New hero AMEONNA - what the heck does she do?

I use her against 12* yellow titans.

Her sorceress class is interesting if you aren’t loaded with 5 stars.

Yep, best for titans or to avoid counterstrike.
Absolutely useless in defence.

She badly increases tile damage.
May help against last standing war defence.

If you matched a violet gem, she can take out multiple weaked yellows by one click…

Would be nice, if she could gain mana during ghost mode :wink:

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I just wish she would profit from the sakura family bonus, but even with a full team the 12% aren’t enough. If the sorcerer class mana bonus form the talent tree would be 3 or more % it would work, but that’s a lot of farming. Mana bonus is the last talent she unlocks :persevere:

Edit: Talent bonus seems to be 4%, this + family bonus should be enough

Boss Wolf, Khagan and Sir Lancelot’s buffs gives +24% mana generation, by just reaching 1% extra mana generation they could let medium heroes charges with 8 tiles :slight_smile:

And Sir Lancelot would become even more a must have for events where you could charge heroes with 60% + 20% mana potion combo on top of giving them +48% ATK bonus!

Classes v1.0

Current version of classes ( I expect an upgrade in 1- 2 years ) gives Ameonna Delay which goes well with her special skill ( anti reflect damage ) and Proteus Jinx, with is terrible with his special skill ( zero initial damage, DOTs only increase from permeant stat increases not temporary buffs ).

Color stacking buff

The more we learn about color stacking attackers, and colorless AI defense, the more Ameonna looks better and better as my second purple 4* Sorcerer after ( Edit: Sabina - who is a big help in both sorcerer class quests ). I am going to at least take both to Sorcerer 4*+1.

While Form- Ghost removes all buffs, it does not remove color stacking, the hidden buff. In fact her special skill goes well with an attack focused talent grid and a 4* mana troop.

Click for more on color stacking, the hidden buff

4* purple emblem, and Hero XP, order

Click for 4* purple hero details (how many of these can you nest?)
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I really don’t get what she is meant to achieve. She doesn’t hurt you when she hits you and her special just makes her a ghost for a few turns. You just ignore her until she comes alive again, killing other heroes in the meantime, and then kill her when she comes solid again. I often see her in raid defense teams but can see absolutely no benefit to having her there. Am i missing something?

Please read this one:

I think that will clear some questions you have.

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Merged. :heart_decoration:


War-attack-hesitation-mediocre team left-4 turns having time for tile kill at best-victory when you wouldn’t have chance otherwise (tested-approved):smile:

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for me, aemonna, with a little luck, is very cool for AW. She saved me many times, see snipers shot her in ghost is perfect.

for titans, yup she got a very cool tile damage, but she die in OS, especially on 10/11 stars.

so i prefer don’t play her. in raid and AW yes. when helping on low stars titans, yes.

but for hard level PVE and DEF team no.

A hero being bad for defense doesn’t mean it is a bad hero. It is just bad for defense. That is valid for many other quite popular heroes, which require some thought that AI is unable to provide.

That said, Ameonna is rather bad generally, not defense only. I have maxed Tib, Merlin, Proteus and Ameonna. Ame I really only take to the titans. The other 3 are better for raids, PVM etc. Ok her skill and high attack changes each purple tile into a nuke - but you are still very much relying on a good board to make use of it. That is too random, not giving the level of confidence I want when planning my offense. Ok, it also makes her invincible for couple turns - but so what. It’s making a useless hero not harming anyone to stay a bit more on the battlefield. If you are lucky - some sniper will waste their special on her, but that’s again - random. It’s great when the last-one-standing ghost form can extend the fight and make it a win but personally it happened to me ONCE. She’s too squishy to be last man standing, even when she disappears for a while here and there.

Definitive Offensive - Talent is 5

Here a vid i made with 70.3 khionna and Kageburado no1 of my friends said i could win against such a opponent - surprise

Interesting video. But it basically shows that Ameonna was used only passively. Her special was invoked twice and only at a last invocation one match of purple hit Gravemaker. By that time Gravemaker was nearly dead and it made no difference were Ameonna in a ghost mode or not. It even didn’t matter were she alive or dead.

And this is a actually, my problem in understanding Ameonna usability: it take you most of available purple to charge Ameonna’s special. So, by a time her ghost form can be invoked there are most likely no purple tiles to benefit from Ameonna’s increased attack. Alternatively you can keep her charged until more tiles would come but by that time she could be already dead or lost her mana.


Just posting this for anyone who pulls her and is researching what to do with her. Don’t underestimate how well this can work. I was just in an alliance war against an opponent who had set up a wait-it-out defense of Caedmon-Cyprian-Kashrek-Boril-Rigard, which ordinarily isn’t a problem, but in later flags, I was running out of dispellers. Went in with what I had, and it was going badly. My heroes were low on health, I was unable to dispel the riposte, and thus, I was unable to damage Kashrek enough to bust the tank. Then Ameonna went ghost, and I got lucky with an absolutely unholy cascade of purple. When it was over, the opponent’s entire center (Cyprian, Kashrek, and Boril) was dead. It was kind of amazing watching her deal this ridiculous damage while laughing off the counterattacks. I ended up winning that flag.

Is it still kind of niche? Yeah, don’t prioritize her over Rigard or Sabina. But does it work? Heck yeah, it does!


But even in that niche, when you’re out of dispellers in war, why not just train another dispeller instead? Even if it’s a duplicate Sabina or whatever. It’s not like there is any shortage of dispellers these days.

I can count how many dispelled I have on one hand. And they’re 3*. The RNG hasn’t seen fit to give me them.

She’s okay on offense, but awful on defense. I like seeing teams with her, because it’s a guaranteed hole at some point.


Well, she also brings the fact that, when her special activates, you cannot lose the war hit for at least four turns, because no one can hit her in ghost form. So even if your other party members are dead, you can still rack up tile damage from them while she sits invisible. That’s actually why I brought her in that situation; the combo was just a nice bonus, so I decided to share.

She’s also pretty brutal attacking yellow titans because of her insane tile damage, so you get all that in one package. (She contributes to the purple stack’s damage, even if she dies, and she multiplies it when ghosted.) Competition for sorcerer emblems isn’t as great as in other classes, so you can boost her attack even more with emblems, which is my plan.

Finally, I’m a fan of variety; I’ll train one of almost any hero, at least to the mat wall. My Ameonna sat at 3^60 for a long time, but I just gave her trap tools, and so far, I don’t regret it.

No question. She is 100% unusable on defense.


Yeah I do agree that she’s one of the best heroes when everyone else is dead. She is good for war teams when you get towards the bottom of the barrel with the rest of the heroes.

She’s the queen of tile damage.

And there is a lot of weight in that statement.


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