Proteus, Sabina, or neither? (Already have Rigard, Cyprian and Tibertus)

Just drew Proteus in the Atlantis Summon and I’m not sure what to do with him. I’m so purple-heavy it’s laughable. My attack team already consists of

Rigard 4-57 (3-star troop, level 5)
Cyprian 3-60 (3-star troop, level 3)
Tibertus 3-60 (3-star troop, level 3)
Scarlett 4-49
Gunnar 3-50

Two nights ago I drew Sabina from TC 13 also. My only other 4-stars are Keille (currently 3-17) and Chao (currently 2-23). No 5-stars yet.

If I didn’t already have Rigard, I’d throw resources into Sabina, but Rigard is almost fully ascended now.

I don’t know much about Proteus.

ETA: With Cyprian and Tibertus sitting at 3-60, it’s going to be a LONG time before I have the AM’s to ascend multiple purple to the 4th tier.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Proteins is a monster for raids and wars… he’s a mini Hel


Proteus is amazingif it goes off and neutralizes 3/5 of enemy heroes - usually it is 2 but that is enough as well.

I colour stack and Proteus allows me to unload useless tiles against manafrozen heros without fearing retaliation - and 400 damage over time per hero is pretty good as well.

I have Cyprian in the same team and since they go off together manazrozen heros take damage from Proteus while pummeling themselves with riposte damage at the same time - good underdog formation against enemy teams of 5-s

And that is not all - in events it permafrozes bosses with manapot help.


I maxed out my Proteus. No regrets at all. He’s phenomenal at shutting down enemies, either in raids or harder levels.


Rainbow teams are the most versatile.

I am a strong supporter of leveling a rainbow 3* 3.50 team and a rainbow 4* 3.60 team before spending any 3* ascension items on getting a 4* 4.1 hero. Especially useful after you learn color stacking ( see Notes).

4* 3.60 are the most powerful heroes in the game with only farmable ascension materials .

Purple has some of the strongest 4* heroes in the game.

I would level both Proteus and Sabina to 4* 3.60 using 1*/ 2* farmable ascension items. This costs the same Hero XP as leveling only one to 4* 4.70.

They are powerful at 4* 3.60 and let you see how they work with the rest of your hero roster.

I currently have Rigard 4* 4.70 ( my favorite 4* purple) second Rigard 4* 3.60 for War and color stacking ( I like the option on two healers per team especially on auto play. But don’t use same color healers on auto play ) might level a third Rigard 4* 3.60 for war if I ever summon one.

Working on two Sabina 4* 3.60 ( purple clone of Melendor but same color as Rigard so if Rigard has no mana, Sabina also has no mana, Melendor + Rigard better for auto play but Sabina + Melendor good against reflect all color damage Boss/ Titan buffs.), probably will stop at two Sabina 4* 3.60 to go with my Melendor 4* 4.70 and two Melendor 4* 3.60.

One Tiburtus 4* 3.60 for yellow bosses due to Ramming Pulverizer trio ( see Notes)

I have played with Proteus on a very good friends account and he seems more versatile than Tiburtus, but trickier to use and not as useful against yellow titans as Ramming Pulverizer.

However you will eventually get Grimm from your legendary training and Grimm makes a decent stand in for Tiburtus on yellow titans. Proteus seems like he would be very good versus event Bosses and yellow rare Shiloh Desert Quest.

Take Proteus to 4* 3.60 and see what you think.

P.S. I love my Scarlett 4* 4.70 for use on my Wu Kong team and rare quests.

==Notes ==

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@Gryphonknight Thank you so much! You’ve given me a lot of food for thought. I look forward to reading your linked posts.

Totally agree about the Rainbow. It’s just that the game gave me a bunch of purples in succession (Cyprian followed by Rigard and Tiburtus), all before I reached TC 13 and had the ability to make my own 4*. As I mentioned originally, I’m virtually drowning in purple heroes (didn’t even mention Oberon, Renfeld and Vlad).

Thanks again.

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Proteus is squishy at 3/60. Take him to 4/70 and you will be happy.


