Domitia or Clarissa?

Hey guys, I could use a hand deciding. I’m waiting on one more man dress (tabard), I’m trying to figure out who to level. I’m free to play, and I get the least tabards so I won’t be leveling another purple any time soon.

I have Domitia (3/70), Clarissa (1/31), Obakan (3/70) and Quintus (2/38 Although I’m thinking I’ll wait on the last two).

I have Kunchen and Sartana fully maxed plus some emblems.

Here are the rest of my heros

Any thoughts on which to level first?

I have both leveled. Domitia hits like a Mac Truck! If I have a particular yellow hero I need to take out, she is the one I bring to the party! Clarissa is a purple GM. When I’m doing 3-2 or 4-1 raids with purple, she is my date! Thus, I guess I’m saying based upon your style of play either will work. If you are pressing for one or the other, I would say Clarissa will get more play. IMO. Good luck!


If you have a mana troop at 11+ then definitely Clarissa.

I think probably Clarissa anyway - some people throw shade at her, because she isn’t quite so good offensively as GM (not many are!) but her element link when you’re playing mono is actually quite impactful and cannot be dispelled

If you had Dom’s costume then she’d be in the conversation, but I’d say Clarissa otherwise


It could be genuine. Not everything is clear in the game, no need to assume motivations.


This is like asking if raising gravemaker or azlar. If is genuine ok, but Its very hard for me to believe how someone with a minimum understanding of the game can ask this. Go for Clarissa 1000 times out of 1000 times.

While I agree with you, Dom does get some love, and dispels are handy at 5 star.

Like I said, it could be genuine, but the answer is Clarissa in any case

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Sure! Dont get me wrong. Domitia is a fine Sniper. I dont max her because I have Seshat and others got the tabards. But having a heroe like Clarissa for a F2P is a dream and should be a priority if you get her.


It’s always best to give people a break with kindness. These responses will chase away new members who aren’t familiar to the game.


and just the fact that there are responses praising Domitia means that this is not such an obvious choice for everyone.

Discussing these choices is good learning for new players.


There is a search buttom for this type of things…we all know that. Its funny how overprotective is ppl nowadays…becareful you can hurt his feelings…I also can give my opinion and this is it. Use search buttom for this kind of things. Thats why its there.

Equally, kindness is free


Original Question

Based on your roster, none.

I would eventually take Clarissa to 5* 3.70 .

But after you level more purple 4* heroes. You have some very powerful purple 4* heroes.

Hero XP

You have great purple 4*, but few are leveled.

You may have a purple 5* hero that better fits you roster once you finish leveling up a good selection of 4* heroes.


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(Which 4* to level up first, Cyprian or Proteus? - #4 by Gryphonknight)



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Maybe I am wrong and Clarissa is a rank B heroe like Domitia. You are right, its free!!! I erased the harsh post.

Rigard versus Kunchen

I also love my Rigard 4*+18.

Gryphonkit, my wife, is using her Kunchen less and less.

Many players level multiple Rigard for war. I guess you could also use multiple Rigard for Tavern of Legends.


No,wrong Clarissa is A !
I know that

I agree with this…

But I would ascend and max Rigard first. Already mentioned by @Gryphonknight.

Notes to me: I think I should ascend Clarissa 1st before Killhare, based on my troop level. Need much time to get troop lvl 23, currently my troop is lvl 15.

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Definitely agree with @Gryphonknight here - there’s some excellent 4* heroes still waiting in line… Not least, Rigard.

I’d probably do at least Rigard, Sabina and Tiburtus before giving trap tools to either of the 5* heroes.

When it comes time… Unless there’s other options available, I’d probably lean towards Clarissa (because Sabina will be done and that covers dispel).

Domitia is useful, no doubt, but Clarissa is simply much further along the powercreep timeline.


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