Rigard or Tiburtus?

So finally a little better on my dark cards today. I’m currently using Balthazar 3-46 with skill maxed and just obtained another Balthazar, Rigard, and Tiburtus.

Rigard and Tiburtus are pretty close in hero grading. I don’t have a healer in my team.

Right now my bench looks like this -
For PvE and offensive
left to right are Melia, Peters, Wilbur, Grimm, Balthazar

PvP defense follows -
Peters, Sumi, Hu Tao, Grimm, Balthazar

I’m opened to suggestions to which to use and where to position. I know Rigard would be in rear.

I’m also leveling up Wilbur to take Sumi’s place for defense.

Rigard makes more sense to me for your lineup. You already have a pulverizer, Grimm, and another defense debuffer, Wilbur. That said save your Tiburtus for leveling up later. They are both awesome.

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Thanks for the info. It’ll be nice having a real healer once again.

Rigs maxed and he goes to the center of your defense for a good 6 months, at least.

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Tibs is a solid hitter (I’ve got 2 maxed, love em), but he’s the same as Grimm with lower offense. A true 4* healer is absolutely mandatory for when you want to start working higher levels in Rare Quests, Seasonal events, and challenges.


Normally I would say it depends on your roster, but Cleric Rigard is a very good 4* Cleric and Tiburtus is the only Ramming Pulverizer hero that is a Ranger. So I would recommend leveling both to 4* 3.60, then Rigard to 4* 4.70 and eventually Tiburtus to 4* 4.70

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Yeah, I guess. But to move forward as fast as possible, you need to get as far as possible in events, seasonals, and challenges every time they pop up. To do that, a solid 4/70 healer is #1 priority. I was finishing all of those things really early, exclusively because I was lucky enough to have Sabina at 4/70 and some battle items. Gotta have that healer.

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Looking at the stats Rigard is a high defense low attack healer. - so good for defense
Sabina and Tiburtus are high attack - so good for titan


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