Rigard, Proteus, or Tiburtus?

Hello all! Thank you so much for reading this and potentially offering some advice. Really helps out in my playing experience!

So I just finished leveling my first 4* hero, Sabina. Now I would like to move on t9 another Dark 4* hero and my options consist of:


I’ll post screenshots of my hero roster to give some context. I recently pulled some good heroes this week. So if you see the two Boldtusks and Colen and think HOW HAVE YOU NOT YET thats why.

I’d level all of them Proteus, Rigard, Tiburus. In that order. If you can get the costume for Rigard he is a beast with healing and attack buff.


I agree except I’d do Proteus, Tiburtus, Rigard. You already have Sabina so purple healer would not be high on my priority list. Rigard (especially with costume) is fantastic, but i’d rather have Proteus and Tibs with Sabina first.


In my honest opinion, you already have a 4* purple hero in Sabina so I would go for a different skill.
And that would be proteus who is a game changer.
And …
In your position I would max Boldtusk over Scarlett.
Boril for your next Blue.
Gretel over Hu Tao for your next yellow.
Little John for your next Green.
Try to build 3 x 3* rainbow colour teams.
And 3 x 4* rainbow colour teams before you start building your 5* heroes.
Good luck


I would do Proteus , Rigard or Tibs. If you can allow yourself to max Gormek do it and you will have your first defense down . If not i will consider what @Ruskin505 said. Rigard is so good but youve maxed Sabina first and that will serve well at your level. Though rigard is in another level. Super sturdy and brings cleanse which is different to sabina dispel.

However if you dont have def down heroes its more difficult to inflict damage… so heal is important but damage too.

So while you do proteus you will see if you need a sturdier healer rig if you lack firepower tibs


Make a Proteus first and then a Tiburtus. The Rigard is a great utility, but since you already have one healer, hold off for now.

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@JGE For sure! I just got the Boldtusks this week. So I wanted to finish the second Scarlett to 3.60 since I still need hidden blades. I purposefully stopped Hu Tao at 3.60 because I pulled Gretel mid leveling of Hu Tao.


Yup proteus rigard tibs
And what @JGE said :+1:

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Proteus for sure. A lot of other 4 star heroes can heal or drop the enemy’s defense. Only Proteus stops mana production.

Edit: Hansel and Gretal do too but only for one hero.

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Technically, they don’t stop mana generation. Their skill is a bit different. But got your point of stopping heroes from using their specials.

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Proteus, Rigard, Tibs.

Rigard is a FAR better healer than Sabina. I think he’s worth leveling before Tibs.

Proteus is a complete game changer though, and will let you finish events you couldn’t touch before (take 3 types of mana and resurrection scrolls, you can keep end bosses from ever firing).

Tibs is useful, but nowhere near as impactful as the others.

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Another vote for Proteus first. At your level he will make so much of a difference for you!

Over two years in, my Proteus gathers dust mostly now. I’m a little embarrased about that, but purple is my strong color and I’ve been really lucky in my pulls.

Proteus Proteus Proteus!!!

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Proteus first, amazingly powerful hero. Makes legendary events possible with a four star team and mana pots

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Proteus first for sure, as others have already explained. Then…

Tibs vs. Rigard

I’m leaning towards Tiburtus. The defense debuff is really useful, and if you color-stack, your Purples will be Sabina + Proteus. They were also my first 2 Purples and from experience, they’re great but they don’t kill the enemy with their specials - tile damage has to do it (or depending who else you bring). Tibs helps with that, he softens up the enemy. And Sabina and Proteus both have good tile damage, so there’s good synergy there.

Rigard, now Rigard is a sturdier healer than Sabina AND adds a cleanse (useful for raids, less useful for world map/quests where you can bring antidotes). If you focus on raids and wars (where you can’t bring items), Rigard could be considered. otherwise, still go for Tiburtus first over Rigard in my opinion.

my good forum friend @Muchacho and I had a discussion recently re Tibs vs. healers (in the context of building a mono Purple team) :wink: and that discussion informed many of my opinions on this issue.


Sabina is a very good healer but Rigard, especially with costume, is better. Eventually you will find you are using Rigard all the time and Sabina hardly at all, mainly in class quests. But you have Sabina maxed and she will serve you great for now as purple healer. She does have a big heal percentage.

That being said, Proteus is a fantastic hero and I would max him next. I got Proteus late in the game but I still see his usefulness in a team of 5*'s. He helps control the opponent’s heroes like no one else (except Hel).

Tiburtus with costume is another solid hero I use all the time, in my mono purple stack and against titans.

So, I would go Proteus / Tiburtus / Rigard.

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I agree with this generally. but as a proud owner of a Sabina +20 and a Rigard + 15 - on the world map and in quests, where I can use both, I generally prefer Sabina.

Big caveat: i do NOT have Rigard’s costume :wink: if I had his costume, I would use him over Sabina.


because I can replace Rigard’s cleanse with the very common antidote item…

but I cannot replace Sabina’s dispel with a similar item.

And Sabina’s higher tile damage is nicer, in the absence of costume Rigard’s attack boost.

of course, if the boss casts ailments and not buffs, I would probably bring Rigard over Sabina. But absent that condition, I would bring Sabina.

and of course in Raids and Wars, Rigard without costume is still preferable to Sabina as I cannot replace his cleanse.

I suppose the fact I have 3x Sonya, 2x Caedmon, and 3x Melendor maxed may also explain why I don’t use Sabina as much.

could also be a playstyle thing? I almost always stack 3/2 in the world map, quests, events, etc… so if I select, say, Proteus, that almost always means I am bringing a Purple healer along - and if I can bring Sabina, that saves space in the 2 for someone with different skills. (i also have 3x Sonya, 2x Caedmon, 2x Melendor, all with costumes :slight_smile: )

I’m sure it’s a playstyle thing for me too. I almost always rainbow the maps / quests using C.Rigard.

I will say last war my purple stack used C.Rigard and Sabina instead of C.Rigard and Rigard. Jury is still out but I’ll try it again next war.

And for the record I just noticed I actually have two maxed Sabinas :rofl:

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