5-star to that point. Plus, if you have emblems for Proteus, you could buff him further with those at 4/70, where you’d have to wait for Domitia’s final ascension to augment her with emblems.


Proteus…a 2nd proteus…the only exception being as noble points out - if Domitia is your only 5star purple and you have the mats.


Proteus 100%, even if you have all the mats for Domitia. Proteus is one of the best heroes in the game.


I have a soft spot for Domitia and she is a perfectly serviceable 5* with a useful dispell.

But Proteus beats event bosses standing on his head.


Wow, thanks guys! Had a feeling but Domitias buff got me rethinking. Also, I was considering her for my def team where I’m reluctant to put Proteus (when I meet him in raids he’s usually on a wing - due to squishiness I presume - where he’s just to easy to get out of the way before he goes off).

I’ve got a full set of tabbards and then some, but also have Kunchen getting up there. Blades being my rate limiting factor most of all…

Actually have a second baby Proteus! Brought them both in a last resort war team this last war and together with three blue 1/1 fellas they wrecked a much stronger team.

Yeah you’re right, he really IS amazing.


Just to,pile on—Proteus and some mana pots will let tou complete all Epic and Legendary challenege events (even purple reflective, if you’re careful; it helps that his special doesn’t do direct damage), as well as the two Class Quests where he can compete.

All bosses have mana, so Proteus is always useful. Only some bosses have buffs that need’s Domitia’s dispel.


Even a second Proto over Dom.
None of the bosses will ever cast.


Awesome! Starting to plan for the guardians event - was thinking maybe BT, Proteus, Sabina, Kelile, Sumi for epic (Legendary is probably a no go),

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Proteus…no question!


Domitia…love her…now with the buff even more



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Normally I say “What is your roster” but this is Proteus ( see notes )

5* purple

While I would love to level my Domitia, 5* heroes take a ton of Hero XP and food and Domitia is a solo hero not a team hero.

Additionally I am leveling many 4* purple heroes for Cleric ( Rigard - done ) Wizard ( Proteus - done ), Ranger ( Tiburtus ), Sorcerer ( Sabina ), 2nd Sorcerer ( Ameonna ), 2nd Rigard 4* 3.60 . And I want so many more purple 4* 3.60 - the most powerful purples in the game with only 1* / 2* ascension items - Cheshire cat, Cyprian, Merlin, 2nd Proteus, 3rd Proteus, 3rd Rigard.



Proteus… unless you need a striker for yellow titans. Proteus is so powerful

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I wouldn’t ever use tabards on Domitia. Proteus all the way


So after the rebalancing is dom worthy of maxing as my first 5* dark, I’ve finally got 6 tabs and currently have 7 tools.

I’m doing a 10 pull on telcoc Thurs just incase lady luck shows brightly upon me with panther!

Otherwise she is my 1 and only dark option to improve my dark bench other than a 3/60 cyp. Do I just hold out for a sartana from tc 20 or bite the bullet with her? By Thurs she’ll be at 2/60 anyway

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I’d max her if she was my only dark 5*. She’s not bad at all, she’s just not great.

I still intend to work on mine, but pulled Hel right after taking Proteus to forth tier and still haven’t finished Kunchen just yet. Domitia is next in line after Hel though!

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