New hero AMEONNA - what the heck does she do?

Classes v1.0

Current version of classes ( I expect an upgrade in 1- 2 years ) gives Ameonna Delay which goes well with her special skill ( anti reflect damage ) and Proteus Jinx, with is terrible with his special skill ( zero initial damage, DOTs only increase from permeant stat increases not temporary buffs ).

Color stacking buff

The more we learn about color stacking attackers, and colorless AI defense, the more Ameonna looks better and better as my second purple 4* Sorcerer after ( Edit: Sabina - who is a big help in both sorcerer class quests ). I am going to at least take both to Sorcerer 4*+1.

While Form- Ghost removes all buffs, it does not remove color stacking, the hidden buff. In fact her special skill goes well with an attack focused talent grid and a 4* mana troop.

Click for more on color stacking, the hidden buff

4* purple emblem, and Hero XP, order

Click for 4* purple hero details (how many of these can you nest?)
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