Maxed 4* Compared to 3rd tier 5*

5* 2.60 and 3.70

5* 2.60 is generally weaker than 4* 3.60 .
5* 3.70 is generally weaker than 4* 4.70 .

The Devs have said this is by design.

5* 3.70 Exceptions

There are several exceptions- Alberich, Joon, Natalya and several others- are all very powerful at 5* 2.60 and 5* 3.70.

These are usually heroes with specials that do not do damage ( revive, heal over time, mana over time ) have a very powerful secondary effect ( 6 turn blind, non dispellable DOT, non dispellable debuff, zero initial damage with 100% DOT to bypass reflect damage and high defense stat ) or have powerful secondary effect not found in 4* Heroes ( Crush of Hel until Scar of the Depths was added ).

5* 3.70 follow the rule

There are many heroes that 5* 3.70 are worse than a similar 4* 4.70 hero- Lianna, Horghall, Sartana, Quintus, Marjana, Azlar, and many others.

5* 3.70 Marjana is weaker than 4* 4.70 Kelile.

These are usually heroes with specials that are pure damage, partial damage and partial DOT, or a slow mana speed version of a 4* heroes fast mana speed, or average mana speed, special ability.

4* Purple Heroes

Normally I would say “It depends on your roster”.

But apparently 4* purple heroes are in people’s thoughts lately.

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