Totally understand, If I recall correctly, I had 1x Rigard, 2x Sabina and 3x Tiburtus before I got Elite training ( RT13 ). I have even more now.

Things really improve with Legendary training ( RT20 ) when you average a 4* hero every 10 days.

Purple is really strong for 4* Heroes and I have never regretted bringing a purple 4* hero to 4* 3.60 ( 1*/ 2* ascension items only).

Proteus hands down, he’s a champ

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My roster is purple heavy as well with a bunch of 4 & 5*s waiting to be levelled. Got double or triples of almost every Dark 4 but have not considered feeding them to a 5 yet… Maybe later, when I level Victor, but I’m hoping I can level a pair of each for war.

Proteus and Sabina are definitely worth levelling to max if you can afford the mats. They’re really useful in raids and war; particularly Proteus, if you manage to fire his special. Mana denial for 3 turns allows you to remove unwanted tiles on the board, and hopefully max out the specials on your heroes.

With the right team setup, you’ll be able to take on 5* teams easily, even top 100. You won’t regret levelling him or Sabina.

Got a couple more videos somewhere on this forum where I went up against Guinevere tanks.

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@JMarcus thanks for the reply and the input. Most people seem to be big fans of Proteus, and that’s great! I was really impressed by Sabina’s attack stats too.

I’m struggling in raids right now because so few people have yellow tanks and Rigard+Cyprian+Tibertus don’t do so well against other colors. I think it would help to balance my attack team out and get closer to a rainbow. Working on getting Kelile and Chao up to 3-60 (per @Gryphonknight) so I can start swapping them in and out of the lineup. Probably will work on them first before Proteus, then Sabina.

What do you think?

That sounds like a good plan. I would agree that getting a rainbow team or two would provide more options as well as allow you to build up a stronger defense team in raid and war. Get Kelile and Chao up to 3/60 or max first. You won’t be facing many yellow tanks until you get to lower diamond. For platinum, it’s mostly red or green, so work on getting a few good blues in your team as well (e.g. Grimm, Triton, Kiril). Elemental summons are good bets if you’re in need of a particular colour.

Good luck and happy gaming!

@JMarcus my strongest blue is Gunnar and I got him relatively recently. I am working on leveling up a Greymane now. I was stuck with Olaf for probably the first two months and ended up leaving him on the bench once I started picking up (purple) 4-stars.

Looking forward to watching your video tomorrow.

Don’t waste time on Greymane… he’s not worth it.


Proteus is an amazing help against bosses. When you are fighting againts two or even three bosses at once (e.g. late stages in challenges like Guardians of Teltoc), to have an option to significantly delay their specials (by all bosses at once) is invaluable.

Not so much help agains titans, true.


@AnayaL oh my gosh Proteus would have been so helpful against Vlad/Valeria/Victor! Thank you for pointing that out. :smiley:

Proteus is my only 4* Purple right now, and he’s not maxed, but he’s come to be crucial for me in special quests, raids, and titans. I honestly couldn’t imagine not wanting to max him out. I could understand resource issues, but he’s a hero useful in anything that generates mana to hurt you - which is everything that is difficult.

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@Zteev I completely agree. I just got crushed replaying a season 2 level on Hard (trying to get Atlantis coins for one more pull) by the Pterosaurian boss. Proteus would have been so helpful in that fight! But unfortunately he’s sitting at 1-1.

Hahaha, I will going forward call him “Proteins” for sure :smiley:


Reviving this thread as I have the samr dilemma.

I am leveling both Proteins and Savana at the same time. (Proteus and Sabina)
They are at 4.48 and 4.44 respectively.
I take Sabina more often now than Proteus for raids.
My usual formation is usually

Where S = Strong color againts the tank. So 3-1-1 formation.

BT currently is at 4.50ish
Take so much time to level one per color …

And then … during the last Atlantis, I pulled my 2nd Proteus. While already have 2 other Sabina at 1.1.
Can’t wait to level Proteins once finished with my 1st Sabina…
To be able to stop all enemies from generating mana will be cooool …