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Link Masquerade Quests : 🎭 Mémento costumes quest: The masquerade

Rotation :
Mount Umber



Farholme Pass (Tome of Tactics)

Shiloh Desert


Farholme Pass (Damascus Blade)

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Last Dates

Shiloh Desert arrived 21 november.
Morlovia arrived 30 november (before santa’s challenge)
Farholme Pass arrived 09 december.
Mount Umber arrived 18 december.
Shrikewood arrived 25 december.
FrostMarch arrived 3 january.
Farholme Pass arrived 14 january.
Shiloh Desert arrived 22 january.
Morlovia arrived 1 february.
Farholme Pass arrived 7 february.
Mount Umber arrived 18 february.
Shrikewood arrived 1 march.
FrostMarch arrived 7 march.
Farholme Pass arrived 18 march.
Shiloh Desert arrived 25 march.
Morlovia arrived 5 april.
Farholme Pass arrived 15 april.
Mount Umber arrived 21 april.
Shrikewood arrived 1 may.
FrostMarch arrived 13 may.
Farholme Pass arrived 22 may.
Shiloh arrived 30 may.
Morlovia arrived 7 june.
Farholme Pass arrived 17 june.
Mount Umber arrived 24 june.
Shrikewood arrived 1 july.
FrostMarch arrived 9 july.
Farholme Pass arrived 17 july.
Shiloh arrived 25 july.
Morlovia 2 august.
Farholme Pass arrived 12 august.
Mount Umber arrived 20 august.
Shrikewood arrived 30 august.
FrostMarch arrived 06 september.
Farholme Pass arrived 17 september.
Shiloh arrived 25 september.
Morlovia 02 october.

Sorry i stop to update the list.


I reserved this block :smile:


do all the rare quests in these pictures !!! respect the author, you!

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Thank you very much. Your work is always much appreciated :smiley:

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Great work, I was looking for this ! :slight_smile:


Goed job, tank you @Mariamne :grinning:

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you are super!!! very good work!!!

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I take it the (book) is Tome of Tactics and (damas) is Damascus Blade for Farholme Pass

Although the Mob / Boss info appears to be identical on the Farholme, the order you placed them in your first post appears reversed?

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Thanks you, i did corrections and i changed name (english is not my native language)


Love your work Mariamne. Thank you for not doing it in French :slight_smile:
I also thank you for doing the maps. I use it as a wallpaper for a couple of months now.
Every time when I turn my PC on I see your map Maraimné.
Keep up the good work!!!

Greetings to Nantes :slight_smile:

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as usual very well done and very practical.
it will help a lot the beginners of my alliance

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Thanks you very much :blush:
Well … I’m not sure i win this honor :wink:

I’m happy if I could help some players :star_struck:


Great Job, Mariamne!

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Add your graphics in my spreadsheet.

I’m very like your work.:+1:


very good job, thank you for sharing!

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The next so now 16/11/2018? Am I right?

Congratulations for your work :hugs:

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I updated dates
Next farholme pass 18 november


Farhome 18 Nov should be wrong because the last rare Quest was 11 days ago when I‘m not mistaken. It should spawn today.

Perhaps i don t remember last quest date :thinking:

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